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What potato dishes are good with fish?

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Instead of serving rice side dish, fish also pairs wonderfully with root vegetables like potatoes. As a side for fish, it is super fun to eat, refreshing, and easy to make.

Potatoes are generally starchy, slightly creamy, and dense with a delicate skin. Therefore, potatoes and fish are a perfect combination when seasoned with the right ingredients.

What potato dishes are good to serve with fish? Fish goes well with roasted potato dishes seasoned with lemon, cheese, and herbs such as rosemary, garlic, oregano, dill, and sage. 

In addition, potatoes can be served mashed, baked, french fries, hash browns, and roasted. 

The shape and cooking technique does not interfere when pairing with fish. Instead, the potato type, seasoning and garnishment on the plate plays an important role when eating potatoes with fish.

Whether the type of fish is salmon, halibut or cod, the meat is tender, soft and lean compared to beef or pork. As a result, it is popular dish for a healthy and light meal that needs a starchy side like potatoes to be more filling.

If you are looking for ideas on what potato dishes to serve with fish, this post has got you covered. We have rounded up a list of the best potato side dishes to elevate fish flavor even more.

What kind of potatoes to serve with fish?

There are many types of potatoes to eat like russet, red, white, yellow, purple, and fingerling. In reality, this is just a scratch on the surface because there are over 1000 varieties in South America.

Each kind of potato offers different levels of starchiness, creaminess, and density, which in turn varies the recipe and ingredients you serve with fish.

Here are the specific potatoes to serve with fish for best flavor:

  • White potatoes: Especially, Irish potatoes with fish are a fantastic combination that can make a wonderful breakfast or a special side dish for brunch or dinner. Irish potatoes are a starch potato that crisps up well so that complements with fish.
  • Russet potato: The combination of russet potato and fish is very easy and surprisingly delicious. Try to cook it with mahi-mahi and a lot of fresh rosemary when roasting. Finish with olive oil and carpers for a dish that is a perfect melding flavor and lacks nothing.
  • Yellow potato: Chips or mashed potatoes are a popular accompaniment for fish, and it is easy to prepare using Yukon yellow gold potato. The combination tastes great on its own, but many people love serving with lemon, malt vinegar, or tartar sauce. However, this is a personal choice, so guests add vinegar and seasonings themselves.
  • Red potato: When paired with fillets, roasted red potatoes, and fish are an oh-so-perfect combination. It delivers a satisfying side dish that many people consider part of the main course.

Does seared potato go well with fish?

Yes, seared potato goes well with fish. The secret to yummy seared potatoes letting them brown for a few minutes on each side without flipping or turning too quickly. 

Seared potatoes work well with white fish, sea bass, or haddock. Whatever you choose, the combination is delicious, crunchy, and a perfect dish for breakfast, lunch, and even supper. 

To make it extra special, accompany with delectable flavors like smoked paprika and chorizo. These delightful tastes influence both fish and potatoes, making them a yummy, versatile, and impressive dish.

What is a good potato side dish for fish?

Potato dish is another starchy side, similar to rice or bread, which has healthy carbs and nutrients to add to a plate of fish. Additionally, the creamy and rich flavor potatoes offer complements well with any kind of fish.

Some of the good potato side dishes to serve with fish include: 

  • Roasted: With lots and lots of herbs like rosemary, dill, sage, and oregano, roasted potatoes are the winner. They are easy to prepare and herbs play such an important role to make the fish dish delicious.
  • Mashed: Garlic, butter, and olive oil, mashed potatoes are classic sides to serve with a fish fillet. They have creamy and buttery taste that blends well with simple fish dish such as salmon and halibut.
  • Hash browns: Crispy hash browns are not only for breakfast, it goes well with crusted halibut or sea bass for a main entree. It is reminiscent of fish and chips, but less fried and the unique texture imparts a desirable flavor.
  • French fries: When serving fish and chips, french fries are a classic side choice. The corn meal, milk, and seasoning is all you need to fry the fish to create the best meal.
  • Baked: Oven baked potatoes and baked fish are a perfect combination that is an easy crowd pleaser. Not to mention, baking is an easy cooking technique because it requires less hands on attention, making this combo perfect for a weeknight dinner.
Potatoes to pair with fish

Fish and Potatoes: Conclusion

Potatoes always make a perfect side dish regardless of how you cook them-fried, mashed or roasted to serve with fish. Their taste is delightful and the texture is amazing.

Due to the bland flavor profile of potato, it requires proper seasoning and herbs to elevate the flavor, these include lemon, cheese, and herbs like rosemary, oregano, dill, sage, and garlic.

In addition, there are many cooking techniques to use when serving potatoes and fish such as fries, mashed, baked, roasted, and hash browns. Not only does the cooking method add flavor and texture, but also makes beautiful presentation on each plate. 

When preparing a potato side dish to serve with fish, consider white russet, Yukon gold, red and fingerling potatoes. These have distinctive and unique flavors that complement various fish dishes.

Fish and potato flavors are nothing short of spectacular. Next time you are preparing a meal and need inspiration for what types of potatoes to serve with fish, use the suggestions in this guide and you will be all set.

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