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What meat goes well with goat cheese?

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From dipping sauce to charcuterie, goat cheese offers tangy, earthy, and creamy flavors that pair well with everything from fruit to juicy and salty meat. The ability of the cheese to melt smoothly creates a slightly tangy flavor that comes along with a dense creamy texture. 

In fact, a goat cheese and meat platter is the perfect yet most straightforward way to entertain guests. This combo will get you looking like you put in all the effort, while it’s purely a classic food pairing. 

What meat goes well with goat cheese? When it comes to charcuterie board, goat cheese pairs well with salami and prosciutto. The salty flavor of cured meat balance well with mild soft cheese.

For any recipe that involves cooking, goat cheese works well with filet mignon or any steak, chicken, lamb, and pork. Depending on how you prepare the dish, goat cheese can be melted on top or made into sauce to enhance the taste. 

Charcuterie meats combine perfectly with goat cheese to add the gorgeous pop of freshness brought about by herbs. Salami slices topped with goat cheese leave behind a gooey texture seasoned with salt and pepper to give a heavenly hot spicy flavor. 

Whether you are looking to make unforgettable appetizer or accent for the dinnertime recipe, goat cheese paired with meat can elevate the experience. This article answers the commonly asked questions about pairing meat with goat cheese in the best way possible.

Goat cheese flavor combinations

Goat cheese forms the perfect duo with sweet and salty flavors, smoky and sweet flavors, and sweet and creamy flavors.

  • Sweet and salty: This flavor is mainly found when salty almonds and sweet dates are paired with goat cheese.
  • Smoky and sweet: Roasted butternut squash with goat cheese pairs with cranberry sauce beautifully, brings out the rich aroma and sweetness when spread on a toast. Other fascinating combinations include roasted tomato tart with roasted garlic and goat cheese topping.
  • Sweet and creamy: Whipping goat cheese with parmesan and cream cheese gives an extra sweet kick making it the most fluffy icing with the right amount of moisture content.

Whether the cheese is served fresh or blended into sauce, goat cheese can make any dish taste better when paired correctly with other ingredients.

What does goat cheese go well with?

Goat cheese pairs perfectly with several fruits, meats, nuts, alcohol, seafood, and more. These include:

What meats and goat cheese go together?

Whether white or red, there are tons of meats that form a perfect duo with goat cheese. The saltiness of the cheese and the umami taste of meat match well to balance the flavor perfectly.

Here are the best meats that go well together with goat cheese: 

  • salami
  • prosciutto
  • pepperoni
  • sliced turkey
  • roast beef 
  • chicken breast 
  • beef sirloin 
  • pan-roasted steak
  • skillet meat
  • spicy beef

Why does meat go well with goat cheese?

Pairing meat and goat cheese enriches the flavor of the meat, the mouthfeel and brings out the ideal experience of each component with every bite. 

Goat cheese is easily digestible and perfectly supplements any type of meat cause of its richness, creaminess and zesty flavor. 

Whether you pair steak with goat cheese butter or make a goat cheese balsamic sauce, the combination is a great addition to enjoy the meaty, juicy, and slightly tangy taste.

Meat to eat with goat cheese

Meat With Goat Cheese: Conclusion

With goat cheese, you can never go wrong. It’s a versatile type of cheese that blends perfectly with almost everything, and there’s no reason to miss out on the fascinating goat cheese experience.

Some individuals do not favor goat cheese by itself due to its strong and tangy flavor. That is why pairing with fruit or meat is great option to avoid any unpleasant experience. 

From charcuterie boards to prepared steak, goat cheese can be served in any form as an accouterment, garnish, sauce or topping

For charcuterie board, pair goat cheese with salami, prosciutto, or pepperoni

For cooking with meat, the best options are topped fillet mignon, steak sauce, or stuffed chicken. Goat cheese can be added as sauce, topping or garnish stuffed inside, the options are truly endless.

Use the sweet and salty, smoky and sweet, or sweet and creamy flavor combinations when using goat cheese with meat to make the dish even more enjoyable.

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