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What goes with beans and cornbread?

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Whether it is Mexican or Southern style cornbread, serving beans and cornbread make a complete meal.

Cornbread is versatile and easy quick bread to pair with soup and chili for a wholesome meal.

What goes with beans and cornbread? A side of beans and cornbread, salad, casseroles, meatloaf, grilled or cooked vegetables, and classic coleslaw is ideal meal to serve together.

To add hearty protein, consider roasted pork chops, turkey, pulled pork, sausage, and ham.

When it comes to toppings, throw chopped onions, dollop of sour cream and grated cheese.

The subtle sweet and hearty beans taste allows various sides and ingredients to blend well together. From fresh made dinner to leftover beans and cornbread, it can make a quick dish to satisfy everyone’s need. 

But what should you eat with a bowl of soup beans and cornbread? Well, let’s find out more about these staple ingredients!

What do you eat with soup beans, and cornbread?

Soup beans and cornbread can be served with meat, vegetables, toppings or desserts. The type of meat, veggies, condiments and desserts to eat with soup and beans include:

  • Meat: ham, sausage, bacon, turkey, chicken
  • Vegetables: broccoli, zucchini, green peas, spinach, cabbage, coleslaw, onions, bell peppers, celery
  • Cheese: cheddar cheese, muenster cheese, pepper jack cheese
  • Nut: walnuts, pecans
  • Condiments: honey, maple syrup
  • Desserts: vanilla ice cream, fruit pies, tarts
  • Fruits: blueberries, dried fruit, cranberries, apple, apricots, banana

What main dish goes well with cornbread?

Cornbread is the most versatile bread to serve at a dinner table. It pairs excellently with main dishes, appetizer or desserts due to it leaving behind a very clean palate with a subtle sweetness of corn, making it straightforward to pair with other dishes. 

Furthermore, its taste is very addictive, and perfect for thick soups, stews, or meat. 

Here are main dishes that goes well with cornbread:

  • creamy chicken pasta
  • cheesy broccoli soup
  • bbq chicken or ribs
  • apple bread pudding
  • ground beef chili
  • chicken noodle soup
  • stuffed bell peppers
  • southern fried chicken
  • pork chop and gravy

What side dish goes good with pinto beans?

Beans and cornbread are a go-to, but pinto beans are the perfect type of bean to enjoy with the quick bread. The earthy, nutty, rich, and creamy flavorful beans makes it tastier when served with the side dish. 

Wondering what side dishes to serve with pinto beans? Well, here are some great pairings.

  • Rice: This is the most popular side dish with pinto beans. Go for Mexican-style rice, Italian risotto or pilaf. When serving, be sure to add some cheese for a delightful creaminess.
  • Cornbread: Pinto beans can be served on cornbread or inside. Add in some guacamole to give the meal a creamy texture and sweet taste. Don’t forget the salsa and barbecue meat.
  • Cured meat: Everybody loves a savory and salty bacon or slice of ham to make plain pinto beans delicious.
  • Chicken: Fried chicken is not only delicious, but also an ultimate crowd-pleaser when it comes to pairing with pinto beans. Perfect crunch on the outside with a juicy and tender inside. It’s a perfect side dish for pinto beans.
  • Apples: Nothing beats a sweet and savory combo. Fried apples are not the first thing to pop up when serving pinto beans, but they are worth trying together.
  • Mac and cheese: Other than barbecue, mac and cheese is the most demanded side dish to complement sweet pinto beans with a deeper flavor balance.
  • Mashed potatoes: Simple classic side dish of mashed potatoes is an excellent filler to complement pinto beans. Whether it is blended with garlic and spices or poured over with gravy, the choice it up to you.
What goes with beans and cornbread

Eat With Beans and Cornbread: Conclusion

There are many options when it comes to what to serve with cornbread and beans. Overall, the cornbread enthusiasts love it with soup, chili, or barbecue. 

The taste of cornbread is very addictive when paired with soup or stew. Main dishes commonly served with cornbread include chicken noodle soup, pork chops, ground beef chili, beans and ham or pork chops and gravy. 

Additionally, fresh kale salad or tangy coleslaw is an excellent taste diffuser to cut the fattiness of the quick bread. 

For hearty meal, consider main dishes such as a casserole, meatloaf, BBQ, sausage, ham, and pulled pork.

Even though it is loaded with nutrients and wholesome goodness, there is always too for sweet desserts. A scoop of vanilla ice cream and a slice of fruit pies or tarts will do the job.

Take time to come up with unique and delicious combinations that will leave the guest craving more freshly made cornbread with a tender side of beans. 

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