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What rice side dish go well with ahi?

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Soft texture with mild and oily flavor, ahi is best when served seared, grilled or raw. This rich and buttery tasting fish goes well with various sides including vegetables, condiments, and sauces.

Whether prepared as a salad or poke, adding a healthy grain side is the best choice. However, due to its unique blend of seasoning or sauce, selecting the right rice dish is crucial.

What rice side dish go well with ahi? Ahi pairs wonderfully with both brown and white rice. When it comes to seasoned rice sides, choose soy vinaigrette, lemon, miso sesame, ginger peanut, or even mango lemon rice.

The citrusy, sour, and sweet sauce actually goes well with ahi bowls. The fatty flavor of the fish and sweet, tangy dressing helps to blend the flavor together to tone down the fat with acid.

From colorful veggies to delicious sauce to drizzle over the top, ahi or poke bowls are a fantastically healthy snack or meal that is easy to prepare and tastes delicious.

If you are a big fan of ahi bowls and looking for fun rice dishes to serve on the side, this article has you covered. Answered below are frequently asked questions about the best rice dishes to serve with ahi so that you never run out of ideas.

Is rice good side for ahi?

Yes, rice is a good side for ahi. In fact, rice is a staple option to consider whenever fish is the main protein source on the plate.

Rice is easy to cook and prepare, also healthy meal. Choose to serve plain boiled rice or add flavoring to the grain for a well rounded dish.

Vegetable or meat stock is a great option to cook the rice and give it flavor. Also, fry the rice with some vegetables for a more substantial side dish.

White rice dish for ahi

Seared ahi rice bowls are a popular dish for lunch. From vinegar to soy sauce, white rice is a must-have essential ingredient. 

Light and fluffy rice topped with vegetables and ahi pieces, drizzled over the top with dressing makes the bowl more delicious and extra flavorful.

  • white rice + white wine vinegar + red hot pepper 
  • white rice + soy sauce + nori komi furikake + sriracha
  • white rice + black sesame seeds + soy sauce + wasabi peas
  • white rice + ginger + sesame seeds + sesame oil + olive oil + salt + pepper
  • white rice + miso + honey + garlic + soy sauce + oil

Brown rice dish for ahi

Brown rice is a great alternative to serve with ahi. However, serving plain brown rice gives an extremely nutty and earthy flavor.

Consider adding lemon juice, pepper, mustard, hot sauce, herbs, and seasoning to impart flavor to brown rice without drastically increasing the calories. 

To make brown rice taste better, once the rice is fully cooked, mix in soy sauce, dried basil, ground ginger, or cayenne pepper.

  • brown rice + pineapple + ginger + soy sauce
  • brown rice + soy sauce + mango + avocado + tahini
  • brown rice + cajun seasoning + olive oil
  • brown rice + olive oil + vegetable broth + mushrooms + thyme
  • brown rice + lemon + dijon mustard

Best rice dish for ahi

Simply seasoning the ahi with salt and pepper allows the rice dish to stand out with its own set of flavor. With grilled ahi, rice with lemon zest and chopped chives gives a nice color to white rice.

Depending on how the ahi bowl is served, try these flavored rice dishes to enjoy with ahi:

  • soy vinaigrette rice
  • lemon rice
  • miso sesame rice
  • ginger peanut rice
  • crispy rice
  • mango lemon rice
What rice dish go well with ahi

Serving Rice Dishes with Ahi: Conclusion

Rice and ahi bowl is an essential ingredient pairing that cannot be overlooked. It offers mild and earthy flavor to fatty fish.

Additionally, rice is a wholegrain that balances nutrients and goes well with other vegetables on the side.

Whether the dressing has a strong flavor of condiments or the fish is served plain, seasoned brown or white rice is ideal for ahi.

When choosing the flavored rice, go with soy vinaigrette, lemon, miso sesame, ginger peanut, or mango lemon. A sweet and sour dressing is a good choice for ahi to make the rice delicious and exciting. 

This guide will give you some inspiration for rice side dishes to serve with ahi. Next time you are in need for a little inspiration, you will know exactly what flavor combinations to serve up.

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