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What to drink for breakfast?

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From latte to cappuccino, coffee is the most popular drinks during the morning time. Whether pairing with sweets or savory breakfast meals, coffee seems to complement well with all flavors and textures.

Breakfast foods are arguably as important as the drink itself. The beverage is typically hot or cold, and helps to jump start the day so you feel awake for the better part of the day, meet your nutritional needs, and keep you feeling full for longer. 

What to drink for breakfast? Other than coffee, pair breakfast with milk, fruit infused water, tea, smoothie, orange juice, and mimosas. 

Depending on the your needs, green tea and coffee can be used to boost metabolism. For energy, choose vegetable juice like kale and spinach, Yerba mate, or goji berry juice.

To recover from hangover, eat breakfast with a cup of bone broth or tomato juice. And when in hurry, simply blend together a hearty breakfast smoothie. 

Avoid drinking sodas that are high in refined sugar, energy drinks, and alcohol on an empty stomach. 

For some, coffee does the trick, while it’s different for others for a host of reasons. Caffeine causes agitation, and others experience headaches or digestive stress after consuming coffee.

As a result, having other options to drink for breakfast is extremely helpful. What can be enjoyed for breakfast instead of coffee with a delicious breakfast meal? Well, read till the end to learn more!

What to drink for breakfast instead of coffee?

If drank daily, coffee for breakfast gets boring after a while. For those who desperately want to shake up their morning routine, here are some morning beverages options to serve in place of coffee. 

  • Smoothies: The most exciting thing about smoothies as a breakfast beverage is the sheer variety. Almost anything can be blended into a smoothie. Any fruit will do, and add a touch of honey for that natural sweetness. Foods such as avocado, carrots, and spinach can be added too.
  • Hot tea: There are plenty of hot tea varieties, with something for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention the series of nutritional benefits that comes with hot tea consumption including antioxidant and digestion relief.
  • Water: Nothing says hydration like a glass of ice water with some tart lemon wedges inside. This is the ideal breakfast drink option for those who don’t want something sweet or strong in the morning, and it’s a great way to replenish fluid levels. 
  • Mimosas: An alcoholic beverage for breakfast won’t hurt from time to time. This combo of orange juice and champagne is the real deal, especially at a weekend brunch. 
  • Milk: A cup of milk offers sufficient nutritional levels of calcium, protein, and fat. Furthermore, plain milk complement well with sweet pastry, pancakes, and waffles. If plain milk is too boring, opt for chocolate milk for added flavor.

What tea to drink for breakfast?

Choosing the best teas to drink in the morning can be personal. However, there are a wide variety of teas available in the market depending on personal taste, diet, and other preferences. 

Types of teas to drink for breakfast include:

Caffeinated teas

  • earl grey 
  • kombucha
  • green tea 
  • oolong tea 
  • white tea 
  • yerba mate 
  • matcha
  • black tea

Caffeinated milk teas

  • masala chai
  • royal milk tea
  • English breakfast tea

Caffeine-free teas

  • ginger tea 
  • peppermint tea 
  • rosemary tea
  • chai tea 
  • sage tea 
  • lemon tea
  • rooibos tea 
  • sage tea

Hot breakfast drinks

From transitional weather of fall to winter, hot drinks are the best way to warm up on a chilly morning. 

The best hot breakfast drinks include:

  • chai latte
  • hot apple cider
  • golden milk
  • matcha latte
  • buttered coffee
  • hot chocolate
  • mulled cider
  • hot buttered tum
  • café au lait
  • masala chai
  • matcha latte
  • Irish coffee
  • ginger tea
  • hot toddy

Breakfast drink list 

Other than coffee, there are plenty of beverage to enjoy with your breakfast meal. 

Here is a list of the most popular breakfast options:

  • milk
  • orange juice
  • tea
  • horchata
  • hot chocolate
  • protein shake
  • tomato juice
  • spring/purified water
  • lemon water
What to drink for breakfast

Breakfast Drinks: Conclusion 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Morning beverages paired with meal help increase the energy levels of the body, offer a delicious way to relieve stress and boost brain function. 

If you want to stay energized and awake for the better part of the day, try tea or coffee. Other than getting caffeine through coffee, green tea is a great source to boost metabolism in the morning.

However, teas range from caffeinated to caffeine-free. Additionally, tea is not always drank plain because some people prefer their tea with milk or sweeteners. 

Instead of coffee, try smoothies, hot tea, citrus infused water or sparkling water, mimosas, and milk. Consider getting the day started with kale or spinach juice, Yerba mate, and goji berry juice. 

In the end, it is important to avoid soda, energy drinks and alcohol in the morning. These are not the healthiest breakfast drinks to start the day with on a regular basis.

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