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What do Southerners eat with cornbread?

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From fried chicken to BBQ, Southern cuisine is known for its comfort food, and cornbread is one of the main sides that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Cornbread is perfect because it’s delicious, low in fat and calories, high in fiber and complex carbohydrates.

A piece of warm cornbread with soft butter and honey is delicious treat, but it is important to pair with other dishes to make a full and nutritious dish.

What do Southerners eat with cornbread? Cornbread is versatile to consume sweet or savory depending on the style of Southern cuisine.

For breakfast, add egg dishes, grits, bacon, and jelly with cornbread. For a fulfilling lunch or dinner, consider pairing cornbread with a bowl of chili, chicken, vegetable, or taco soup, or beef stew. 

In addition, bits of bacon, maple syrup with baked beans and a side of collard greens are staples of Southern cooking that are commonly served with cornbread.

A meal without cornbread wouldn’t be proper, and it wouldn’t feel like a Southern meal if someone took it out of the equation. In this article, we detail what to eat with cornbread as a Southerner.

Is Southern cornbread sweet or savory?

Southern cornbread can be sweet or savory based on the recipe and what you serve with.

Many Southerners enjoy a hint of sweetness in a food or drinks. As a result, many people prefer to eat sweet cornbread, and find it more appealing to serve a large gathering.

When eating cornbread in a meal, it is best to use savory cornbread. 

People use the bread as a base to pour their stews and soups over the top of. Since these dishes are savory and spicy, it is not advisable to use them with sweet breads. 

Southerners that eat extra sweet cornbread tend to serve it as a sweet cake or dessert.

Do Southerners eat sweet cornbread?

Yes, Southerners eat sweet cornbread. Traditionally, Southern cornbread includes a touch of sugar to give a hint of sweetness that does not overpower the entire meal. 

Southerners tend to sweeten all things food and beverage. As a result, it is fairly common to add a dash of sweetness to cornbread recipes.

Not saying that the cornbread tastes like a cake, but it is sweeter than the cornbread prepared in other regions.

Extra sweet cornbread is typically served as a dessert or cake that is enjoyed after a savory meal.

Do Southerners put sugar in cornbread?

Yes, southerners put sugar in cornbread. In fact, these cornbread tend to be a lot sweeter than cornbread prepared in other regions. Furthermore, it is made with white or yellow cornmeal and butter to produce a cake like texture. 

However, not all Southerners believe in adding sugar to cornbread. Some claim that the sweetener is not needed because cornbread is different from sweet bread.

On the other hand, some believe in adding a small amount of sugar in their cornbread for minimal sweetness that enhances the natural sugars in the corn. No matter the amount of sugar added to the recipe, it all depends on the taste of the person eating it.

The debate about sugar in cornbread will most likely continue, but the fact is that this disagreement only gives southerners another way to relate to each other.

What is the difference between cornbread and sweet cornbread?

The only difference between sweet cornbread and regular Southern cornbread is the amount of sweetness added to the batter. Sweet cornbread is very sugary compared to traditional cornbread, which has much less added sugar. 

The sweetness of the bread makes it a very delicious dessert, and some people even enjoy how it pairs with spicy and salty dishes.

Many Southerners serve meal with buttermilk biscuits, grits, jambalaya, collard greens, gumbo, red beans and rice. Even though Southerners prefer a traditional white or yellow cornmeal made cornbread, few people say they want their cornbread sweeter by adding sugar or serve with honey butter.

What do southerns eat with cornbread

Southern Cornbread: Conclusion 

Cornbread is a traditional Southern food made with cornmeal or cornflour that is served all day from breakfast to lunch and dinner. It can be served alone as a snack or accompaniment to an entree such as barbecue, soup, chili, and stew. 

For Southern cuisine, cornbread can be served for breakfast with egg dishes, grits, bacon, and jam on the side. With honey butter or marmalade, cornbread is on the sweet side and pairs well with salty food.

Traditionally, Southerners complement cornbread with baked bean stew and collard greens topped with bacon and maple syrup to make a wholesome meal. 

Southerners like sweet things, so adding a hint of sugar in a cornbread recipe is a common practice, it goes well with salty, spicy and savory dishes pretty exquisite. In fact, most cornbread that Southerners serve is on the sweet side, however depend on the region and recipe, savory cornbread is commonplace as well. 

A southern meal is never complete without cornbread. There is just something about it that makes southern meals so delectable.

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