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What kind of cheese goes well with hamburgers?

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Burger, bread, and cheese, it seems these three ingredients are must-have essentials when the grill is sizzling and the outdoor season is in full swing. 

A juicy, thick burger is damn outrageous, especially with melting ooey-gooey cheese is an excellent addition to make a mouthful. However, with so many variety of cheese from crumbly to blue-veined, the taste of the burger varies drastically depending on the cheese.

What kind of cheese goes well with hamburgers? For a classic hamburger or cheeseburger, cheddar, swiss or blue cheese are the best options. 

The most popular cheese for burgers is cheddar, which gives a cheeseburger a nice tang with bold flavor. The choice of white or yellow cheddar varieties also range from mild to sharp based on the age. 

Other cheese options to try include American cheese, for extra creamy flavor, with bacon go with brie, and Monterey Jack is great cheese sauce to try with ground chuck and Italian spiced patties. 

The pepper jack cheese goes well with ghost chili powder and pickled jalapeños, provolone cheese goes well with sausage burgers and smoky gouda and barbecue sauce are the perfect match.

Whether turkey, beef, salmon or veggie, you are missing out if you eat hamburgers plain without cheese. The sauce, ingredients, and melting cheese make a burger taste completely different. 

Want to be a bit adventurous with classic burgers? Here is a guide to picking the ideal cheese to pair with a hamburger.

Can I have a hamburger with cheese?

Yes, it is preferred by many to have a hamburger with cheese. The combination tastes fantastic and a burger without cheese makes the patty dry and tough. 

This is especially true with sharp cheese that has been extra aged or specialty caved aged blue cheeses like Roquefort. These bold flavored cheeses add a rich creaminess that blends well with fat in burger patties to make them taste extra juicy.

The combination is packed with big flavors, making the burger a splendid meal in a pinch. Just throw whatever spices you have on hand and it is guaranteed to be super delicious.

Is mozzarella cheese good on a hamburger?

Yes, mozzarella is good on a hamburger. It has a mild flavor that complement the patty beautifully. 

Fresh mozzarella is known for its smooth and stretchy strands with prominent milky flavor. In contrast, low moisture mozzarella is better for melting as it does not have the high water content.

If you are looking nice melted cheeseburger, low moisture mozzarella cheese is perfect. It has excellent melting capabilities and melts in a ways that develops a silky texture rather than runny or gummy. 

For a less melted approach, use fresh mozzarella and place on the patty once you have taken it off the grill. Do not intentionally try to melt fresh mozzarella because it does not have similar properties.

This creamy cheese is mild enough to not overpower the burger. Instead it adds slightly sweet contrast to the savory meat flavor.

What cheese is best for hamburger?

Depend on the recipe and personal preference, cheese can be taken as seriously as a fine wine selections. From sharp to sweet and crumbly, there are various flavors and texture to play with that alter the taste of a burger quite drastically. 

Other than mozzarella and cheddar cheese, here are more cheese options that are best for hamburgers:

  • Blue cheese: Classic combination that will never go out of style. And not just Roquefort, try the Italian blue cheese and call it a day.
  • Goat cheese: The creamy cheese will melt beautifully, delivering a dash of funky flavors to the dish. For a dessert, you can’t go wrong with this perfect combination. 
  • Swiss cheese: This cheese delivers complex flavors that go well with hamburgers. Try alpine lace swiss and hamburger. Now that sounds like an impressive combo.
  • Gouda: Perfect fall hamburger combination, which is especially true with smoked gouda. Perfect for how well it melts and ideal for those seeking a better way to approach the meal in style.
  • Pepper jack: Melts delightfully and offers a spicy sass that tastebuds need. Make it extra special by adding jalapeños, then round up with a few sweet pickles for an extra burst of flavor.
  • American cheese: Burger with American cheese goes well, especially with thousand island dressing and sliced red onion. Also, when it comes to meat choice, brisket or lean ground beef is tasty with this cheese.
  • Brie: Known for being buttery and smooth, burger with brie cheese will make the classic dish extra fancy. Spreading with fig jam or caramelized onions add a hint of sweetness that blends well with brie. 
  • Monterey Jack: With salsa or guacamole, monetary jack cheese in a burger is a fantastic combination. Monterey Jack cheese is one of the best for melting because it provides the perfect gooey cheeseburger. Therefore, Mexican or Italian seasoning in the ground beef and top with this cheese for a great pairing.
  • Provolone cheese: From mushroom burger to pesto spread, provolone cheese burger becomes a delicious gourmet dish. Aged provolone is a great cheese to use if you are looking for that extra tanginess. 

What flavor goes well with hamburger?

The key to the best hamburger is flavors that are created by condiments, spices, and herbs.

For big punches of flavors, mayonnaise and zesty slaw will do the trick. For amazing tastes, we recommend adding garlic and onion in the mix. 

To give an intensive flavor, go for pickles, tapenade, and chutney. 

Other flavors that complement well together with burgers include thyme, basil, oregano, marjoram, parsley, sweet relish, capers, and chili flakes or powder.

Here are classic flavor combinations to try with hamburgers and cheese:

  • hamburger + pepper jack cheese + ghost chili powder + pickled jalapeño
  • hamburger + American cheese + mayonnaise + lettuce + tomato
  • hamburger + brie + bacon + onion preserves
  • hamburger + provolone cheese + sausage patties + mushrooms
  • hamburger + smoky gouda + barbecue sauce + bacon + brioche buns
What kind of cheese goes well with hamburger

Cheese with Hamburgers: Conclusion

People say that hamburgers are the ultimate cozy dish. Indeed, anything stuffed with cheese will do the trick and make magic happen. 

Classic burgers or cheeseburgers pair wonderfully with cheddar, swiss, or blue cheese. These type of cheeses offer various tastes and also require specific condiments and dressing to pair together properly.

Other cheeses that go well with hamburgers are blue, goat, swiss, gouda, pepper jack, American, brie, monterey jack, and provolone cheese. 

Generally, burgers uses cheddar cheese to add a nice tang in bold flavor. As a result, based on the recipe white or sharp yellow cheese is recommended.

The importance of adding cheese to burgers is it blends the meat and condiments pretty well. Whereas, without cheese, the burger may become dry and chewy.

When looking for melting and gooey burger, consider low moisture mozzarella cheese. It melts beautifully and does not overpower the burger.

An irresistible burger and cheese pairing can’t be beaten. Try the hamburger with cheese combinations shared in this guide and you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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