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What kind of cheese goes well with turkey burgers?

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Unlike chicken or beef, turkey burgers are known as a lean meat with very neutral flavor. As a result, Turkey patties require seasoning and spices to enhance the flavor up a notch.

Turkey burgers are divine, delicious, and will lighten up a weekly menu with a fun meal prep idea. From bread to condiments, there are lots of layering ingredients that determines the deliciousness, and the cheese selection is just as important.

What kind of cheese goes well with a turkey burger? Turkey burgers pair wonderfully with swiss cheese, fontina, colby-jack, provolone, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, and havarti cheese. 

These cheeses melt well and have mild flavor that does not overwhelm the turkey patty and other condiments. 

Turkey burgers deliver a chewy texture and meaty flavor that tastebuds love. Oh, and it is wonderfully pleasant when served bun-less on its own. 

However, pairing with the right cheeses is important. So, what cheese to eat with a turkey burger? Jump in to learn more.

Should I put cheese on a turkey burger?

Yes, you should put cheese on a turkey burger. There are many reasons why people put cheese on a turkey burger including the ability to laver more flavors and the melted creaminess that complement other ingredients. 

Just play around with a variety of cheese options. Cheeses that melt are an ideal solution. Turkey burgers stuffed with cheese are juicy, delicious, and mouthwatering goodness.

What cheese goes best with a turkey burger?

From creamy to crumbly texture, there are many elements to consider putting on a turkey burger sandwich.

With the right choice, it glide smoothly and sticks the ingredients and condiments together without falling apart.

Here are cheese options that goes best with a turkey burger:

  • Swiss cheese: Creamy, slightly funky, and super-gooey, swiss cheese brings the burger to another level. It adds an unexpected yet delicious creaminess to the turkey burgers.
  • Fontina: Turkey patties and fontina cheese always go well with bacon and sweet-tart cherry sauce. Also, this cheese melts beautifully on the patties so it glues well when served on pretzel buns.
  • Colby-Jack: Make a classic turkey burger with colby jack cheese. Drizzle ranch dressing and barbecue sauce to make sweet and creamy layers with arugula, onion, and bacon bits.
  • Cheddar: Combining cheddar and turkey burger is almost a natural instinct. Flavors blend well together and the taste is awesome. Perfect for casual weekday meals when looking for something to keep the family fulfilled.
  • Monterey Jack: With turkey burgers, monterey jack cheese delivers a fantastic mild taste that pairs well together. It is creamy, delicious, and makes for a hearty dish.
  • Provolone: The combination is a hit-believe it or not. The dish has everything you need on a plate-amazing taste, big flavors, and a bunch of deliciousness. This dish might even make the choosiest eater crazy for more.
  • Gouda: Turkey burger with slice of gouda cheese is a perfect match. It has salty and earthy flavors that are great with turkey burgers. It is satisfying and filling, meaning the family can stay full until the next meal.
  • Mozzarella: With tomato slices or served with pesto, mozzarella cheese is a playful choice for turkey burger. This cheese is known for mild flavors that are easily melted without overwhelming the other ingredients.
  • Havarti: Keep the turkey burger juicy with havarti cheese. In the burger, this cheese goes well with sauerkraut, plain greek yogurt, and dill to make it fancy.

What flavor goes well with the turkey burger?

Turkey patties are like a blank canvas. You can be creative by seasoning and adding spices to make it salty, crispy, and juicy depend on the recipe.

To get the most flavorful turkey burger, always add salt, garlic powder, dijon mustard, or soy sauce to make every bite memorable.

Here is a list of the best ingredients to achieve the most flavorful turkey burger:

  • Salt is obviously number one choice used in burger seasoning. It will add a savory quality that is needed to improve other seasonings.
  • Garlic powder is another way to enhance the savory note of a turkey burger.
  • Onion powder is also a classic flavor used when making burgers. It offers an exciting aroma that guests often love.
  • Preparing turkey burgers calls for Dijon mustard. It is spicier, and the tangy flavor accentuates the texture and taste of turkey burgers.
  • Soy sauce help add an umami note to the meat patty. It gives the burger a darker brown color, making it appear mesmerizing.

With this additional information on hand, combine flavor mixtures for turkey burgers with these classic ingredients:

  • turkey burger + swiss cheese + dijon mustard + white onion + potato buns
  • turkey burger + mozzarella + sun dried tomato + pesto + roasted red peppers
  • turkey burger + gouda + honey + bacon + bbq sauce + whole wheat bread
  • turkey burger + cheddar + lime + jalapeño + apple + maple syrup
  • turkey burger + colby jack + avocado + cucumber + lime + salsa
What kind of cheese goes well with turkey burger

Turkey Burgers and Cheese: Conclusion

What cheese goes with turkey burgers solved! The classic pairings shared in this guide are simple and will make a tastier alternative to beef burgers.

Consider selecting cheese that melts well and has mild to neutral flavor so that it does not overpower the turkey patty flavor.

The cheeses that go well with turkey burger are swiss, fontina, colby-jack, provolone, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, and havarti cheese.

Turkey patties are versatile lean meat that require seasoning to make it delicious. Other than cheese, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, dijon mustard, and maybe a dash of soy sauce will improve the flavor.

If you are looking for fun ways to serve turkey burger, try changing up the cheese selection to give an extra exciting bite. Use flavor combinations and cheese options listed above to find your favorite cheese pairing.

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