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What to eat post-workout?

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Are you looking to find things to eat other than protein shake after workout? Eating a snack or meal within 30 minutes after a workout is recommended, however there are certain foods to eat and avoid in order to maintain optimal muscle growth and weight loss.

Food that is filled with protein and carbohydrates are the most important elements to look for to give your body the energy to recover. In addition, consume foods with amino acid leucine such as dairy products.

What to eat post-workout? Post-workout foods should be easy to prepare and access to fresh ingredients. Prepare healthy foods using brown rice, chocolate milk, fruit, lean proteins, nut butter, greens, quinoa, whole grain wraps or tortillas, and yogurt. 

Use these ingredients to create toast with scrambled or hard-boiled eggs, turkey wrap with avocado, Greek yogurt parfait with blueberries, baked salmon with roasted sweet potatoes, chicken breast and side of brown rice.

Stay away from greasy foods as it can results to an upset stomach. Furthermore, spicy foods, fast food or pre-made mixes are not the best way to get the nutrients you need to build muscle after working out. 

When planning a workout, tons of factors must be put into perspective to reach your longterm goals. You probably put lots of thought into the pre-workout meal. 

But is the same attention given to the post-workout meal? If not, this is an excellent time to start. 

It turns out that eating the right foods after a workout is just as important as what is consumed before the workout. This article sheds light on post-workout foods that will benefit your body when you need it most.

Can I eat immediately after a workout?

Yes, you can eat immediately after a workout. It is advised that one should eat within 15-30 minutes after a workout for peak muscle building results.

If it’s impossible to do so within this timeline, aim for within an hour. During a workout, glycogen is replenished by the muscles and some of the proteins are also broken down.

After the workout, the body tries to regrow and repair the muscle proteins and restore the glycogen storages. Therefore, eating after a workout makes this process more efficient.

It’s vital to consume more protein and carbs after an intense workout. Muscle protein synthesis increases, muscle protein breakdown decreases, and the glycogen stores are restored.

What should I eat after a gym workout?

The primary goal of eating after a workout is to supply the body with the required nutrients to facilitate recovery and maximize the workout efficiency. Choose foods that are easy to digest for fast nutrient absorption. 

After gym workout, here are three categories of nutrients to look for:

Consuming enough proteins, carbs, and fats are important elements for muscle gain, recovery, and performance. Try to keep these ingredients balanced equally and prevent from eating too much in one category.

What to eat after workout at night?

Working out at night can make it difficult to fall asleep due to and energy high and hunger pains. Whether it is with coffee, midnight or late night, snacks may be a better choice instead of full meals.

Luckily, some foods can be consumed that may help you sleep well and fall asleep quickly:

  • Yogurt: Dairy encourages the release of melatonin and serotonin, which helps induce sleep. Flax seeds or granola can also be added since they are high in carbs. 
  • Quinoa: Complex carbohydrate that helps lower the cortisol levels in the body, aiding the quick sleep. It also contains amino acids that facilitate muscle recovery throughout the night.
  • Oatmeal: This carb-rich grain is all the body needs to restore the replenished muscles. Be sure to add banana slices for better taste and fulfilling results.
  • Almonds: All nuts are packed with fiber, protein, and fats, but almonds take efficiency to another level. Hence why they are an excellent post-workout choice, and the high magnesium reduces inflammation which is paramount for a goodnight sleep.
  • Turkey: With just two slices of turkey meat, there are over 8 grams of protein which is essential for muscle recovery. Use turkey deli meat, avocado, and whole-grain mustard in tortilla or wraps for wholesome snack.

What flavor goes well for post-workout?

Sweet-flavored foods are a good idea for those without dietary restrictions after an intense workout. Eating sugary dishes helps refuel the muscles, making sure you are fully reenergized and ready for the next one. 

Avoid spicy dishes and foods with hot sauce or sriracha, since they are hard to digest. Fatty foods and sodas should also be avoided at all costs.

Here are delicious and healthy flavor combinations to try eating post-workout meal:

What to eat for post workout

Eating Post Workout: Conclusion

Consuming protein and carbohydrates is paramount after an intense workout. This stimulates muscle protein synthesis, enhancing performance in the next workout. 

Instead of choosing processed fast food or protein powder shakes, consider making a healthy snack or meal with brown rice, chocolate milk, fruit, lean protein, almond butter, green vegetables, quinoa, eggs, wraps, and yogurt.

With these ingredients, you can mix and match to create sweet and savory dishes of your choice. 

When selecting food option after workout, avoid eating food that is too greasy nor spicy which may not be helpful to digest.

Focus on the right balance of proteins, carbs, and fats to fulfill an empty stomach as well as maintain muscle growth.

In addition, do not skip eating after working out at night. From yogurt to oatmeal, keep the meal light and easy to digest to aid for better sleep, digestion and relaxation. 

It’s advisable to have a snack or a meal within an hour after the workout to reinstate the lost energy and nutrient stores. With the foods listed in this guide, you have plenty of ideas for what to eat after a workout so that you are good to go!

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