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What kind of cheese goes well with chicken?

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From chicken parmesan to roasted chicken, the poultry meat offers a nice flavor profile and nutritious meal that is quite pleasing. The ooey-gooey texture with creamy rich flavor, cheese and chicken is a perfect match.

When served as sandwich or stuffed chicken, cheese is one of the most important ingredients that should not be avoided. The cheese selection may vary depending on the recipe and overall direction of the dish, which results diverse and unique flavors possibilities.

What kind of cheese goes well with chicken? Most cheese goes well with chicken, however swiss cheese is optimal to pair with chicken it melts well and is useful in making flavorful sauces. 

When it comes to choosing other types of cheese, go with melty, rich, and creamy cheese that complements well with the bland and neutral flavor of chicken. As a result, mozzarella, cheddar, cream cheese, ricotta, parmiagiano-reggiano, and gouda all go well with chicken as well.  

No matter whether you re serving chicken breast or thigh, chicken is mild and easy protein that pairs wonderfully with sides of rice, garlic bread, and even wine to make a fulfilling exciting meal.

However, pairing chicken with cheese is intimidating to decide between a crumbly texture and aged bold flavor. 

In this article, we are going to share the best cheese options that goes well with chicken. This cheat sheet features answers to frequently asked questions that will get you started.

Do chicken and cheese go well together?

Absolutely yes, chicken and cheese go well together. As a matter of fact, chicken and cheese are purely satisfying regardless of the parts and cooking technique. 

A delicious, creamy cheese pairs well with chicken, making the meal feel gourmet.

Mild cheeses don’t overpower with the chicken’s natural flavor. In contrast, the blue cheese family is very bold but a good option that goes well with poultry. 

What kind of cheese is good on chicken?

Pairing cheese and chicken is irresistibly delicious. The subtle and bland flavor allows chicken to pair well with various cheese.

Depending on the recipe, try to play around with different cheeses to find the optimal flavor in each dish.

  • Swiss cheese: Swiss cheese and chicken is an oh-so-perfect combination. The blonde, medium-hard cheese melts well, which is great for chicken.
  • Mozzarella: Simply season the chicken in tomato sauce and drizzle over the grated mozzarella cheese. This will enhance the flavor of chicken parmesan even better. This cheese pairs best with chicken breast to moisten and keep it juicy.
  • Cheddar: From casserole to creamy mac and cheese, there are many uses with cheddar cheese. Combine garlic and bread crumbs to make cheddar and chicken combination dream come true.
  • Cream cheese: If you are looking to make creamy sauce to serve with chicken, cream cheese is the best ingredient. Mixed with white wine or chicken broth, it is frequently used to enhance the flavor even deeper.
  • Ricotta: This cheese gives a creamy mouthfeel to chicken. Combine it with the right herbs, and you are in for a real fiesta.
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano: Combined with chicken, this is a classic profile that never gets old because it’s delightful flavors pair well with chicken. Just serve it with pasta, and tastebuds will be gleeful.
  • Gouda: Gouda is another cheese that pairs well with chicken. Gouda has fantastic flavors and often has a smokey flavor that goes great with chicken dishes.

Does cheddar cheese go with buffalo chicken?

Yes, cheddar cheese goes with buffalo chicken. From grilled cheese to dipping sauce, the spicy and tangy sauce with cheesy and rich flavor complement well with each other.

Everybody loves sharp white cheddar, but yellow cheddar also does the magic. Cheddar with buffalo chicken is a win-win. 

Perfect for game day, parties, or even as a mid-week special. Sure, everyone will love the results.

What cheese goes best with spicy chicken?

There are two kinds of cheese that goes best with spicy chicken including mozzarella and blue cheese.

Whether fried or baked covered with juicy spicy sauce or dry rub, spicy chicken is best served as it is or in a sandwich to tone down the spiciness.

Choosing a mild and easy melting cheese is the right idea. The creaminess and melting properties beautifully wrap around the chicken in every bite.

Mozzarella and spicy chicken are an explosion of deliciousness. The creamy, white mozzarella delivers the perfect milky sweetness to spicy chicken.

Blue cheese and spicy chicken are a winning combo that will leave guests demanding more. Blue cheese is funky and sweet, which makes a world of difference to chicken.

What flavor goes with chicken?

Chicken is a versatile ingredient that you can do many things with in the kitchen. While plenty of flavors go well with chicken, the commonly used herbs and spices include cilantro, garlic, paprika, rosemary, and thyme.

Here are classic flavor combination that goes with chicken:

  • chicken + parmesan cheese + tomato sauce + red pepper
  • chicken + mozzarella + mushrooms + marinara sauce + olive oil
  • chicken + cream cheese + white wine + dijon mustard
  • chicken + gouda + butter + bacon + garlic
  • chicken + swiss cheese + panko bread crumbs + sour cream + wild rice
What kind of cheese goes well with chicken

Cheese and Chicken: Conclusion

When it comes to what cheese goes well with chicken, there are plenty of choices. 

Swiss cheese is versatile cheese option that pairs wonderfully with various parts and chicken recipes.

Other cheeses to try with chicken are mozzarella, cheddar, cream cheese, ricotta, parmiagiano-reggiano, and gouda. These cheeses has common characteristics of melting, richness, and creaminess.

When chicken is seasoned with spices, consider pairing with mozzarella or blue cheese to tone down the spiciness and add creamy, rich flavor to the dish.

The suggestions in this guide and guaranteed to do the magic. Whatever combination you choose, they are an ideal recipe choices for chicken and cheese useful during any occasion.

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