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What kind of cheese goes well with grilled cheese?

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Ooey-gooey inside, crispy outside texture with creamy and buttery end notes, it’s no wonder why grilled cheese sandwiches are everybody’s favorite. From snack to dinner paired with soup and salad, it easily becomes a fulfilling meal.

Is there anything better than grilled cheese? Absolutely nothing. But not all cheeses melt or taste good when toasted bread.

What kind of cheese goes well with grilled cheese? Grilled cheese is typically made with American cheese, or yellow and white cheddar cheese. These are the classic combination to add orange color with nostalgic flavor. 

Other cheeses to add on a grilled cheese sandwich are fontina, havarti, gouda, gruyere, and monterey jack.

Classic grilled cheese is pretty versatile and customizable. Not only using one type of cheese, but blending different two or three kinds of cheese helps to make more creamy and delicious when using the specific properties of each cheese.

A single bite will deliver the desired comfort with undoubted taste and satisfying taste. But what cheese goes well with this delicious dish? Here are the classic pairings that will make you smile.

Is cheddar good for grilled cheese?

Yes, cheddar is good for grilled cheese. In fact, cheddar delivers a crowd-pleasing flavor that goes well with a hot sandwich. Cheddar also melts nicely on grilled cheese.

We suggest sharp white cheddar to kick the flavor up a notch. Otherwise, settle for flavored cheddar such as hickory smoked or spicy jalapeño. 

In addition, add some apple slices, fresh herbs, and hot sauce. The flavors are nostalgic and heartwarming!

What cheese is best in grilled cheese?

Grilled cheese is a comfort food that simply elevates with a high-quality cheese that is soft, bold, and crumbly. No matter whether you are using American or triple cream brie, this dish is going to be warm, salty, and crispy to hit all the flavor and texture notes that make everyone smile.

If you are looking for cheese options that go best in grilled cheese sandwiches, try these selections to find the flavor you desire:

  • American cheese: This cheese in grilled sandwiches is hard to beat. American cheese is best known for its evocative flavor.
  • Monterey jack: Monterey jack is super melty and will give the grilled sandwich a dash of spice, making it an ideal option for grilled cheese. We suggest trying out Maple Leaf pepper jack from Wisconsin. Additionally, Cabot works pretty well, especially if you are craving southwest-inspired flavors.
  • Gouda: It is an ideal option when in the mood for a tasty dish. Go for young or medium-aged gouda, as these types melt decently and deliver notes of butterscotch.
  • Havarti: Another choice that will never disappoint. It melts nicely in a grilled cheese, creating a beautiful texture. Combine a slice or two when craving an extra gooey grilled cheese.
  • Gruyere: The nutty, sharp, and sweet flavors of gruyere are irresistible. Think of caramelized onions, sliced pears, ham, mustard, sautéed mushroom, and gruyere. You end up with a dish that has some personality.
  • Fontina: This one is more of a dessert than grilled cheese. Go for young fontina, thanks to its smoother and softer texture. Include some sautéed mushroom for extra umami.
  • Brie: This cheese is another classic pairing for grilled cheese that offers mild flavors that pair well. Add pesto, sautéed mushroom, olive tapenade, and sliced apples for a decadent sandwich.
  • Raclette: It is a grilled cheese standard pairing. The meaty cheese has hints at a funk when melted, making it a great option for grilled cheese. To make this dish special, throw some crispy bacon and thank us later.

What flavor goes with grilled cheese?

Grilled cheese is pretty impressive, but adding classic ingredients makes the flavors extra special. 

Common items include garlic powder, oregano, chili flakes, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, bacon jam, chutney, Dijon mustard, onion, dill pickles, scallions, and chives.

Here are classic flavor profiles that goes with grilled cheese:

  • American cheese + white bread + mayonnaise + tomato soup
  • Texas toast + gouda cheese + havarti cheese + cheddar cheese
  • sourdough bread + smoked gouda + dijon mustard + butter
  • brioche bread + monterey jack + gruyere + fig jam
  • wheat bread + mayonnaise + colby jack + cheddar + American
What kind of cheese goes with grilled cheese

Cheese for Grilled Cheese: Conclusion

Grilled cheese is a family-approved comfort dish no matter what day of the week. When it comes to cheeses that pair well with grilled cheese, anything goes! 

Blend American, yellow and white cheddar cheese to create a desirable grilled cheese sandwich to eat with salad or soup combo.

Different types of cheese offer unique flavor and texture. Some of the cheese option to mix-in with grilled cheese are fontina, havarti, gouda, gruyere, brie, raclette, and monterey jack.

Why not satisfy your soul by trying the above suggestions? The grilled cheese tips in this guide are a guaranteed gamer changer.

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