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What kind of cheese goes well with beef?

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Savory and tender beef is so sweet that it might even make tastebuds weak in the knees. Whether grilled or roasted in the oven, it comes out delicious and succulent enough to fall off the bone. 

But when it comes to serving beef stroganoff or sandwich, cheese and bread are essential ingredients to make the juicy and meaty layers more delicious.

What kind of cheese goes well with beef? In general, beef pairs wonderfully with sharp cheddar, blue cheese, swiss, and muenster cheese depending on the recipe.

Nevertheless, the kind of cheese varies based on how the beef is prepared. For roast beef, provolone, havarti, pepper jack, or swiss cheese taste good; and choose soft blue cheese, gorgonzola, or feta cheese for steak. 

Corned beef with swiss and cheddar cheese works well, while a creamy and gooey mozzarella cheese tastes good with beef stroganoff.

Beef is another source of complete proteins that pairs with various cheeses. Based on the flavor of beef recipe, the recommended selection varies from soft to sharp cheese. 

Thinking about what cheese goes well with this tasty meat? Check out the following ideas for tasty inspirations.

What flavor goes well with beef?

Common beef flavors are rich in umami-just like meat. So, combining more than two umami ingredients will deliver five times as much flavor as one alone. 

Flavors like garlic and onion are the first spices that come to mind when we hear the word beef. They have inherent characteristics, spice, and their savory flavors pair well with tender beef.

Black pepper is another perfect choice that pairs well with beef. Its slightly hot bite can balance the taste on the plate. It also delivers a piney aroma that accentuates beef very well.

Cayenne goes beautifully with beef. It is hot, so it pairs well with the strong flavors that beef has to offer.

Thyme will never disappoint when paired with beef. It has lemony notes that round out the flavors of the meat perfectly.

For Mediterranean-inspired meat, use oregano. It is strong and earthy, so it pairs with beef beautifully.

Star anise also goes well with beef. It has the warming qualities that beef needs for enhanced flavors. Remember to cut off just a few pods to avoid overwhelming the dish.

Other flavors that go well with beef include sage, yellow mustard, tomatoes, soy sauce, mushrooms, peppercorns, red wine, and Worcestershire sauce.

Here are flavors that pack a punch when combined with beef:

  • beef + swiss cheese + mushrooms + white bread
  • beef + pasta + tomato sauce + mozzarella cheese
  • beef + white rice + chicken broth + cheddar cheese + frozen peas + olive oil
  • beef  + bell peppers + carrots + garlic + basil + oregano + Worcestershire sauce + chili powder + macaroni + cheddar cheese

Is cheddar good with beef?

Absolutely yes, cheddar cheese is good with beef. This is especially true with melted cheese and beef in a sandwich. 

Think of tons of gooey, white sharp cheddar and a well-marinated steak. Intrigued, right? It is a simple sandwich that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. 

And the best part? It is all cooked on the grill and infused with smoky flavors. Nothing will beat this classic sandwich flavor combination between beef and cheddar.

What cheese is good with beef?

Blue cheese is one of the perfect pairings for beef. It has salty, earthy notes that bring out the strong and meaty flavors of the beef. It also has decent melting qualities, so it is fantastic for making a sauce that goes well with beef.

Lighter flavor cheese like feta also pair well with beef. Feta delivers a light, creamy texture that marries perfectly with a smoky beef. 

Sharp cheddar and beef helps every bite be infused with big flavors. This type of cheese offers flavors so spectacular that guests will want to lick their fingers.

Other cheese options to try with roast beef, steak, beef stroganoff, and corned beef include:

What cheese goes well with beef

Cheese with Beef: Conclusion

Until you have tried the cheese and beef suggestions in this guide, it is pretty hard to imagine anything else will taste so sweet. These pairings offer nearly all the balance of flavors that is sure to blow the minds of your tastebuds.

Basically, beef goes well with cheddar, blue, swiss, and muenster cheese. These mild and easy to pair cheeses are tasty options when there is no alternatives.

In fact, sharp cheddar is the best option for well marinated steak. But when it comes to roast beef, steak, corned beef, and beef stroganoff, the options vary.

Roast beef goes well with provolone, swiss, cheddar, havarti, muenster, and pepper jack.

Steak tastes great with soft cheeses like blue, gorgonzola, and feta cheese.

Creamy beef stroganoff tastes excellent with cream cheese and mozzarella to give gooey and butter flavor.

Any corned beef goes well with cheddar and swiss cheese.

Accompanying cheese with garlic, onions, black pepper, cayenne, thyme, and star anise helps to enrich the flavor of a beef dish. 

Using the tips in this guide, you will have answers to frequently asked questions about what cheese to eat with beef. Follow the basics laid out in this article and you will surely deliver a winner every time.

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