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What to cook with tequila?

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Spicy, citrusy and containing a slight floral note, tequila is great for adding to cocktails, pairing with food and cooking with food. Similar to other spirits, tequila is useful in both cooking and baking. 

From spicy and salty food, tequila pairs wonderful with Mexican cuisine including tacos, barbecue, and greasy food. However, tequila can be added to recipe during the cooking process to enhance the flavor to the next level.

What to cook with tequila? When it comes to deciding which type of tequila to use for cooking, choose blanco and reposado instead of anejo. These two types of tequila cook well when marinating meat, shrimp, and grilled chicken.

Infuse tequila in cheese dip, glaze pork tenderloins, shrimp and fish tacos or even salsa, and baby back ribs. Whether making tequila infused chocolate cake for dessert or roasted beef, tequila adds depth of flavor and a boozy after taste.

Everybody loves tequila in a margarita, but have you tried cooking with this spirit? It is useful in steak marinades or shrimp, fruit salad syrup or a barbecue glaze. 

Wondering what else to pair with tequila? Here are some exceptional choices to cook with tequila.

Can tequila be used for cooking?

Yes, tequila can be used for cooking. It goes great with salad dressing, meat glazes, and sauces to boost the flavor and consistency of any dish without dominating the taste. 

All that is needed is a splash of tequila to add that extra kick or make desserts a little boozy. By just adding a tablespoon to cake, pudding, or icing, you got yourself a sweet and tangy combo. 

Even better, try infusing tequila with different fruits. Berries and citrus juice are good choices, but jalapeños do the magic trick. 

Tequila has a high affinity for different flavors. Feel free to add your favorite flavors to attain that desired taste and consistency.

Why do people cook with tequila?

Tequila is most known for drinking, but there are fantastic recipes that include tequila as a main ingredient. When used in moderation, the alcohol evaporates and leaves behind a rich fragrance in the dish. 

However, not all tequila works for cooking. Whether it is for barbecue or in fish and shrimp tacos, use blanco or reposado tequila for the best taste. 

Tequila bonds perfectly with both water and fat molecules, making it easy to carry flavor and aroma. It can be used to flavor meats and make sauces taste and smell better. 

However, be sure to add it in moderation since too much will make the dish taste like alcohol. Furthermore, don’t wait till the end to add in the tequila because it needs some time to cook out the alcohol so that the flavor isn’t too raw and intense.

What tequila is good for cooking?

When it comes to cooking, silver tequila is the best because it blends perfectly with other ingredients is the most malleable in the kitchen. With this alcoholic spirit, you get to enjoy the pleasant flavors and citrus undertones.

Jose Cuervo Especial is not only an affordable tequila type, but also comes in handy for cooking and making marinades. 

If you are looking forward to a nuanced, delicate flavor in your food, Don Julio is another great option. Its got subtle pineapple flavor followed by sage and green bell pepper undertones; it’s silky and full-bodied, making it the perfect addition to any food.

What flavor cooks well with tequila?

When pairing tequila with sweet and savory dishes, think peppers, citrus, and tomatoes for spicy. 

Add this spirit when using chocolate, mango, pineapple, vanilla, and caramel for sweet flavor. These flavors complement the tartness in tequila without necessarily overpowering it.

Here are flavor combinations to try to cook with tequila:

  • tequila + salsa + queso + tortilla
  • tequila + pork + pepper + grilled peaches
  • tequila + shrimp + lime + sour cream + tostadas
  • tequila + chipotle chili + chicken + lime
What to cook with tequila

Cooking with Tequila: Conclusion

There’s more to tequila than cocktails and margaritas. It can also be used to flavor foods, desserts, and sauces. 

In addition, it is an excellent way to play around with food and add an unexpected or flavorful twist. 

To marinate meat, shrimp, and grilled chicken, go with blanco and reposado tequila. Anejo tequila is not the best option for cooking.

Adding tequila to cheese dipping sauce, glazed pork, salsa, tacos, and BBQ ribs provides a floral, spicy, and citrusy blend to the meal.

Be creative and consider using tequila to cook and bake with to create dessert and main dishes to enjoy with loved ones. Tequila will deepen and enrich the culinary experience when used in balance and proportion.

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