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What rice side dish go well with turkey?

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From breast to ground, turkey has many uses to enjoy as a sandwich or in hearty soups. Even though it has the texture of chicken, it has a slightly stronger flavor and the dark meat taste similar to a Cornish hen or duck.

Whether it is roasted, grilled, or prepared in a casserole, turkey goes well with various sides including vegetables and a glass of wine for a complete dining experience. To make a nutritiously fulfilling dish, adding a side of rice will make fore a delicious and wholesome meal.

What rice side dish go well with turkey? Turkey pairs wonderfully with either seasoned or plain wild, white, and brown rice. Each type of rice is easy to prepare and works well when served with turkey.

Other classic rice dishes that complement well with turkey are buttered, seasoned, and pilaf with nuts and dried fruit. Saffron infused rice, tomato basil, garlic butter, and creamy mushroom rice are delicious preparations that taste great with turkey.

The turkey recipe will ultimately determine what rice side dish to serve alongside because the seasoning of turkey will hugely impact the rice dish. In this article, we review the best rice sides that go well with turkey and what flavor profiles complement turkey and rice dishes.

Is rice good side for turkey?

Yes, rice is a good side to serve with turkey. In fact, it is a healthier starch side dish to serve with turkey compared to bread, potatoes, pasta, and french fries.

In addition, rice is a good alternative stuffing option for turkey, especially a blend of whole grain wild rice.

Furthermore, ground turkey cooks well with brown rice. The flavor from any seasoning slowly absorbs into the rice and turkey meat without destroying its original taste.

White rice dish for turkey

Just like a plain steamed rice, white rice is a convenient preparation as it can be served plain or as seasoned. 

Mix condiments, spices, and broth to deepen the rice dish flavor to enjoy with turkey. Depending on how turkey is cooked and what part of the turkey is used, try these classic flavor combinations for fantastic results:

Brown rice dish for turkey

Opt out of white rice and replace with whole grain brown rice instead. It has chewy texture and earthy flavor that goes well with turkey.

To minimize the brown rice flavor, add a mix of herbs and condiments to improve the rice dish taste.

  • brown rice + black beans + red wine vinegar + cumin + oregano + tomato paste + chicken broth
  • brown rice + cranberry sauce + celery + red onion + olive oil + parsley
  • brown rice + olive oil + lime juice + hoisin sauce + chili oil
  • brown rice + soy sauce + hot sauce + sesame + garlic + ginger
  • brown rice + cucumber + mint + bean sprouts + cloves + onions + chili

Best rice dish for turkey

When it comes to choosing tasty rice side dishes to pair with turkey, evaluate if the rice should be seasoned or served plain. This will be determined by the turkey recipe and the sauce or seasoning used in the preparation.

In general, wild rice or brown rice are the best rice choice to serve with the heartiness of turkey. Sprinkling with basil, saffron, garlic, and pour butter for a creamy sauce will make the meal memorable.

  • buttery seasoned rice
  • rice pilaf with nuts and dried fruit
  • saffron rice
  • tomato basil rice
  • garlic butter rice
  • mushroom rice
What rice dish go well with turkey

Serving Rice Dishes with Turkey: Conclusion

Turkey and rice side dishes complement like cheese and crackers. From Thanksgiving holiday meals to quick sandwiches, pairing turkey with rice might not be the initial combination you think of.

But with the right pairing of wild, white, or brown rice, and the proper seasonings, turkey and rice is delicious and enjoyable.

Rice is a healthy starch option to serve with turkey, and a great way to vary away from pasta or root vegetables. Try turkey with buttered, nuts and dried fruits, garlic, tomato basil, mushroom, and wild rice to maximize the flavor.

Use these classic flavor combination with white and brown rice to serve your favorite turkey entree. With the taste profiles in this article, you will never run out of meal prep ideas.

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