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What crackers are good with tuna?

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Mixed with mayo and seasoning to eliminate pungent fishy smell and flavor, tuna salad is creamy, herby, and slightly acidic. To complement the contrast, crunchy and salty crackers are a great addition for a quick snack or appetizer.

Tuna and crackers is a convenient food that your tastebuds will want to devour. The combination is downright delicious, especially when working with the right kind of crackers.

What crackers are good with tuna? Depending on the tuna salad recipe, buttery, salty, and crunchy textured crackers always pairs wonderfully together. The combo offers a source of high protein, refreshing flavor, and easy meal prep or snack idea.

The best kind of crackers to serve with tuna are saltine crackers, wheat thins, Triscuits, crisp bread, rice crackers, pretzels, plain potato chips, and even Doritos.

Other than sandwich or salad topping, tuna tastes great with crackers for a quick fix. The creamy flavor and crunchy texture results in a contrast that is undeniable.

Have you decided to have tuna for a light lunch and wondering what crackers to serve with it? In this article, unlock the flavor packed ideas from the answers to frequently asked questions about serving crackers and tuna.

Is tuna and crackers good?

Absolutely yes, tuna and crackers is a great combination. In fact, the handy snack is weight-loss friendly and a good source of lean protein. 

Furthermore, tuna on crackers tastes heavenly and you don’t have to break the bank making the meal. In fact, tuna and crackers offers a money-saving meal that will surely satisfy your tastebuds and empty tummy.

Are tuna and crackers good for weight loss?

Yes, tuna and crackers are good for weight loss. Tuna and crackers are low in calories, especially when the mixture is made without using mayonnaise.

If weight loss is the goal, then try to avoid pre-made tuna with an overwhelming addition of mayonnaise. Stick with 200-300 calories in total, which equals to six crackers and 3 ounces of tuna.

Additionally, replace buttery or Ritz crackers with whole wheat, rice crackers, and wheat thins to minimize carbs and watch the weight while enjoying a lighter snack.

How do you eat tuna with crackers?

When using canned Albacore tuna, mash up with mayonnaise, chopped celery, onion, lemon pepper, and dill weed. Add a torn lettuce on top of each cracker of your choice and then top with 1 tablespoon tuna salad.

There are millions of ways to make tuna to your liking. Tweak a recipe with your favorite herbs and spices to ensure it delivers the best taste possible. 

Set a plate of crackers to spread tuna on it and garnish with a piece of fresh dill weed if desired. Enjoy.

What kind of crackers do you eat with tuna?

Give tuna an elegant twist with various crackers. Go ahead and make a savory tuna salad with basic ingredients. 

These cracker options are guilt-free combinations that make every bite unstoppable:

  • Saltine crackers: Known for being crisp and tender, Saltine crackers are similar to water biscuits and the only difference is the shape and saltiness. These crackers are low in fat and don’t add a lot of excess calories, which makes them perfect to accompany tuna.
  • Wheat thins: Nutty and salty with a hint of sweetness poking through the whole grain. It is a great cracker alternative to pair with tuna when trying to avoid huge amount of carb and calories.
  • Triscuits: Woven wheat crackers with a slightly salty taste that pairs nicely with toppings such as tuna. A very light snack food that is the perfect healthy alternative. 
  • Crisp bread: Very light and crispy texture that has a subtle hint of rye flour and oats that makes the perfect backdrop for tuna. It contains a large amount of dietary fiber and similar to flatbread to give a filling pleasure.
  • Rice crackers: If you are looking for simple and basic crackers to pair with tuna, try plain rice crackers. They taste neutral with a slightly sweet, nutty, savory or even a little spice depending on the seasoning. Whether plain or seasoned, rice crackers are light and airy, which makes them easy to eat with tuna. 
  • Pretzels: Crisp, brittle texture with a brown glossy surface color, the salt crystals on pretzel offers a fun texture to chew on and tastes good with creamy tuna to dip. 
  • Potato chips: Thin, crispy, and salty, potato chips have all the attributes to serve with tuna. They almost dissolve onto your tongue as you eat them with tuna. Select plain potato chips for best pairing.
  • Doritos: Plain Dorito chips are also great alternative cracker ideas to serve with tuna. Make nachos a bit more heart-healthy by topping with tuna, salsa, Greek yogurt or sour cream and reduced-fat cheese for an exciting tasty combination.

What flavor goes with tuna?

Tuna is an ingredient that honestly works well with a plethora of flavors. For subtle seasoning, go with pepper, salt, and a sprinkle of vinegar to enhance the taste. 

For a bold flavor mixture, add lemon juice, minced capers, hot sauce, mayonnaise, and fresh oregano.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes with tuna:

  • tuna + saltine crackers + lemon pepper + dill
  • tuna + wheat thins + celery + mustard powder
  • tuna + potato chips + sun dried tomato + red pepper + olive oil
  • tuna + pretzel + sweet pickles + hard boiled eggs
  • tuna + rice crackers + avocado + honey mustard + greek yogurt + cucumber
What crackers are good with tuna?

Tuna and Crackers: Conclusion

Tuna served with crackers is the perfect way to elevate a dish up one notch. The combination creates a beautiful medley of texture and flavors that will even satisfy health-conscious eaters. 

The rule of thumb when pairing tuna with crackers is to look for buttery, salty, and crunchy textured crackers. The crisps that taste good with tuna are saltine crackers, wheat thins, Triscuits, crisp bread, rice crackers, pretzels, potato chips, and also Doritos.

Mix canned Albacore tuna with mayo, celery, onion, pepper, and fresh dill to create a hearty tuna salad to serve with crackers. Keeping the mayo amount to a minimum will help to make a weight-loss friendly snack.

For healthy, light, and easy to prepare snack, try the suggestions in this guide, and nobody will resist. Mix together a quick tuna salad mixture and serve on crackers for a simple and effective meal prep.

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