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What tea goes well with coconut milk?

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Naturally mild sweetness with hint of nutty and floral flavors, coconut milk is easy to pair with foods and add to beverages to enhance the experience. 

It is a heavenly drink associated with the tropical island palms, coconut trees and clear blue waters. As a result, it may be hard to see matches that clearly pair well between coconut milk and tea.

What tea goes well with coconut milk? Coconut milk pairs perfectly with green tea. It makes a latte in a more health conscious way to enjoy the tea and avoid the downsides of standard dairy milk.

Another selection is black tea also pairs great with coconut milk. Herbal teas such as chai, Thai, Ceylon cinnamon, and spiced tea is alternative way to enjoy tea without added sugars or dairy content. 

Nothing beats the taste of cold or hot coconut milk blended with tea, whether with additives or not. In this article, we answer frequently asked questions that aim at exploring the fantastic relationship between coconut milk and tea.

Can you add coconut milk to hot tea?

Yes, you can add coconut milk to hot tea. In fact, this plant milk is perfect with hot tea and does not curdle like dairy milk.

Coconut milk contains a large amount of fat, which tend to solidify when chilled. However, it does not happen in hot teas because the heat quickly breaks down the fat into a liquid.

But when using cold coconut milk, you will experience coconut fat clumps floating on the surface. 

In order to avoid coconut milk curdling in tea, pour the plant milk into the cup first, then slowly pour in the hot tea.

Is coconut milk good with tea?

Yes, coconut milk is good with tea. Like other dairy milk alternatives, coconut milk can be added to tea to make coconut milk tea. 

The tea forms a herbal base for the milk to land on, while bringing more flavor and taste to the extra creamy coconut milk. 

Both beverages create the perfect consistency and birth an excellent soothing drink. Depending on what tea you choose, you may have floral, earthy, or nutty taste to the beverage.

Is black tea with coconut milk good?

Yes, black tea is good with coconut milk. As a matter of fact, it is the most traditional and popular ways to serve this plant milk to create boba tea, Thai tea, or spiced or sweet iced tea of your choice. 

Black tea is dark and has a malty flavor that is made by infusing black tea leaves into hot water to produce an orange or reddish brew. Black tea has a fresh aroma and is bold in taste, making it the perfect pair for calming and creamy coconut milk.

What tea goes with coconut milk?

Almost all kinds of teas go with coconut milk. However, the most preferred tea selections would be ones that are bold in flavor and rich in taste when paired with coconut milk. 

A bitter and rich aroma and color will help to diffuse with mild and nutty coconut milk. Teas that go wonderfully with coconut milk are:

  • green tea
  • black tea
  • chai
  • thai
  • herbal
  • oolong
  • lavender
  • hojicha
Coconut milk tea

Coconut Milk With Tea: Conclusion

Coconut milk is an excellent alternative to dairy milk when it comes to making tea. It gives a texturized flavored option that compares to other dairy milk alternatives. 

Not only does coconut milk tea taste good, but the creamy and thick consistency transforms tea into a rich latte.

Mixing herbal taste of tea with the rich taste and creamy texture of coconut milk allows for a nutritious and well-flavored beverage that leaves the taste buds tingling. 

Full fat coconut milk is usually rich in texture as it is made from 50% crushed coconut flesh and 50% water. But low fat coconut milk does not have the crushed coconut blended in, therefore it is much thinner in consistency.

After mixing coconut milk in hot tea, you can enjoy now or later when cooled and iced.

Whether it is served hot or cold, try tea selections like green tea, black tea, herbal, chai, and spiced tea. With or without additional sweetness, tea and coconut milk is enjoyable and leaves you craving for more.

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