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What rice side dish go well with pork?

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From pork chops to stew, pork is a fatty and savory meat that is less gamier tasting that lamb or goat.

Other than serving with potatoes or fried rice with ground meat, it seems finding good food combination is tricky with pork as the main dish. Healthy grains such as rice do go well with pork, but the combination must be well thought out.

What rice dish go well with pork? Typically, white and brown rice go well with pork dishes, especially seasoned rice including basmati rice, yellow jasmine, French onion, fried rice, cilantro lime, and Greek spinach rice. 

Blending herbs and spices into rice helps to enhance the overall flavor of the pork dish. Consider adding condiments such as hoisin, soy sauce, fish sauce or Worcestershire sauce, as well as beef or chicken stock to boost the flavor.

Whether the pork is roasted, grilled, or pan-fried, the meat goes well with variety of side dishes. The meaty goodness makes the meal exciting and filled with nutrients that keep the body nourished with the appropriate macros and micros.

If you are looking to try something new to serve with pork, this article has some great ideas. Answered below are frequently asked questions about serving rice side dishes with pork and what flavor profiles taste best together.

Is rice good side for pork?

Yes, rice is a good side dish to serve with pork. Whether it is seasoned or plain rice, the side is easy to prepare and offers sophisticated taste profiles that are simple to prepare and pair perfectly with pork.

Serving seasoned brown rice with pork tenderloin is great combination since the whole grain rice has more of a chew to it and is also higher in fiber and nutrients than the more processed white rice. Furthermore, the tenderloin has less fat that other cuts, which is the reason some prefer it over other pieces.

Furthermore, fried rice also works well with thin strips of pork. Gently, season the rice with spices and herbs, and marinate the meat for an explosion of flavor.

White rice dish for pork

White rice is an excellent type of rice to serve plain or seasoned with any pork dishes. 

If the pork has been marinated or served with a dipping sauce, plain rice is best option. Otherwise, lightly seasoned pork pairs complementary with rice pilaf for a fun and exciting combination.

  • white rice + soy sauce + brown sugar + fish sauce + sesame oil + eggs
  • white rice + hoisin sauce + soy sauce + sesame oil + honey
  • white rice + sour cream + cheddar cheese
  • white rice + Worcestershire sauce + beef stock + vegetable oil + garlic powder + celery + onion + butter

Brown rice dish for pork

When serving pork chop or ground pork, brown rice is a healthy option for preparing rice. Fried brown rice is extra tasty because it blends well with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oil as well as chopped vegetables.

When preparing a heavy seasoned rice dish, brown rice is the best type of rice to cook with because it absorbs flavor without being overpowered by the seasoning.

  • brown rice + black eyed peas + old bay seasoning 
  • brown rice + black pepper + cremini mushrooms + onion + chicken broth + olive oil
  • brown rice + cantaloupe + scallions
  • brown rice + pineapple + sriracha + eggs + salt + canola oil
  • brown rice + garlic + cream chicken soup + jalapeño pepper + black beans + salsa + cumin + cheddar cheese

Best rice dish for pork

Other than plain rice side dishes, pork pairs wonderfully with fried or seasoned rice. These rice dishes do not overpower the flavor of pork, but offer a balance of flavors that are complementary to one another.

Here are tasty options that go well with pork dishes:

What rice dish go well with pork

Serving Rice Dishes with Pork: Conclusion

Pork and rice is a classic food combination that complements the earthy grain and fatty meat. Not only does it have a delicious aspect, but the combination also offers a plentiful source of fiber and essential minerals when consumed together with light seasoning.

In general, white and brown rice are the primary type of rice that taste best with pork. Adding a hint of herbs and spices such as curry, French onion, cilantro lime, and Greek spinach are interesting rice pilaf combinations to try.

When preparing grilled or roasted pork, choose seasoned rice dish instead of plain steamed rice. It adds more flavor and contributes to the overall satisfaction of the dish.

Depend on the pork recipe and preparation, try the flavor combination in this guide with white and brown rice. The type of rice will have an impact on the end result, but the seasoning used on the pork will be the greatest influence.

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