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What to eat with almond cheese?

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Has a rich creaminess that resembles the taste just like regular cheese and melts beautifully like cheddar cheese, almond cheese is great dairy free cheese alternative. Many people tend to think almond cheese is weird before actually tasting the delicious sweet blocks of cheese. 

But it can be used in many recipes to replace traditional dairy cheeses. Furthermore, it can be found in crumbled cheese form, cheese blocks and shredded cheese. 

What to eat with almond cheese? Depending on your diet, almond cheese pairs well with herbs, nuts, fruit, and bread. As well as it can be served as a spread, cheese ball for snacks, vegan cheese platter, pizza, and pasta.

From grilled cheese to quesadilla, nachos, and vegan burgers, almond cheese can easily transform into a delicious meal and does not have overpowering cheesy taste.

Mild and easy to melt, almond cheese is a perfect nut based cheese that can be eaten fresh or melted in recipes. If you would like to broaden ideas what to eat with almond cheese, this article answers frequently asked questions regarding tasty pairings with almond cheese.

What food goes with almond cheese?

Almond cheese can be transformed into mozzarella, shredded, cream cheese, and other spreadable forms. Therefore, it is highly versatile in texture and consistence with a light flavor that naturally complements with other ingredients.

If you are a foodie and looking for food ideas that go well with almond cheese, here are vegan friendly meals that you can try:

  • grilled almond cheese sandwich
  • quesadilla with lentils and shredded beets
  • whole wheat pizza with almond cheese
  • nachos with zucchini chips
  • almond cream cheese with bagel or bread slices
  • creamy almond mac and cheese

What fruit goes with almond cheese?

The light and mild complexion of almond cheese makes a great pairing with fresh or dried fruits. It is a great addition to cheese platter or even to serve as a light snack with crackers of to eat by itself.

  • stone fruit: green apples, pears
  • berries: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes
  • dried fruit: apricot, cranberries, dates, raisins, figs
  • citrus fruit: oranges, lemon

Each fruit can be served with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. The natural sweetness with a crunch to pair up with the creaminess present in the cheese. 

Snacks with almond cheese

Almond cheese is a healthy snack for post-workout or midday bite to eat. Due to its mild taste, it can be served with simple crackers or made into cheese ball to fulfill an instant hunger craving.

These are variety of snack ideas that can easily be made with almond cheese:

  • cheese ball bites
  • spread with crackers
  • almond cheese queso dip
  • spinach wrap with almond cheese 
  • cranberry and almond cheese crostini
  • nachos
  • medjool dates with almond cheese and sliced apple

What flavor goes well with almond cheese?

Almond cheese blends perfectly with both sour and sweet flavors. 

To execute sour an herby taste, try adding dill, red pepper, thyme, oregano, paprika, and chili for that savory pairing. And for sweet flavor, consider serving with fruits, chocolate, and coffee to bring out fantastic notes, texture, and taste.

Some of the flavor combinations that pair well with almond cheese include:

  • almond cheese + green anise + figs
  • almond cheese + honey + orange zest + raisins
  • almond cheese + lemon + rosemary + oregano
  • almond cheese + pecans + grapes + pistachios
Eat with almond cheese

Eat With Almond Cheese: Conclusion

Whether to serve almond cheese fresh as it is or cooked, choice is yours. In order to obtain the optimal almond cheese flavor, it is advisable to serve at room temperature to enhance the cheese flavor. 

Almond cheese tastes mild and melts just like standard dairy cheese. It comes in various forms and types including mozzarella, cream cheese, parmesan and many more.

As a result, it can be transformed into grilled cheese, nachos, burgers, pizza, and pasta of your choice. 

From fruits to vegetables and snacks, almond cheese complements well with both sour, sweet, and savory flavors without overpowering any other ingredient nor the cheese. 

Additionally, it can be served as vegan cheese platter to pair with stone, berries, citrus or dried fruits. These fruit options blend well with the casual nutty taste of the almond cheese. 

Use these flavor combinations and snack ideas to enjoy almond cheese. Find the perfect pairings to maximize that experience when serving a healthy meal.

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