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What rice side dish go well with halibut?

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Pan-fried and served with bed of greens with a simple sauce, halibut is lighter fish compared to salmon. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of preparations that taste great when serving halibut and rice.

Because halibut is known for being a delicate and tender meat, you will need to choose side dishes that are packed with a flavorful punch. Roasted vegetables, savory potatoes, and seasoned rice dishes are recommended.

What rice side dish go well with halibut? Most types of rice work well with halibut, but a light fish like halibut requires a bit of extra aroma when serving grains like rice. 

Plain white and brown rice make hearty rice dishes to pair with halibut. But for seasoned rice sides, try herbed, lemon cilantro, coconut, mushroom, saffron, lime coconut, and leek rice pilaf.

Other than squeezing lemon juice over the fish, adding lemon zest to the rice dish enhances the depth as well. It helps to break down the fat and make the halibut easier to digest.

If you are looking for ways to make tasty rice dishes to serve with halibut, this article has you covered. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what rice side dish go well with halibut and what are the classic flavor combination to try with this type of fish.

Is rice good side for halibut?

Yes, rice is a good side dish to serve with halibut. In fact, seasoned or plain rice are tasty with baked, pan seared, pan fried, and grilled halibut.

The type of rice plays an important role, especially since brown rice is a whole grain that is full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. As a result, rice is an excellent source of nutrients compared to serving bread or pasta.

If the halibut is lightly seasoned, consider rice sides with curry or lemon to balance out the flavor.

White rice dish for halibut

White rice is a perfect choice to pair with halibut. Whether served as plain or seasoned, it blends well with the mild flavor of the fish. 

When cooking seasoned white rice with halibut, use these classic flavor combinations for a delightful approach to the dish:

  • white rice + red curry paste + coconut milk 
  • white rice + olive oil + lemon juice + cilantro
  • white rice + Thai green curry + coconut milk + lime
  • white rice + teriyaki sauce + edamame beans + ginger + sake
  • white rice + chicken broth + lemon + butter + basil + lemon pepper seasoning

Brown rice dish for halibut

Brown rice is a healthier option to serve with halibut because it is a whole grain that only the husk has been removed. As a result, there is more fiber and nutrients available. 

To make brown rice fluffy and flavorful, add vegetable, broth, and cook with herbs and spices. These extra steps improve the halibut dish served with brown rice.

  • brown rice + roasted red pepper + white wine
  • brown rice + shallot + vegetable stock + garlic + thyme + red chili flakes 
  • brown rice + saffron + white wine + shallots + butter + heavy cream + chives
  • brown rice + garlic + tomato paste + vermouth + chicken broth + parsley
  • brown rice + tarragon + bay leaf + olive oil + onion + salt

Best rice dish for halibut

Halibut is simple and mild fish that will not overpower the rice dish flavor like some heartier and oilier fish. However, it is best to keep the rice dish minimal in flavor so that it does not become overpowering to the lightness of the fish fillet. 

Whether the halibut is baked, grilled, or fried, try these seasoned rice side dishes to fully enjoy the meal:

  • herbed rice
  • lemon cilantro rice
  • coconut rice
  • mushroom rice pilaf
  • saffron rice
  • en papillote with leek rice
  • lime coconut rice
What rice dish go well with halibut

Serving Rice Dishes with Halibut: Conclusion

Halibut and rice is a healthy, nutritious, and fulfilling plate when partnered with a side of vegetables. Plain or seasoned rice pilaf is a wholesome carb sides that is a better alternative option instead of bread and pasta.

Though white or brown rice are common to serve with halibut, not every type of rice goes well with the fish. Halibut is light and less fishy tasting, therefore it requires extra aroma and flavor in rice dish.

Try halibut with herbed, lemon cilantro, coconut, creamy mushroom, saffron, lime coconut, and leek rice pilaf. The combination of herbs and seasonings enhances the neutrality of the flakey fish.

Next time you are serving halibut with rice, try the classic preparations and flavor profiles shared in this guide. From delicate herbs to complex spice blends, you are guaranteed to have a well rounded dish to enjoy.

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