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What crackers are good with cream cheese?

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Mild, sweet taste with a pleasant slight tang, cream cheese is a smooth and easily spreadable plain cheese that is served in breakfast bagel, dessert, sauce and even useful to spread on crackers.

It is gooey, sturdy, and flavorful, therefore it is perfect for anytime of the day. Cream cheese stands on its own, but treating it with a delicious spread becomes more entertaining, especially when served with crunchy and salty crackers.

What crackers are good with cream cheese? Whether cream cheese is plain or flavored, buttery and flaky Ritz crackers pairs best for a desirable balance.

Other crackers that are good with cream cheese include tapenade crackers, wheat thins, whole grain, water crackers, and Triscuits.

But if you are serving cream cheese with pepper jelly, consider graham crackers for appealing and unique flavor contrast.

Cream cheese and crackers can be sweet or savory snack of your choice. Topped with fruit jam or smoked salmon, there are countless variations to make this quick bite memorable.

Trying to figure out what crackers are good with cream cheese? Keep scrolling to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about what kind of crackers are good with cream cheese.

Can you eat cream cheese with crackers?

Yes, you can eat cream cheese with crackers. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest snack or appetizer a family will ever have. 

Offer the sweet and creamy cheese with Ritz or wheat thins for a crowd-pleasing favorite. The buttery and flakey texture complements beautifully with crackers that balances the mild cheese flavor.

If you haven’t tried cream cheese and crackers, you are missing something. Even if kids don’t like the two dishes on their own, something incredible occurs when the combination hits the snack board.

What crackers are good to eat with cream cheese?

Pairing crackers and cream cheese is like trying out different shoes. They can be hit or miss based on the topping you serve with.

Below are the best crackers that are good to eat with cream cheese. In addition, easy to top and make appetizer worthy.

  • Tapenade crackers: Combined with cream cheese, it is the quintessential appetizer. Set a bowl of cream cheese and top it with tapenade and Dijon mustard. The whole spread appears yummy and tasty at the same time.
  • Wheat thins: The combination of earthy and crunchy textures of wheat thins is simply irresistible. The classic crackers offer guests something to scoop up delicious cream cheese goodness without the mess.
  • Whole grain crackers: It is a perfect combo to make a sweet and delicious appetizer that will satisfy hungry tummies, plus it looks incredible. Just add pepper relish on top of this mixture and it is full of heat!
  • Ritz crackers: Classic pairing that will never go out of style. The crispy Ritz contains delectable flavors that pair well with cream cheese. Each bite is like a little bite of heaven, and tastebuds won’t let you stop at just one.
  • Water crackers: Bring something unique to the table with these alluring water crackers and cream cheese. The combo delivers a unique texture that will have guests salivating. They are so delicious and will be gone before you notice.
  • Triscuits: From savory to sweets, Triscuit crackers play a blank canvas to garnish with various ingredients to achieve delicious snack ideas. They are one of the healthiest crackers to pair with cream cheese for an easy win.

What kind of crackers do you serve with cream cheese and pepper jelly?

A sweet taste with gentle spice, pepper jelly is a fun condiment that goes well with cream cheese.

The two topping combination is best to spread on crackers for quick appetizer pleaser for any crowd. 

Some crackers to serve with cream cheese and pepper jelly are:

  • graham crackers
  • club crackers
  • goldfish crackers
  • ritz crackers
  • saltines
  • wheat thins
  • water crackers

What flavor goes well with cream cheese?

Because of its natural plain flavor, cream cheese is sweet, but allows to get a little bit creative. 

A wide variety of flavors such as pineapple, olive oil, garlic, apricot, Dijon mustard, sugar, sour cream, eggs, cinnamon, strawberries, pumpkin, raspberries, and milk chocolate can never disappoint.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with cream cheese:

  • cream cheese + wheat thins + cucumber + dill + smoked salmon
  • cream cheese + tapenade + crackers + eggs + capers + dill
  • cream cheese + whole grain + raspberries + honey
  • cream cheese + Ritz crackers + peanut butter + banana
  • cream cheese + Triscuits + olives + artichoke + dried tomato 
What crackers are good with cream cheese?

Crackers and Cream Cheese: Conclusion

The best kind of crackers to serve with any cream cheese combination include graham crackers, club crackers, wheat, Ritz crackers, saltines, and wheat thins.

Regardless of topping choice, the best crackers to serve with cream cheese are Ritz crackers. They are flakey and buttery as well as sturdy to securely hold the cream cheese and any toppings such as smoked salmon or layers of jam without breaking apart.

For a more complex flavor, try cream cheese with tapenade crackers, wheat thins, whole grain, water crackers, and Triscuits.

Other than sweet and savory toppings, cream cheese pairs wonderfully with pepper jelly. The contrast of smooth, sweet, and spicy makes for a heavenly combination.

Still wondering what crackers are good with cream cheese? These classic pairings are the ideal way to eat delicious cheese, a crowd-pleaser that is insanely delicious and easy to make.

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