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What food goes well with chocolate milk?

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If you need something sweet but don’t want to have a chocolate bar, try rich and creamy chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is velvety smooth and minimally sweet, it tastes just like melted chocolate blended into fresh milk.

However, it goes beyond the taste since its smell is intriguing. It has an additional sweetness with a chocolatey taste that gives a very different profile compared to plain milk. 

What food goes well with chocolate milk? Chocolate milk pairs well with chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, donuts, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and other fruits. 

Enjoy chocolate milk with banana and peanut butter sandwich, salted potato chips, cereals such as Rice Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Grape Nuts, or pairing with ginger spice cookies at anytime.

Chocolate milk goes well with everything from sweet to salty and savory. No matter what time of day, chocolate milk is on the menu. 

If you are looking to learn what other foods to enjoy with chocolate milk, this article will provide the desired information. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what goes well with a chocolate milk so you enjoy the best options available. 

Is chocolate milk with salt good?

Yes, chocolate milk with salt is good choice. Truth to be told, the sweet and salty combo such as hint of sea salt on pretzel or cookies or even potato chips balances out the taste and trigger your palette quite well.

Sprinkling some salt into chocolate milk or enjoying a chocolate milk margarita style with a salted rim of the glass makes the milk taste so good. This is something that everyone must try at least one time!

Salt works wonders when mixed with chocolate milk because it is a sugar detector. The pinch of salt in chocolate milk enhances its tastes and makes the flavor “pop”, it gives even more energy to the simplest chocolate combination. 

It is important to note that salt accentuates sweetness and leads to a suppression of bitterness while functioning as a natural enhancer in bringing out the original flavor of chocolate milk. It balances out the chocolate flavor in milk and brings about subtle nuances. 

What can you eat with chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk has a smooth sweetness that enhances salty foods or neutralizes a sweet dish. Whether using chocolate milk to drink as it is or to make a dessert with, here are other ingredients and foods to eat with chocolate milk:

  • chocolate milk + graham crackers + marshmallows
  • chocolate milk + almonds + cream
  • chocolate milk + caramel + coffee + praline
  • chocolate milk + cherries + mint
  • chocolate milk + lavender + vanilla
  • chocolate milk + rum + vanilla

What breakfast goes well with chocolate milk?

Starting the morning meal with chocolate milk sounds like too much. However, with the right sides and dishes it can be an unforgettable combo that you may want to repeat. 

Other than simple toast or biscuits, chocolate milk can be served with these breakfast classics:

What is a good snack with chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk itself is a great snack after a workout or as a midday snack to boost energy. In fact, chocolate and milk both consist of healthy amount of protein to carb ratio that you need to refuel.

The best snack ideas that pairs well with chocolate milk are:

  • hummus with toasted pita chips
  • soft and salty pretzel with mustard
  • peanut butter with celery and raisins
  • salty french fries or potato chips

In addition, chocolate milk goes well with granola bars, almond butter toast rich in fiber, subtly sweet fruits, or baked goods like cookies or brownies. Chocolate milk also blends well with different types of cake. 

Chocolate milk can help keep the muscles revitalized better than water and other sugary drinks since it is high in protein. 

Food to eat with chocolate milk

Eat With Chocolate Milk: Conclusion

If there’s one standby food item that should never be missed in a home, it’s chocolate milk. The joy of having chocolate milk is mainly on the pairings. 

Therefore, it’s vital to go for foods the pair well with this coveted drink to take it to a higher notch. Luckily, chocolate milk is not only for kids, the whole family can enjoy it at anytime.

Chocolate milk has a silky, smooth and sweet taste that can go well with both sweet and salty snacks because the saltiness brings out the sweetness even more. Consider pairing chocolate milk with hummus and pita chips, pretzel and mustard, or peanut butter with celery and raisins.

Instead of plain white milk, chocolate infused milk can be a great alternative for cereal, muffins, overnight oats, and fruits. Also, it goes well with nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts.

If you have been drinking chocolate milk with plain toast or biscuits, try these flavor combination to fully enjoy the experience on a completely different plane.

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