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What to eat with a latte?

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Milky coffee with slightly more flavor compared to cappuccino, latte has a luxurious and fluffy mouthfeel due to its steamed milk. Depending on whether or not syrup is used, it may have mild sweetness included.

Latte is a fashion statement as well as versatile beverage. It’s not only naturally sweet from the delicately frothed milk, but also pairs perfectly with many breakfast foods or snack items. 

What to eat with a latte? Latte is a beverage with endless ingredient and syrup options ranging from plain to sweet or spiced. Therefore, it can pair with diverse foods on the side based on the foundation of flavor.

Plain lattes go well with croissants, chocolate, fruits, caramel, cake, crepes, cheese, and toast. Not only sweet dishes, latte pairs well with savory dishes including bacon and egg dishes such as scrambled or omelets.

Most people have a latte for breakfast, although some still enjoy it later in the day or evening. Generally, the hot beverage complements well with sweet and savory snacks and dishes.  

Nonetheless, it’s best for breakfast, owing to the substantial caffeine boost added by espresso and fullness from the steamed milk. It can perk you up instantly and lasts for a reasonable amount of time. 

So, what should be paired with a latte? Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with a latte and why the foods pair well with the beverage. Read through to find out!

What snacks go good with a latte?

Nuts and dried fruits mixed granola bars and a cup of latte would fuel to start the busy morning, but it wouldn’t hurt to try other snack pairings for a midday boost. 

Other snacks to pair with a latte include:

  • Scones: From chocolate to berry flavored scones go well with a plain unsweetened latte. The dry texture of scone complements well with every sip of a creamy latte.
  • Cookies: The light flavor of cookies marries perfectly with a latte. It adds a hint of sweetness to the beverage without necessarily overpowering it.
  • Waffles: Not only are waffles fluffy, crispy, and light, they are also delicious when served with maple syrup, butter, and freshly chopped fruits was topping. This is all that your morning latte requires to be complete.
  • Croissants: Owing to their buttery, fluffy layers and sweet taste, croissants are mouthwatering on their own. Pairing it with a latte complements and amplifies their flakey sweetness.
  • Toast: Toast for breakfast with a latte, paired with caramel and pecans, is everything to die for. Even a savory toast with mashed avocado and scrambled egg can be a great healthy snack that will fill you up.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate blends go good with almost everything including latte. Whether dark or white, the combination is sumptuous with coffee. The richness of chocolate marries well with the slightly bitter flavor of the espresso in a plain latte. 

What to serve with latte?

Latte goes well with snacks, fruits, and some cheese. Whether the latte is sweetened or unsweetened, it can pair well with countless foods including savory and sweet breakfast or dessert.

If you are looking for what to serve with latte to fulfill your hunger, use this ingredient list to satisfy your needs. 

What flavor goes well with a latte?

For a latte, the flavor pairings are limitless, but typically vanilla flavor goes best with a latte. It gives it a hint of taste with a bit less intensity towards sweetness.

When feeling a little sassy, go all out with white chocolate, cayenne, or cinnamon. A combination of flavors including caramel, cherry, peppermint, pecan, mint, pineapple, lavender, apple, and coconut flavors blend together perfectly with a latte.

Here are most popular flavors that go well with a latte throughout all seasons:

  • latte + maple syrup + cinnamon + vanilla
  • latte + pumpkin pie spice + whipped cream
  • latte + ginger + cloves + cinnamon + cardamom + star anise
  • latte + milk + caramel + syrup
  • latte + turmeric + milk + sugar
  • latte + matcha + syrup + milk
  • latte + chocolate + sugar + milk
Eat with latte

Eat With Latte: Conclusion

Latte isn’t the most common specialty coffee for no reason. It’s slightly sweet and fairly versatile, which comes with a series of flavors and can be paired with almost everything. 

The list of pairings is endless, from snacks like scones, waffles, croissants, and toast to fresh fruits like berries and bananas. In addition, lattes taste good with savory meals including breakfast plates with bacon and scrambled egg or omelets.

The creamy and delicate sweetness of a latte complements umami flavors including sweet, spicy and savory. Therefore, replacing a cup of black coffee with a creamy latte can make everything fun to eat. 

When looking for quick snack idea, serve latte with scones, cookies, waffles, and dark chocolate to gain boost in energy during the day.

From fresh fruits to nuts and baked goods, the choice is endless. Pair a latte with your favorite dish and always remember to balance the sweetness so the sugary taste from latte and foods does not overpower the combination.

These pairings are just a scratch on the surface, but they are good to start designing a latte to suit your tastebuds. The next time you are enjoying your favorite latte, try some of these food pairing recommendations.

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