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What kind of cheese goes well with salmon?

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Do you know that cheese also goes well with a piece of salmon? A mild cheese with rich salmon flavor blends well in a baked dish, sandwich, or even cheese sauce for dipping.

Salmon and cheese adds a unique twist for a brunch or breakfast event, so this is the best fit if one needs to wow their guests. However, how the salmon is prepared and what kind of cheese determines the final results.

What kind of cheese goes well with salmon? Typically, fish and cheese is hard to pair together. In general, salmon goes beautifully with soft cheese like brie, cream cheese, or easily melted cheese.

If the salmon is grilled or baked, mozzarella, swiss, cheddar or blue cheese taste excellent. For smoked salmon, cream cheese, brie, goat cheese, feta cheese, or sour cream blends well on crackers, bagel or even salads. 

The selection of cheese help to balance out the rich salmon flavor and bridge the gap between the salmon and vegetables or condiments. Whether you are looking to create simple appetizer with salmon, fulfilling breakfast or unique dinner meal, selecting the right type of cheese to add-on is important.

Wondering what cheese to pair with salmon the next time you are looking for a cooking adventure? Answered below are frequently asked question about pairing cheese with salmon, read till the end to find out more!

Do salmon and cheese go together?

Yes, salmon goes well together with cheese. As a matter of fact, salmon is an extremely versatile fish that complements well with a variety of cheeses when compared to other fish. 

Cheese and salmon make a mouthwatering delicious combination. With the right pairing, it can enhance the flavor; or end up overpowering the dish altogether, and destroy the experience.

Salmon is a very delicate fish, so cheese with a robust odor and flavor can overwhelm the dish. 

Cheese are not always made with cow’s milk, and style or aging methods can impart a significantly pungent flavor. A strong personality would dominate the subtle taste of a prepared salmon, therefore conflict with the dish as a whole. 

What cheese goes well with smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon is a go-to protein for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It can transform a fancy bagel or sandwich, pasta or even appetizer to enjoy at the party.

Due to slightly salty and smoky, the type of cheese you serve needs to be mild and soft. Every bite must be smooth and irresistible, without overpowering the taste of salmon.

Classic cheeses that goes well with smoked salmon are:

What cheese goes with salmon burgers?

Burgers without cheese is unheard, and salmon burgers are no exception. Salmon burgers with cheese are moist, tender and flavorful with hint of lemon zest and tangy mayo, making them a great alternative to regular beef burgers. 

If you are looking for a cheese that melts well on salmon burgers, here are chef’s favorite cheese options that you need to try:

What cheese goes with salmon salad?

Whether you are serving salmon salad with canned, grilled or smoked salmon, condiments and tossing cheese with salmon salad is a must-have combination of flavor. It is the healthiest way to enjoy salmon without the carb overload of buns and pasta.

Salmon salad is a straightforward and delicious dish containing mixed baby green and vegetables, topped with creamy cheese and crispy salmon skin. 

Salmons salad are best served with the citrus soy dressing that is both sweet and tart. The choice of cheese is essential because the wrong selection will overpower the taste of the salmon salad and make it the worst taste. 

Select the right vegetable and dressing to make salad with salmon, then choose one of these cheese options to make a filling meal.

Best cheeses to pair with salmon

There are various ways to prepare salmon including bake, broil, grill, marinate, panfry, poach, sear, steam or smoke. Cheese can add mild and enjoyable flavor to the dish, but the preparation will ultimately determine the right cheese to serve together.

Based on how the salmon is prepared, pair accordingly with the type of cheese:

  • Baked: mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan cheese
  • Broil: blue cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Grill: swiss cheese, gruyere cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Marinate: goat cheese, caciocavallo cheese, cream cheese
  • Panfry: cream cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Poach: mozzarella cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese
  • Sear: goat cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Steam: parmesan cheese
Best cheese with salmon

Salmon With Cheese: Conclusion

Salmon can be eaten with cheese, and the two can be paired as often as possible. It is important to note that cheese has an influential personality, and can easily overpower the simple preparation of salmon. 

Some rules and recipes that need to be followed when pairing salmon with cheese can ruin the taste of the salmon burger, smoked salmon dish, or even a salad.

Based on how salmon is cooked, generally soft texture and mild flavor cheese goes well together. But if the salmon is grilled or baked, consider quick and easy melting cheeses such as mozzarella, swiss, cheddar, and blue cheese. 

In classic cuisine terms, smoked salmon doesn’t go wrong with cream cheese, brie, goat cheese and spreads beautifully on a bagel, sandwich, or crackers. 

Use these cheese pairings so that you know what to serve with salmon. With the right combination, enjoy your salmon and cheese so it does not overpower either taste. 

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