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What rice side dish go well with steak?

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How do you enjoy your steak? From roasted vegetables to cheesy pasta, there are many side to serve with steak.

But when it comes to grains, most question about the taste. Ironically, seasoned rice dishes are an excellent alternative carb source to pair alongside steak.

What rice dish go well with steak? With perfectly cooked steak, rice that is prepared with cilantro lime, fluffy rice with peas and carrots, and casserole with butter squash goes especially well with white and brown rice

Other rice side dishes include seasoned, garlic yellow, fried rice, garlic parmesan, and pineapple rice. Depending on how the steak is prepared and what sauce is served will vary the rice dish.

Potatoes and salad are well known sides to serve with steak, but a side of rice is not something commonly paired together. When done right, steak and rice go together quite well.

However, plain rice dish may not be ideal pairing to serve with steak. Read through the frequent asked questions about the best rice side dishes to serve with steak.

Can you eat rice with steak?

Yes, you can eat rice with steak. Although it is not the most popular combination, it offers a tasty and economical meal that is quite easy to prepare.

When serving a delicious steak with sauce along the side, consider a seasoned rice dish side with cilantro and lime to better aid in digesting the beef.

Other than pasta and vegetables, rice is an excellent grain to serve alongside steak. It helps to cut the richness and offers a balanced nutritional solution. 

White rice dish for steak

Serving plain white rice is easiest way to enjoy a side dish with steak. Adding meat or vegetable stock, herbs, spices, and condiments makes the dish more flavorful to accompany steak.

  • white rice + soy sauce + brown sugar + bell pepper + beef broth
  • white rice + garlic + butter + olive oil
  • white rice + oyster sauce + broccoli + soy sauce
  • white rice + chipotle powder + beef broth + salsa + black beans + black pepper + tomatoes + corn
  • white rice + salt + pinto beans + red onion + lime + cilantro

Brown rice dish for steak

Other healthy grain option to try instead of white rice is brown rice.

Brown rice has a slight earthy, nutty flavor with chewy texture. It is less processed and takes longer to cook than white rice. As a result, it requires more  specific flavor combinations to serve with steak.

  • brown rice + chicken broth + kalamata olives + grape tomatoes
  • brown rice + Chinese five spice + mung bean sprouts + soy sauce
  • brown rice + oyster sauce  + broccoli + soy sauce
  • brown rice + feta + red pepper + mint + pomegranate seeds
  • brown rice + kimchi + soy sauce + black vinegar + brown sugar

Best rice dish for steak

Leftover white and brown rice is great choice to create rice pilaf or fried rice to pair with steak. 

Whether the leftover steak is added to the rice dish or served as a side, try these rice dishes that taste best with steak.

  • seasoned
  • garlic yellow
  • fried rice
  • garlic parmesan
  • pineapple
What rice dish go well with steak

Serving Rice Dishes with Steak: Conclusion

Steak and rice dishes are an explorative meal that is not as popular as steak and potato combination.

In general, lightly seasoned rice with cilantro and lime, peas and carrots, or casserole with butter squash is great recipe that goes well with steak.

For more savory and sweet rice dishes, try with garlic yellow, fried rice, garlic parmesan, and pineapple rice. 

The dipping sauce may interfere with steak, therefore choose the rice dish wisely to avoid overpowering the flavor of the combination.

Even though rice and steak is uncommon flavor combination, try small batch of white and brown rice to prepare a hearty supper. When the steak is cooked right, the side dish is just a complement that is not the center of attention.

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