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What meat goes with brie?

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Whether fresh brie is served on a charcuterie board or baked with toasted baguettes to enjoy as an appetizer, a smoky, salty, and flavorful meat is an essential item to pair with this type of cheese.

Brie cheese is versatile and delicate, making it necessary to choose an accompaniment that will not overwhelm the flavor or texture. When it comes to selecting a type of meat to serve with brie, choose meats that complement the complex taste and creaminess rather than competing against it.

What meat goes with brie? Brie pairs with both cooked or cured meats including chicken, turkey, beef, salami, prosciutto, soppressata, and chorizo.

A cheese and meat platter is the easiest and most excellent way of entertaining guests without putting in a ton of effort. It requires a few basic ingredients, but there are specific meats and cheeses that perfectly complement each other. 

The creamy and salty combination come together in harmony. Adding meat to the mixture contrasts the texture, making the balance more enjoyable. 

This article will help to pair Brie with meats, making it an excellent and memorable meal. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what meats to serve with brie for the best food and flavor combinations.

What flavor goes with brie?

The mild flavor of brie gives way for pairings with a wide variety of flavors. Excellent flavors that go well with Brie include cheddar, maple syrup, apricot, cranberries, or puff pastry. 

Serving Brie with crackers or plain bread is crucial because of the milk flavor, which can easily overwhelm seasonings such as onions, garden vegetables, cracked pepper, and garlic. 

Other flavors paired with Brie are honey, chili honey, chili red pepper jam, mustard, roasted beet or asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic. 

Here are best flavor combinations that go well with brie:

  • brie cheese + beef + French bread + dijon mustard
  • brie cheese + ground beef + cranberry + lemon
  • brie cheese + fig jam + salami
  • brie cheese + green apple + chicken breast + mustard
  • brie cheese + chorizo + honey + parmesan cheese + pasta

What meat pairs well with brie?

Meat and cheese are soulmates, especially brie cheese and specific meat selections. All throughout the day, you are able to find meals that work specifically well to combine meat and brie. 

The following are the meat pairings with brie cheese that can make the meal excellent and memorable:

  • Beef: From steak to beef tenderloin, brie melts wonderfully on any cut of beef to give a divine creamy flavor and richness.
  • Chicken: When it comes to chicken, tough and dry chicken breasts typically goes well with brie cheese. This kind of cheese works well for stuffed chicken breast with cranberry sauce, spinach and white wine sauce to moisten the meat and make it tender. 
  • Turkey: Generally, turkey is an excellent ingredient to make a cold or hot sandwich with brie. When using leftover turkey meat in a sandwich, add apple butter, cranberry sauce, fig jam or mango chutney to give a hint of sweetness and acidity in every bite.
  • Chorizo: The flavorful taste of chorizo creates a delicious pasta with brie cheese. Whether it is creamy or red tomato based sauce, there is no right or wrong recipe. 
  • Salami: The complex taste of salami eludes the precise definition of Brie. Salami combines sweet, hot, herby, spicy, savory, and a single slice of salami will make the tongue crave for more. 
  • Soppressata: An Italian dry-cured pork salami seasoned with dried chili, salt, red wine and black peppercorns. Depending on the location of manufacturing, the taste and flavor vary.
  • Prosciutto: Brie pairs perfectly with the salty and sweet tones of prosciutto. To experience the full flavor of prosciutto, serve extra-thin slices  of the meat to make it slowly melt on the tongue.

Meats and cheese come together in a mouth-watering combination that can never be resisted. It is time to pair meat and brie cheese like the experts do because it is one of the most popular combinations. 

What meat goes with brie

Meat With Brie: Conclusion 

Brie makes a perfect appetizer, dessert and main entrée. Generally, cheeses are served after eating a main meal and used as a satisfying dessert when paired with fruit preserves or berries

Nevertheless, the choice to pair meat with Brie depends on personal preference and what tastes best for those being served.

Typically spicy or fennel cured or cooked meat pairs well with brie including chicken breast, turkey ham, beef steak or tenderloin, salami, prosciutto, soppressata, and chorizo.

The flavor of brie is a mild and soft cheese that offers a creamy and rich taste to the dish. Brie also taste good with fruit jam, nuts, crackers, and toasted French bread when served with meat, the list goes on and on. 

So grab a wheel or brie and your favorite meats because it’s time for a feast! 

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