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What rice side dish go well with salmon?

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From salads and veggies to bread and pasta, salmon is loaded with nutrients and complements well with many sides to make a complete meal. Even though it has bold flavor, salmon is both vibrant and savory which makes it delicious and healthy at the same time. 

Whether it is baked, pan-fried, or grilled, salmon goes with multiple side dishes. To continuously make the meals exciting, switching up the accompanying rice side dishes is essential every time. 

What rice side dishes go well with salmon? Depending on the recipe, wild, brown, white, arborio, and basmati are some of the many types of rice that pair wonderfully with cooked salmon.

The classic rice flavors that taste excellent with salmon are fried rice, garlic or lemon basmati rice, wild rice pilaf, herbed brown rice, and saffron or lemon risotto. 

Choose a plain rice if the salmon is marinated or comes with dipping sauce, therefore a seasoned rice dish does not conflict with salmon dish. Salmon with assorted roasted vegetables and side of rice is balanced meal and colorful plate. 

This article provides in-depth discussion about the best rice options to accompany salmon. Answered below are frequently asked questions about serving salmon with rice side dishes. Read through to learn more!

Is rice a good side for salmon?

Yes, rice is a good side for salmon. The whole grain complements the flavorful fish dish in a subtle manner, or it can be packed with flavor to enhance the overall dish.

The smell and taste of rice have an impact on the main dish when being served and eaten, hence why rice is used in a variety of flavorful salmon recipes. The rice and salmon can be served with sweet, salty or savory sauces because the unique and mouthwatering taste of both vessels of flavor. 

Due to salmon having a unique taste, consider a mild and nutty tasting rice to pair with. Basmati rice is a great option to serve with salmon because it has a slightly floral aroma and nutty flavor that makes the meal more enticing.

Brown rice side dish for salmon

Brown rice is a whole grain rice with a mild and nutty flavor that is chewier and tastier than white rice. 

When seasoning brown rice to serve with salmon, adding minced garlic and salt can help bump up its flavor; mixing it with some salsa and cumin provides a Tex-Mex taste that is quite memorable. 

Extra flavor can be added to brown rice by incorporating bouillon cubes or powder when cooking. 

If you are preparing brown rice side dishes for salmon, here are chef’s favorite flavor combination you should try:

  • brown rice + sesame + ginger + soy sauce
  • brown rice + teriyaki sauce + rice vinegar + peanuts
  • brown rice + lemon juice + butter + chicken bone broth
  • brown rice + pineapple + soy sauce + sesame seeds
  • brown rice + garlic + lemon + olive oil + ground pepper

Wild rice side dish for salmon

Give the rice more depth of flavor by serving wild rice, which has some smokiness and a slightly grassy flavor due to the mixed grain and lack of processing. 

Wild rice retains its outer shell, which gives it a chewy texture. Herbs or spices like oregano, dill, basil or Italian seasoning add an aromatic flavor to the dish. 

Here are ingredient combination ideas that you can try in wild rice side dishes to serve with salmon:

  • wild rice + orange juice + pecan + thyme + dried cranberries
  • wild rice + lemon + mushrooms + olive oil + garlic
  • wild rice + soy sauce + mango + sesame oil
  • wild rice + herbs + goat cheese + sun dried tomatoes
  • wild rice + pomegranate seeds + oranges + mint leaves

Best rice side dish for salmon

Whether it is side of herbed rice or rice mixed into salmon salad, rice can be a filling to help avoid bread in health conscious way.

When it comes to selecting the right rice side dish to pair with salmon, evaluate whether the rice should be seasoned or simply steamed and served plain. Sometimes cooking the rice with a broth, stock or bullion adds just enough flavor to the rice dish.

In general, basmati rice is on of the best rice choices to serve with salmon. Lemon can be added to give it a tangy, citrusy taste and flavor, and nuts can also be added for a burst of crunch. 

Add some garlic cloves, parsley, bay leaves, and black pepper, making it even more sumptuous and appealing. Include these natural herbs and spices are essential for making the meal memorable.

A salmon fillet can be pan-fried, broiled, baked, grilled, poached, sautéed, seared, or steamed, and rice dishes are versatile to complement beautifully.

  • wild rice pilaf
  • lemon white rice
  • herbed brown rice
  • fried rice
  • risotto
  • garlic rice
  • dijon butter jasmine rice
  • black rice
Salmon with rice dish

Serve With Rice Dishes for Salmon: Conclusion

Despite rice being a classic side dish to serve with salmon, it is definitely not the only option. It’s therefore important to switch things up once in a while with spicy, sweet, and savory flavors to enthrall the tastebuds. 

The type of rice selected dictates the taste of the salmon dish. In general, long grain rices offer a sweet aroma to make the dish inviting and more appealing. 

Adding spices to the side of rice makes the salmon dish mouthwatering and well balanced. For a classic dinner duo, try some basmati rice and salmon.

From wild rice to white sushi rice, a majority of rices pair perfectly with salmon dishes. However, the selection of rice can depend on how the salmon is served.

Stay with plain and steamed rice when the salmon is marinated or has sauce drizzled on top or dip into. Otherwise, seasoning rice can be huge flavor addition to simple pan-fried salmon. 

Rice is mild and does not have overpowering tastes that conflict with salmon. If you are tired of bread, pasta, or salad on the side, replace with rice side dishes for your next salmon dinner. 

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