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What to cook with vodka?

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Looking to enhance the flavor of a dish, and looking for an alcohol to use instead of wine for cooking? Similar to wine, when vodka is added while cooking, the alcohol will burn off and bind its flavor to the liquid. 

Vodka is known for being flavorless, therefore it won’t overpower the recipe unless too much is added. From savory to sweet dishes, finding what to eat with vodka is part of the food pairing process.

What to cook with vodka? Vodka is used in the pasta sauce as known as vodka sauce because it brings out the flavor and aroma of creamy and tomato-based sauces that go great with penne.

Using the right amount of vodka will help steak, chicken, and fish absorb marinade. The acidity of vodka blends well with the marinade and also helps to tenderize the meat.

In addition, adding vodka to pastries and baked goods gives a flakier texture to pie crusts to achieve the perfect crumble.

We all know that making a cocktail mixed with vodka yields flavorful results. But have you tried cooking with vodka? Vodka brings out flavors in many foods that will enhance the culinary experience. 

Just pour it into the bottle, over a bowl, skillet, or pan. If you are not sure how to incorporate vodka into different foods, this article is for you!

Can you bake with vodka?

Yes, you can bake with vodka. The main reason vodka is a crucial player in baking is its ability to bind with both water and fat to improve flavor perception that adds texture and consistency to baked goods. 

As a result, vodka helps to create a flaky pie dough and lowers gluten content unlike if only water was used. It also improves the aroma, making the baked goods even more inviting.

Some baked goods made with vodka:

  • cupcakes
  • tart
  • shortbread
  • cake
  • gingerbread

What can you use vodka for in cooking?

Not only in pasta and pizza sauce, vodka can be used in other cooking recipes. It helps to maintain a cohesive texture and impact little change to the original flavor.

  • Marinades: Add vodka to steak, fish, or chicken marinades as the acidity helps to tenderize the meat. However, be sure not to over-marinate because foods such as shrimp, fish, and steak tend to lose their color and texture when marinated for too long.
  • Pastries: Consider including vodka to baked goods or pastries. The right amount of vodka in dough goes a long way in making tastier and flakier results.
  • Sauce: Create glazes or sauces for salmon with plain vodka. 
  • Cocktails: Simply infuse cocktail with fruits, herbs, and spices to take the vodka flavor to the next level.

Vodka has a way of making any dish sumptuous. Be sure to add it into marinades, doughs, and sauces the next time you are up for experimenting.

What does vodka do for spaghetti sauce?

The relationship with vodka and pasta sauce is that vodka serves two particular purposes when added. 

One is its ability to bond flavors with both oils and water based liquids. The other is connected with the aroma as alcohol is volatile, and serves as an excellent solvent for aromatic compounds that quickly evaporates.

On the other hand, it boosts the bonding of fat and water in the sauce, which ensures a cohesive texture making it extra creamy and sweet. As the vodka particles evaporate, they tag the incredible flavors along. 

So as one enjoys vodka spaghetti sauce, the alcohol particles produce unique aromas at the back of the mouth, giving one an intense euphoric enjoyment of the food.

What flavor cooks well with vodka?

Vodka pairs best with savory and sweet dishes as well as infusions. These flavor pairings do not differ when it comes to cooking with this fine spirit.

  • Savory: Add vodka to meats, fish glaze, or pasta sauces.
  • Sweet: Use vodka in baked goods. When added to pies or pastries, it prevents the gluten from breaking down, resulting in a flaky texture while imparting a boozy kick to the meal.
  • Infusions: Change up any recipe by infusing vodka with flavor. Soak fruits, spices, vegetables, herbs, or candies in vodka to make it sweeter and more flavorful.

With these three flavors in mind, here are classic pairing to try cooking with vodka:

  • vodka + pasta + tomato paste + heavy cream + red pepper flakes
  • vodka + chicken + capers + olive oil + milk
  • vodka + steak + lemon juice + garlic + black pepper
  • vodka + salmon + brown sugar + soy sauce + orange juice
What to cook with vodka

Cook with Vodka: Conclusion

When cooking with vodka, always go for the neutrals. They don’t alter the flavor of the food, but instead add a boozy kick that accentuates the flavors in the dish. 

Found in most pasta sauce, especially served with penne, vodka takes the aroma and flavor to next notch, while blending creamy and rich tomato sauce when cooked together.

There are other ways to use vodka in cooking such as marinating, creating cheese dipping sauce, cocktails, and in baked goods for pie crusts.

With vodka, the sky is the limit. Try different flavors and food pairings to identify what vodka combinations best suit your cooking.

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