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What fruit goes well with earl grey?

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Hint of floral and citrus taste, earl grey tea is known for bergamot that is close to the taste of Meyer lemon. Due to its welcoming taste, it is the most recognized tea flavor in the world, and commonly consumed in the morning and afternoon. 

A cup of earl grey tea pairs perfectly with almost anything, but it tastes best with fruits from early summer and late spring. It is ideal for pairing a cup of tea with fruits to add some sweetness without overpowering with refined sugars. 

What fruit goes well with earl grey? Earl grey pairs really well with lemon, and also with berry or stone fruits including blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, pears, and figs.

Early grey tea has subtle and fragrant flavor that pairs well with zesty fruit. Whether you are serving fruit topped dessert or side of fresh fruit, consider passion fruit, oranges, or pineapples as a wonderful treat for an afternoon tea. 

Again, you get to enjoy a variety of flavors without any refined sugars or additives, but the fruit option is mainly selected depending on the tea base. That being said, what’s the best fruits to pair with earl grey tea? Here’s more insight!

What citrus goes well with earl grey?

Due to its existing zesty citrusy flavor, plain earl grey tea complements well with citrus fruits because they add a sour and sweet taste to the tea.

For earl grey with some sweet base, try adding citrus to balance off the sweetness:

  • lemon
  • grapefruits
  • oranges
  • tangerine
  • yuzu 
  • bergamot
  • lime
  • clementine
  • tangelo
  • pomelo 

Does earl grey taste good with lemon?

Yes, earl grey tastes good with lemon as their taste complements each other and pairs perfectly together. 

The taste of lemon in earl grey tea is majorly dependent on the foundation because that forms the most significant volume. Lemon retains the bold, nutty, smoky earl grey tea flavor with a slightly tangy and astringent note. 

The more lemon added, the more bitter, fruity, and refreshing the earl grey tea becomes.

The best fruit to pair with earl grey?

The best fruit to pair with earl grey tea ultimately depends on the flavor of the teas itself. The flavor of earl grey tea ranges from classic to fruity, vanilla and floral flavor that impact the fruit pairing.

Based on personal preferences, these are classic fruits to pair with earl grey tea:

  • Classic: lemon, oranges, blood oranges, lime
  • Fruity: strawberries, apricots, peaches, apples, raspberries, blueberries, plum, cherries, pears, mulberries
  • Vanilla: raisins, banana, papaya chunk
  • Floral: blueberries, dragon fruit, blueberries, orange, apricots, lemon

What flavor go with earl grey?

Earl grey tea blends perfectly with bold and hearty flavors such as chocolate biscuits or a maple scones. For lighter, citrusy, or floral flavored earl grey, try adding fruity, herbaceous, and grassy greens using herbs.

There are various earl grey blends that can pair with different flavors. The flavors to pair with earl grey largely depend on the flavors infused into the tea base, the darker the tea is, the more bolder flavors it can handle.

Here are ideas for how to pair earl grey tea with other flavors:

  • earl grey + honey + lemon + mint
  • earl grey + figs + cream cheese + honey
  • earl grey + lavender + vanilla + honey
  • earl grey + dried cherries + pears
  • earl grey + peach + lemon
Eat with earl grey

Fruit and Earl Grey Tea: Conclusion

Whether paired with a splash of lemonade or fresh fruit accompaniment, it’s a guarantee that even the most discerning guests will be impressed by a simple cup of earl grey tea. 

Using these earl grey pairings and ideas, there’s no room for confusion. The fruit as dessert or afternoon snack can help to avoid the use of artificial sweeteners in the tea. 

From lemon to clementine and others, citrus family fruits pair perfectly with earl grey and can complement well with a drop of honey or agave nectar for natural sweetness. 

In most tea flavors or fruit pairings, lemon tastes good with tea. Simply squeezing lemon zest into the tea or drizzle over a mixed fruit plate can enhance the flavor and harmonize well with earl grey tea.

Depending on the type of earl grey tea flavor you are drinking, consider pairing with these fruits to enjoy a healthy snack along with every sip of earl grey tea.

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