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What rice side dish go well with cod?

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Have you tried cod with rice side dishes? From coleslaw to mac and cheese, there are various sides that pair wonderfully with grilled, boiled, fried, and pan cooked cod fish.

But pairing with rice sounds foreign to most people, especially if they don’t know what kind of rice to serve together. Additionally, determining whether seasoned or plain rice is a good option factors into the final result.

What rice side dish go well with cod? Both plain and seasoned rice are great side dishes to serve with codfish. White and brown rice typically goes well with fish, and a light flaky cod is no different.

Brown rice offers a healthy whole grain carb that makes you feel full for an extended time. It tastes best when seasoned with garlic, coconut, turmeric, lemon spinach, or cilantro lime.

No matter how codfish is prepared and seasoned, it does not interfere with rice sides. The fish has a mild meat that does not overpower other sides, sauces or garnishes. 

This article explores the classic flavor combination between brown and white rice that pairs with codfish. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what kind rice side dish go well with cod so that you never run out of tasty combinations to serve.

Is rice good side for cod?

Yes, rice is a great side to serve with cod. In fact, this light and flaky mild flavored fish fillet dose not require much spice or herbs for the fish and rice to taste good together.

Whether the cod is baked, pan-fried, broiled or sautéed, the fish fillet is tender, delicious and can be cooked depend on personal preference.

Simply, serve with wedge of lemon or dipping sauce to enjoy a simple meal. Or pair with lemon rice or serve marinated cod with plain steamed rice for healthy and nutritious diet.

White rice dish for cod

White rice is easy to prepare and infuses with herb and spices fairly well. From garlic to lemon butter sauce, prepare a bowl of seasoned or plain white rice to accompany the flakey cod fillet.

When it comes to baked codfish, choose to serve with rice pilaf. The rice side dish is easy to make and loaded with flavor from seasonings like chicken broth and bay leaf.

  • white rice + soy sauce + lemon + sesame oil 
  • white rice + coconut milk + red bell pepper + lime
  • white rice + white miso paste + honey + edamame
  • white rice + mango chutney + curry powder + lemon
  • white rice + salt + butter + lemon

Brown rice dish for cod

Brown rice is a healthier option compared to white rice. It has a slightly chewy texture with intense earthy flavor that is extremely pleasant with cod fillets.

In order to lessen the earthy taste of brown rice, try these flavor combinations to pair with cod fish.

Best rice dish for cod

No matter how the cod is prepared and seasoned, every dish does not go well with it. Evaluate the cod fish recipe in order to identify the best rice dish to serve alongside. 

If you are preparing rice with cod, here are classic side dishes that taste best with cod:

  • garlic rice
  • coconut rice
  • turmeric rice
  • lemon spinach rice
  • cilantro lime rice
  • wild rice
What rice dish go well with cod

Serving Rice Dishes with Cod: Conclusion

Rice dish with cod is filling and nutritious combination that will brighten a suppertime meal. From fries to salad, there are other sides to place on the plate, but rice is healthy carb to replace the standard bread and pasta goto.

Typically, brown and white rice is perfect for any codfish preparation. In addition, seasoned rice recipe including garlic, coconut, turmeric, lemon spinach, and cilantro lime add a desirable flavor when the fish is prepared without much seasoning.

On the other hand, wild rice is also good alternative to serve. The intense earthy taste goes well with a well seasoned or marinated cod preparation

Evaluate whether you intend on marinating the codfish to pair with plain steamed rice, or keeping the fish plain and serving with seasoned rice. Try the cod and rice dishes recommended in this guide and you are sure to never run out of inspirations. 

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