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What kind of cheese goes well with steak?

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Juicy, succulent, and bursting with flavors, steak is a wonderful dish that frequently appears for dinner and special occasions. Whether it is seared or grilled, there are many ways to prepare specific cuts of beef.

Serving steak with various sides such as rice, bread, vegetables, and salad is worth the extra effort for that amazing taste. But due to wide range of flavor and texture of cheese, it can be intimidating to find the perfect match.

What kind of cheese goes well with steak? Steak is commonly paired sharp or bold cheeses like cheddar, especially white cheddar. This type of cheese blends well with meaty and juicy steak.

Other cheese options that goes well with steak are swiss, provolone, gorgonzola, feta, and blue cheese.

Parts of beef also determines the cheese selection. Ribeye steak is generally accompanied by gruyere, parmesan, and brie cheese to maximize the richness of the meat.

Steak has a solid reputation for being decadent and easy to work with. However, the complex flavors in cheese make it challenging for the right pairing. 

Thinking of what kind of cheese to pair with this addictive meat? Keep scrolling to learn more and find out answers to frequently asked questions about what kind of cheese goes well with steak.

Is cheddar good with steak?

Yes, cheddar cheese is good with steak. In fact, steak calls for sharp and flavorful cheeses, and cheddar delivers every time. 

This is especially true with white cheddar. It offers a decent crisp taste that steak needs.

If you are looking to add bold melted cheeses to serve with steak, consider blue cheese, gorgonzola, and feta that also add crumbly texture as a steak topping.

What kind of cheese goes with steak?

White cheddar cheese is always a pleasant pairing with steak. The subtle and creamy cheese topping complements the meaty and juicy flavor of steak. 

If you have limited options in fridge, try these cheese selection to serve with steak:

  • Swiss cheese: The combination tastes like heaven. Try a yummy combination including garlic, soy sauce, black pepper, and olive oil. Serve with red wine, and you are in for a special treat.
  • Provolone: It is another option when looking for cheeses that pair well with steak, and a perfect game-day appetizer. Pairing this nutty and sweet cheese with a grilled steak is impressive. Just skewer the beef and provolone together with toothpicks. Very easy, right?
  • Gorgonzola: Serve as an appetizer when guests arrive. We suggest a hot charcuterie style with collard greens, roasted potatoes, and crostini bread. It will be a big hit, and guests will be demanding more.
  • Feta: Think of tender beef served with mushrooms, bread, and feta. It is a pure explosion of deliciousness that will draw guests in.
  • Blue cheese: It offers mild flavors that complement well with savory and smoky beef. Serve the dish with red peppers, sweet potatoes, or broccoli. You may even be tempted to include this on the dinner menu after the first try.

What cheese goes best with ribeye steak?

Rich, buttery, and beefy flavor, ribeye is more flavorful and delicate than most other steak parts. Therefore, it requires a high-quality and soft cheese to bring out the most umami flavor such as gruyere, parmesan, and brie cheese.

Imagine the eyes of dinner visitors when you bring a platter of gruyere and ribeye steak out! The thick strips of ribeye pair well with the sweet flavors of gruyere cheese. The texture is awesome, and the taste is heavenly.

Parmesan cheese is another great choice, especially if you don’t want to overload steak with a fatty cheese. It is sweet and salty with fantastically nutty flavors that go with ribeye. The combo alone is tasty, but onions and aromatic spices add that extra kick.

Brie cheese and steak are a perfect match. Brie is a mild cheese that delivers delicate flavors to accentuate the beef beautifully. Just set a plate of steak and top it with brie cheese. 

Make sure to drizzle it with some chives, honey, and lemon zest before serving, the guests will be wowed.

What flavor goes well with steak?

Common flavors may include peppercorns, red wine, tomatoes, mustard, bell peppers, thyme, sour cream, onions, garlic, soy sauce, mushrooms, and Worcestershire sauce.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with steak:

  • steak + baguette + havarti cheese + fresh dill + garlic + butter
  • steak + sour cream + dijon mustard + focaccia buns + arugula + mayonnaise 
  • steak + brie + fig jam + arugula + dijon mustard + red onion + butter
  • steak + cheddar cheese + hot peppers + mushrooms + cornbread
  • steak + ciabatta + balsamic vinegar + tomato + onion
What kind of cheese goes with steak

Cheese with Steak: Conclusion

Including side dishes such as rice and bread, you serve many things with steak, and cheese is among the popular choices. It makes for a great topping to melt on steak and is useful to replace sauces for dipping.

Most steak dishes pair wonderfully with white cheddar cheese. It has subtle flavor and melts easily for both rare or well done steak.

Other than white cheddar, swiss, provolone, gorgonzola, feta, and blue cheese are an excellent selection to pair with steak.

When it comes to serving ribeye steak, try with gruyere, parmesan, and brie cheese for a soft, creamy, and mild cheese flavor that complements the rich and beefy taste.

The steak and cheese pairings int his guide are worth considering if you are seeking new ways to impress the guests. Try these flavor profiles for divine results-believe it or not, everyone will gush over the tasty combinations.

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