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What rice side dish go well with chicken?

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With a nice cooked piece of thigh, breast, or wings, chicken is an essential protein to serve at mealtime throughout the day. The mild neutral flavor allows the absorption of various spices and herbs to add complexity to the meal.

No matter how it is prepared roasted or grilled, it pairs wonderfully with a variety of sides. To complete a tasty dish, chicken goes with various sides and rice is a primary focus for many.

What rice side dish go well with chicken? Based on how the chicken is prepared, white, brown, wild rice, and fun seasoned rice side dishes taste amazingly with cooked chicken.

A well known rice dish to pair with chicken is garlic butter, parmesan, snow pea, cumin yellow, mushroom, cilantro lime, lemon herb, turmeric, and Spanish rice. 

Select your favorite type of rice in case the chicken has bold marinating. As a result, the seasoning from the rice can blend well with mild flavor of the chicken dish. 

Side of fresh baked cornbread or garlic bread makes the chicken dinner even more filling. In addition, serving the proper wine with roasted chicken is way to complement the meal in style.

If you have been serving plain white rice with a chicken dish, it’s time to upgrade with flavorful and colorful rice dish options. Furthermore, read through the answers to commonly asked questions about what rice side dishes go well with chicken.

Is rice good side for chicken?

Yes, rice is a good side for chicken. The lean protein and complex carbohydrates provides a wholesome and nutritious balance, especially between grilled chicken and brown rice.

Both dishes are easy to prepare and also aid weight loss because these foods are rich in protein and fiber.

However, be aware to eliminate the use of extra sweetness or condiments on both chicken and rice that may result in unnecessary calories that contribute to weight gain.

White rice dish for chicken

White rice has a nutty taste and chewy texture to make any chicken meal hearty. Easier to cook, but with fewer nutrients that won’t overpower the taste from other foods.

Furthermore, cooking rice dishes with broth, stock, sauce, herbs, and spices will thoughtfully enhance the flavor.

  • white rice + heavy cream + garlic + chicken broth
  • white rice + lemon + saffron + olive oil + cilantro
  • white rice + cheddar cheese + garlic powder
  • white rice + white wine + spinach + chicken broth
  • white rice + tomato sauce + green olives + coriander + cumin + turmeric

Brown rice dish for chicken

Plain brown rice is a healthy option to try with chicken, but adding seasoning such as soy sauce, basil, ground ginger, or cayenne pepper brings out the flavor much more. 

If you are on a strict weight loss diet, try chicken with brown rice instead of white rice for a more fulfilling result that reduces hunger cravings.

  • brown rice + vegetable broth + onion + garlic + broccoli + thyme + pine nuts
  • brown rice + butter + chicken stock + carrots + celery + olive oil
  • brown rice + red wine vinegar + kale + chorizo + soy sauce 
  • brown rice + lemon + Italian seasoning + chicken broth
  • brown rice + coconut oil + red bell peppers + almond milk

Best rice dish for chicken

Depending on the chicken dish, there are various rice sides to complement. When countering a bold and strong chicken marinate, choose a mild rice dish. 

To flavor the rice dish, serve leftover brown or white rice to add herb, spices, and sauces to revive and recreate a delicious rice dish for chicken.

  • garlic butter rice
  • parmesan garlic rice
  • snow pea fried rice
  • cumin yellow rice
  • mushroom wild rice 
  • cilantro lime rice
  • lemon herb rice
  • turmeric rice
  • Spanish rice
What rice dish go well with chicken

Serving Rice Dishes with Chicken: Conclusion

From whole roasted to braised and fried, chicken is easy to prepare and pairs wonderfully with rice dishes to make a wholesome and nutritious meal for anytime of the day.

Whether it is dry seasoning or sauce and marinating, the rice dish may vary. With mild seasoning, stay light flavored rice dish, whereas choose plain white or brown rice for marinating or serving with dipping sauce chicken.

Most widely paired rice dish with chicken is garlic butter, parmesan, snow pea, cumin yellow, mushroom, cilantro lime, lemon herb, turmeric, and. Spanish rice. 

When chicken dishes have sauce, serve side of fresh baked bread to scoop and soak all the deliciousness. Serve with a nice glass of wine to enjoy the meal at its best.

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