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What kind of cheese goes well with ham?

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Sweet and salty always goes well with creamy and cheesy flavors. Therefore, the combination of ham and cheese is a match made in heaven.

Ham likes to show off on a fancy appetizer plate, but sometimes it can be part of bringing together a sandwich for lunch. Pairing with the right kind of cheese, ham and bread is part of the crucial decision. 

What kind of cheese goes well with ham? The most classic option for a ham and cheese sandwich is cheddar. It has a distinctive sharpness and helps to balance out the saltiness and sweetness of the ham.

Other cheese options that goes well with ham are Emmental, gorgonzola, swiss, mozzarella, gruyere, parmesan and brie. 

For special occasions and holidays, ham pairs wonderfully with blue-veined cheeses such as stilton or a high-quality blue cheese like Roquefort. 

Furthermore, specific types of ham go with certain cheese such as black forest ham and honey ham goes with cheddar cheese, and hot grilled sandwiches are best with swiss cheese. 

You can use any kind of cheese, but there are still personal preferences involved. The sweet and saltiness of ham is versatile enough to pair with soft or sharp cheese.

From cold to hot, ham and cheese are the perfect combination to serve for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or other occasions. Wondering what cheese to pair with ham? Find out more below.

Can you eat ham and cheese together?

Yes, you can eat ham and cheese together. From sandwich to charcuterie boards served with wine, ham and cheese are the best combination to fulfill sweet and salty cravings. 

Ham and cheese are creamy, earthy, and sumptuous. The combination is delicious regardless of how the pairing is served.

In addition, ham and cheese can be eaten hot or cold. There will be slight flavor difference based on how you prepare the sandwich, however the flavors of cheese and ham won’t change drastically.

Are ham and cheese good?

Yes, ham and and cheese are good. In fact, the combination is a classic pairing that is purely worth trying for the nostalgia factor alone. 

Thankfully, cheese tastes incredible when paired with ham. The creamy and funky flavor with soft or crumbly texture blends well with ham and is traditionally served in a sandwich.

The combination is full of flavor and lip-smacking goodness that smells as awesome as it tastes.

What cheese does ham go well with?

Cheese is an important ingredient to not miss when making a ham sandwich. The creamy flavor cuts through the fat and balances the overall taste.

Even though cheese options are a personal preference or based on recipes, here are the common cheeses that go well with ham:

  • Cheddar: The classic combination of cheddar and ham is super hearty, creamy, and dreamy. Guests will get filled up until the next meal once served with this dish. Don’t be afraid to serve it for lunch or supper because this combination can be welcomed by hungry stomaches at any time of the day.
  • Emmental: This semi-hard cheese is slightly sour, so it beautifully offsets the sweetness of ham. Try making leftover ham and broccoli casserole. Top the dish with a creamy sauce and mix it with the cheese. It is delicious way that even kids will enjoy eating the broccoli.
  • Gorgonzola: You know it will be a good day when you start with gorgonzola and ham. This cheese is creamy and not too salty, therefore goes well with ham. In fact, a day with this cheese and ham is a happy day!
  • Brie: This cheese is soft and very buttery with some hints of mushroom funkiness. Its creaminess is an ideal partner to the saltiness of ham. Try Wisconsin brie, it is everything you can ask for in a perfect comfort dish. In addition, brie pairs wonderfully with apricot preserve or any fruit marmalade to give a hint of sweetness to every salty bite.
  • Swiss: From casserole to sandwich, swiss cheese has a mild and subtle flavor that goes with well with most bread selections. Furthermore, enhance the taste using a spread of dijon mustard to cut the creaminess.
  • Mozzarella: When making a hot sandwich, consider mozzarella cheese with ham. The combination makes an excellent panini sandwich, and adding basil, arugula, or sweet ketchup elevates the flavor even more.
  • Gruyere: This cheese type makes the perfect French-style grilled sandwich. Using black forest ham with whole wheat bread is highly recommended.
  • Parmesan: Either pasta or grilled sandwich, parmesan cheese is known as an easy to melt cheese. This combination creates creamy dish or appetizer to surprise the guests.

What flavor goes with ham?

Ham is sweet on its own, but seasoning it with spices and herbs helps to enhance the flavor. Clove, mustard, and all spice are the most frequently used spices to elevate the flavor of ham.

  • Cloves: One of the popular ingredients among ham spices. The dried bud is best known for its savory flavors that delivers a slight bitterness to enhance the sweetness of ham. 
  • Mustard: Its tanginess does a nice job as one of the main flavors to season ham. For many recipes, dry mustard is the best, but prepared mustard also does the trick.
  • Allspice: Used to give the ham a delectable flavor. As the name suggests, allspice tastes like a combination of cinnamon and cloves with an addition of nutmeg.

With the right spice pairing, ham and cheese is a classic go-to sandwich that can be served throughout the day:

  • ham + swiss cheese + dill pickle + sourdough bread + honey
  • ham + cheddar cheese + english mustard + multigrain bread
  • ham + gruyere cheese + cream + sourdough bread + dijon mustard
  • ham + mozzarella + pickled jalapeño + mayonnaise
  • ham + American cheese + dijon mustard + tarragon + green onion
  • ham + baguette + butter + mustard + swiss cheese
What kind of cheese goes well with ham

Eating Cheese with Ham: Conclusion

Ham and cheese is a classic combination like none other, it makes a great appetizer, charcuterie board, or sandwich.

In general, cheddar cheese goes well with ham in sandwich. 

Depending on whether the sandwich is prepared hot or cold, the cheese selection varies. Other cheeses to pair with ham include Emmental, gorgonzola, swiss, mozzarella, gruyere, parmesan, and brie cheese.

In addition, when serving Easter ham, go with crumbly and blue-veined cheese like Roquefort, stilton, or blue cheese. 

When making hot grilled sandwich with black forest or honey ham, consider cheddar or swiss cheese for the ultimate culinary experience.

So, that is it folks, your ham meal prep is planned! Now, go ahead and follow the tips in this guide for a guaranteed winner every time.

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