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What kind of cheese goes well with turkey?

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Whether turkey breast or sliced turkey, turkey has rich and bold flavor with denser texture compared to chicken. As a result, turkey tends to require the right condiments and cheese selection to make a turkey sandwich or cracker pairing enjoyable. 

Turkey generally goes well with a variety of cheese types. When the combination is just right, the sandwich is moist and delicious instead of too dry.

What kind of cheese goes well with turkey? Turkey pairs wonderfully with a versatile cheese such as provolone cheese. It has a very mild, smoky flavor that makes roasted turkey breast with sliced bread an excellent combination.

Other cheese options for turkey breast are gouda, mozzarella, colby jack, monterey jack, and cheddar. 

The key to selecting the right cheese is that it does not overpower the other ingredients. Serving the sandwich hot or cold will determine whether the cheese is melted or not.

Furthermore, smoked turkey goes well with goat, blue cheese, and cheddar. They blend well with smoked flavor of turkey and smooth out the intensity of the combo in a sandwich.

Slapping cheese and turkey in-between bread is perfect for an easy, quick snack or lunch. Figuring out what cheese to pair with turkey? Pick the favorite from this post for a guaranteed winner.

Best cheese for turkey sandwiches

To satisfy hunger quickly, make yourself a sandwich with leftover turkey or deli meat. The right cheese n’ sandwich will carry over to the next level.

  • Parmesan: It has intense and strong flavors, therefore a light sprinkling add a funky taste to the turkey. The cheese does miracles when served in a panini with marinara sauce. A real taste sensation!
  • Emmental cheese: This cheese is savory, salty, and nutty, which is ideal for a turkey sandwich. Include sliced pickles, mustard, and crispy bacon for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Brie: Slice of brie cheese, tender turkey, and thinly sliced tart apples are great combination to make into a sandwich. These unique flavors blend together to give soft and crunchy taste.
  • Colby jack: If you are looking for hot turkey sandwich, try colby jack cheese. It melts exceptionally well and has high-moisture tendency to keep the turkey moist.

What cheese goes well with smoked turkey?

Smoked turkey is brined and flavored with smoky aromatic flavors. As a result, the smoldering wood adds a fantastic, sweet, and delicately smoky taste to the tender turkey meat.

Pairing with the right cheese is crucial to balance out the smoke and not overwhelming the dish.

  • Goat cheese: Perfect for a weeknight salad with texture that tastes delicious and is pleasing on the palate. 
  • Gouda: Smoked turkey and aged gouda cheese is a perfect combo for fall. Something about the sweetness arouses tastebuds to a new level. Rest assured that each bite is going to taste like heaven.
  • Blue cheese: It can give the smoked turkey a little spice, making it taste amazing. Furthermore, blue cheese adds crumbly texture to smoked turkey.
  • Cheddar: It has a sweet, sharp note that makes the turkey stand out. Try with yellow cheddar to give extra savory depth to every bite.
  • Provolone cheese: This cheese is mild and slightly sweet. The subtle flavors of provolone shine through smoked turkey without overpowering it.

What cheese goes with turkey breast?

Turkey breast tends to be dry and is challenging to pair with the right cheese. High-melting point and soft cheeses are recommended when serving turkey breast.

Here are the best cheese options to try with turkey breast: 

  • Mozzarella: It is an ideal partner for turkey breast. Creamy and delivers mild flavors that accentuate the delectable taste of turkey.
  • Goat cheese: This cheese is punchier and contains robust flavors that blend well with turkey. Tweak it with Dijon mustard and lettuce. A crave-worthy dish that will satisfy the heartiest appetite.
  • Monterey jack: The cheese delivers buttery flavors that blends with turkey beautifully. Add sliced jalapeños and avocado to make it extra special, or top it with bacon to blow the lid off.
  • Cream cheese: These are another option for those who love subtle cheese. Cream cheese is a mild, soft cheese with buttery flavors, so it adds a dash of sweetness to the turkey. This is especially true for thin sliced turkey breast.
  • Swiss cheese: When it comes to grilled cheese, swiss is a perfect option. It melts beautifully and has a mild funk that goes well with turkey breast.

What flavor goes well with turkey?

Turkey goes well with plenty of savory and sweet flavors such as maple syrup, thyme, parsley, rosemary, chives, pepper, onion, lemon, garlic, oregano, paprika, basil, and sage

Most of these flavors are savory, so pairing them with a hint of brown sugar to offset their saltiness.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with turkey:

What kind of cheese goes well with turkey

Cheese with Turkey: Conclusion

Adding cheese to sliced turkey breast will transform the snack into a gooey stack of sweetness. 

Provolone cheese is the most popular and versatile cheese that goes well with turkey. The mild and smoky flavor makes the combination delicious and enjoyable.

On the other hand, gouda, mozzarella, colby jack, monterey jack, and cheddar is the next on the list to pair with turkey.

Smoked turkey also goes well with goat, blue, and cheddar cheese. These three cheeses have subtle flavor that does not overwhelm the other ingredients in a sandwich.

The suggestions and tips in this post are the ultimate indulgence. There is no doubt combining the right turkey and cheeses will take the dish to new heights.

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