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What rice side dish go well with beef?

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From sandwich to stew, beef is the second largest protein consumption other than chicken. Even though it has distinctive texture and bold flavor with specific seasonings, dishes with beef are both delicious and healthy when paired with the right sides.

Whether it is roasted, grilled, or stir fry, beef goes with many side dishes including vegetables, pasta, and salads. Include rice side dishes with beef to make the meal more nutritious and exciting.

What rice side dishes go well with beef? Depending on how the beef is prepared and cooked, white and brown rice are easy to prepare and complement wonderfully with cooked beef. 

The most popular ways to season rice to serve with beef is by including onion and Italian seasoning, butter, fried rice, garlic yellow, and rice pilaf. 

Start with a plain steamed rice if the beef is marinated or served with dipping sauce. As a result, the seasoned rice does not overpower the taste of the beef dish. 

No matter what beef recipe being served, this article offers detailed information about the best rice side dish options to accompany beef. Read through to find out answers to frequently asked questions about serving beef with rice side dishes.

Is rice good side for beef?

Yes, rice is a good side to serve with beef. In fact, seasoned rice dishes offer a flavorful accompaniment to any roast beef or beef stews. 

In addition, beef with rice balances both protein as well as starch to create a fulfilling meal loaded with nutrients. 

When it comes to stir fry beef, consider mild and buttery coconut rice as a side dish. Also, consider using beef stock to cook brown or wild rice for an extra-beefy taste and nutty flavor.

White rice dish for beef?

White rice is a perfect type of rice for seasoned ground beef. It helps to absorb the flavor deeply with simple plain steamed rice.

However, seasoning white rice with condiments, meat broth, herbs and spices helps to brighten the flavor and enjoyable.

Brown rice dish for beef

Brown rice is a healthier option to try with beef dish. It has a chewier and coarse texture where it may require longer cooking and creative seasoning to make it fun to eat.

If you are planning to serve brown rice with beef, try these classic flavor combinations to serve with your favorite beef recipe.

  • brown rice + smoked paprika + carrot + Worcestershire sauce + lemon + bay leaves
  • brown rice + cardamom seeds + coriander + black pepper + cumin 
  • brown rice + sweet potatoes + tomatoes + garam masala + coconut milk
  • brown rice + kosher salt + cilantro + lime + coconut milk
  • brown rice + mushrooms + ginger + green pepper + onion + olive oil

Best rice dish for beef

Plain steamed rice is easy to prepare, but it is hit or miss when it comes to serving with marinated or seasoned beef as a meal.

Therefore, preparing seasoned rice dishes is recommended to make the meal filling and exciting. The extra cooking steps change the whole flavor profile as a whole.

  • onion and Italian seasoning
  • butter
  • fried rice
  • garlic yellow
  • rice pilaf
What rice dish go well with beef

Serving Rice Dishes with Beef: Conclusion

Beef and rice is great combination to serve together as wholesome meal. These proteins and carbs are essential dietary requirement to consume for overall nutritional needs.

In addition, the flavors of earthy, nutty, juicy, and meaty complex flavors are present in every bite.

Choose lightly seasoned rice dish to serve with beef entree including onion and Italian seasoning, butter, fried rice, garlic yellow, and rice pilaf. These flavors are well done with type of rice, especially with white and brown rice.

With roast beef or beef stews, rice is an excellent side dish to serve alongside a main protein. Accompanied by vegetables or salad to make colorful arrangement and nutritious meal.

Whether brown or white rice, use herbs, spices, and condiments to make the dish flavorful and delicious to enjoy with your favorite beef preparation.

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