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What crackers are good with Nutella?

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Chocolatey with the essence of toasted hazelnut, the basic flavors in Nutella are perfect medley to create rich and tasty spread. Traditionally goes well with a toast and peanut butter with sliced banana, baked goods, or inside desserts, but crackers have become a new go-to.

Nutella is super fun, easy, and mouth-cramming delicious, making it a simple treat at anytime of year. When seeking something heavenly to snack on, serve Nutella with crunchy and salty crackers.

What crackers are good with Nutella? Nutella tastes divine with salty Ritz or club crackers. They both have buttery and flaky texture that elevate the taste of the rich and cream spread.

Other cracker favorites to try with Nutella include graham, saltine, pretzel, whole wheat, Goldfish, and Triscuit crackers. 

When choosing the right crackers to spread with Nutella, consider the additional toppings and make sure the cracker combo is not too sweet that may overwhelm the overall flavors. 

The texture of Nutella is dreamy, and its nutty flavors make it ideal for incorporating into fancy cracker toppings. 

This article answers frequently asked question about the best crackers that are good with Nutella including the right pairings to help you get started.

What are the best crackers for Nutella?

Buttery and flakey Ritz crackers are the number one voted crackers that goes well with Nutella. However, if this is not the available, there are other kinds to easily replace with to avoid interrupting the taste.

  • Graham crackers: With Nutella, this combo will never go out of style. It may sound like a simple recipe, but the pairing is a sure hit your tastebuds. No more than five ingredients and less than fifteen minutes of prep.
  • Saltine crackers: Another perfect treat to prepare for the crowd, this simple yummy snack is best known for its super addictive quality. Just include a dollop of peanut butter and vanilla rice milk. If you are more of a purist, go for chocolate. It is a little salty and sweet all in one, then sprinkle crushed hazelnuts and flaky salt on top to seal the deal. Delicious!
  • Pretzel crackers: Salty and sweet. A very delightful combination. The recipe calls for three ingredients including eggs, flour, and Nutella. Easy peasy, right? Then add a layer of pretzel crackers, and you got yourself the best snack. Sounds like an exaggeration? Seriously, they are good and ridiculously addictive.
  • Whole wheat crackers: Quite a combination punch to try. Place some Nutella on these crackers, and add some shredded coconut and sliced almonds. It is that that simple, and they are extremely delicious!
  • Goldfish crackers: The is relatively unknown, but has mysterious flavor that is a combo to die for. Crunchy? Tick. Chocolatey? Tick. And the best part? They feature a fun shape. In fact, Goldfish is people’s favorite cracker for dunking in Nutella spread. Believe it or not, the salty and sweet combination is super yummy.
  • Triscuit crackers: It is a perfect snack for mid-morning, afternoon, or even before bedtime. This blend of sweet and savory bites truly delivers. The Nutella flavor is on another level with just enough sweetness.

Is Nutella good on Ritz crackers?

Yes, Nutella is good on Ritz crackers. In fact, it is undeniably that Nutella taste even sweeter on Ritz crackers than any other crackers. 

Known as the most delicious combination when added with layer of peanut butter, super addictive and easy to make. They only take a few minutes to make and taste like you spent the whole day slaving in the kitchen. 

Make sure to cover with shaved white chocolate or powdered sugar as topping. Surely, this is pretty hard to resist.

What flavor goes with Nutella?

Nutella goes well with sweet and savory flavors such as strawberries, apples, bananas, marshmallows, sea salt, orange zest, pears, kiwi, and more. 

Tart fruits such as raspberries and cranberries can also be used to enhance Nutella’s sweetness.

Here are classic flavor combination that goes with Nutella:

  • Nutella + saltine crackers + white chocolate chips + toffee
  • Nutella + graham crackers + marshmallow + heavy cream
  • Nutella + Triscuits + chocolate chips + almonds + strawberries + whipped cream
  • Nutella + Ritz crackers + peanut butter + powdered sugar
  • Nutella + pretzel crackers + sea salt + strawberries
What crackers are good with Nutella?

Crackers and Nutella: Conclusion

What crackers are good with Nutella? The blended flavor of chocolate and hazelnut is sweet yet not too sweet that always taste good with Ritz crackers.

It may seem intimidating to pair the chocolate and hazelnut spread with another sweet crackers, but ironically graham crackers pairs wonderfully together. The earthy and neutral sweetness balances well instead of overpowering the Nutella flavor.

Other crackers to try with Nutella are saltine, pretzels, whole wheat, Goldfish, and Triscuits.

The ultimate cracker pairing we discussed will surely do the magic. Be sure to make extra because your guests will not be able to resist. Thank us later!

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