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What sauce goes with garlic bread?

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Whether garlic bread is served for breakfast or dinner, it always makes a delicious pairing with butter, garlic, and herbs that widens the culinary experience to the next level compared to any plain bread. 

Other than purposefully pairing garlic bread with chicken or soup, it is versatile enough to simply serve with a dipping sauce for snack or appetizer on its own. 

What sauce goes with garlic bread? Garlic bread is preferably served with tomato based sauce to balance the buttery and tangy flavors in every bite. Other dipping sauce options are garlic butter, marinara, tomato dip, cheese, Alfredo, and bolognese sauce. 

Sauces are often full of flavor and, stewy, semi-solid or liquid, and are best served with another solid food item like bread. The best sauces for garlic bread complement with an edge of sweet or savory notes. 

They provide moisture, ambiance, and flavor to the bread, making it even more delicious. The sauce changes the texture in garlic bread, making the bread moist and easier to chew and swallow while still adding a twist to its flavor. 

A sauce can be served cold or lukewarm to bring out the best texture and taste of the garlic bread. In this article, we are going to share delicious sauce ideas that taste good with garlic bread and flavors that complement well with its rich boldness. 

What flavor goes well with garlic bread?

Garlic bread already has its own flavor profile, making it selective in the flavors that complement it. As much as it is perfect on its own, but garlic bread can be paired with sauces to make it even better. 

Both savory and sweet flavors complement garlic bread.

  • Savory: Garlic bread is perfect with spicy sauces or soup. The taste provides an edge to the already existing garlicky taste, taking it a notch higher. Savory taste is sourced from adding lemon juice to give a complimenting sourness to a sauce.
  • Sweet: This taste can be achieved naturally from a tomato dip, however a tomato dip can also be tangy. The tomato flavor provides a complete turnaround to the garlic bread taste, enhancing the taste and flavor.

Whether you would like to serve savory or sweet, here are classic sauce combination to consider serving with garlic bread:

  • garlic bread + marinara sauce + olive oil + garlic + ranch
  • garlic bread + ketchup + bay leaf + green chili + cilantro
  • garlic bread + cheddar cheese + butter + flour
  • garlic bread + heavy cream + parmesan cheese + garlic
  • garlic bread + ground beef + white wine + tomatoes

Which sauce pairs well with garlic bread?

With garlic bread, sauces are a must-have to allow garlic bread to soak delicious flavor and moisten the texture even more. 

The best sauces to pair with garlic bread include:

  • Tomato dip: While taking a tomato dip, garlic bread can be a great accompaniment. The tomato dip is full of flavor and has a runny consistency. It is, however, the main focus, making the garlic bread just an accompaniment to it.
  • Garlic butter sauce: Just as the name suggests, the primary ingredients of this sauce are garlic and butter. However, a dash of other spices like herbs de Provence will add to the flavor, or try garlic, salt, fresh herbs, and some lemon juice. The sauce gives a savory twist to the garlic bread, and it quickly makes the bread softer and easy to devour.
  • Marinara sauce: This is a tomato sauce made with onions, garlic, herbs, and, of course, tomatoes! Of course spices and even some wine can add depth to it as well. The sauce is rich, thick, and chunky with the taste of fresh tomatoes, and basil is often the primary herb used, but oregano can also stand in its place. The texture of the marinara sauce can be made softer by running the tomatoes through a food mill before serving.
  • Cheese sauce: Even though the garlic bread is already buttery, it pairs wonderful with cheese sauce. A melted butter and sharp cheddar cheese provides delicious and easy to make creamy dipping sauce. 
  • Alfredo sauce: Not only for pasta dishes, Alfredo sauce is a simple white cream sauce that goes well with lots of foods including garlic bread. Made from butter, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese, it makes an excellent dipping sauce for garlic bread and also pairs well with chicken breast or steamed vegetables. 
  • Bolognese sauce: Meat and tomato-based sauce is the most filling and nutritious sauce to serve with garlic bread for a compete meal on its own. The chopped ground meat, onion, celery, and carrots makes every dip in the sauce enjoyable. 
What sauce goes with garlic bread

Sauce with Garlic Bread: Conclusion

Garlic bread is one of the most delicious bread choices there is. This type of bread offer explosive variety of flavor from the butter, garlic, and herbs that make a mouthwatering combination.

Other than sides or main entrees, it is perfect when served with sauces and dips that have an edge of savory, tangy, and sweetness. Pairing garlic bread and sauce is ideal combination for a snack or meal.

Garlic bread is typically welcomed to serve with tomato-based pasta sauce. Therefore, marinara or tomato dip are ideal for optimal taste.

But this does not limit the options to red sauce, other choices include garlic butter, cheese, Alfredo, and bolognese sauce. Each individual sauce has unique taste and offers nutrition value, so select based on the other meal items and your personal preferences. 

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