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What crackers are good with cheddar cheese?

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What are you eating as quick fix with cheddar cheese? From grilled cheese sandwich to quesadilla and biscuits, the sharp, pungent flavor of cheddar cheese with a hint of earthiness is widely used in classic dishes and quick bites. 

Cheddar cheese is mostly used in sandwiches, pasta, and chili due to its high melting point when shredded. Compared to parmesan cheese, it generally has less calories, creamy taste and is more affordable, which is another reason most cheese lovers are fond of.

What crackers are good with cheddar cheese? Cheddar cheese goes well with buttery flavored crackers. It adds rich taste that brings out the cheesy and pungent taste from the cheese itself.

Additionally, garlic and herb water crackers, pretzel, crisps with raisins, honey graham, ritz, and club crackers are great selections to serve with cheddar cheese.

When serving aged or smoked cheddar cheese, there are more cracker options such as plain, whole wheat, butter, and water crackers. However, if the cheese has black pepper or spices, then go with plain crackers to maximize the cheese flavor with the complex crisp.

Crackers and cheddar cheese marry together perfectly. The crispy texture and sharp pungent taste is spot on to enjoy as a snack or include in charcuterie board to brighten the party.

But not every crackers tastes good with cheddar cheese. For more assistance to find the right crackers to serve with cheddar cheese, this article goes into depth on the desirable aspects.

What does cheddar cheese go well with?

Cheddar cheese pairs wonderfully with fruits, meats, crusty French bread and mustard. Aged Cheddar is suitable to consume on its own without pairing, however the perfect pairings are limited with these specific ingredients.

  • Fruits: apples, dates, grapes, pears, mustard fruits
  • Meats: salami, prosciutto, soppresa, dry salami, eggs, bacon
  • Beer: brown ale, India pale ale
  • Herb: thyme
  • Spice: cayenne, black pepper
  • Dairy: butter, milk, sour cream
  • Cheese: gruyere, monterey jack, parmesan

What crackers are best with cheddar cheese?

Whether serving cheddar cheese as a quick fix snack or cheeseboard, eating with crunchy and salty crackers is irresistible. In fact, it helps to blend the sharp and pungent flavor with a salty and earthy taste. 

Generally, a well-aged or smoked cheddar cheese goes well with plain whole wheat, butter or water crackers. But if the cheese has additional ingredients such as black pepper or beer, stick with plain crackers to shine the flavor through.

Other buttery cracker options to serve with cheddar cheese include:

  • garlic and herb water crackers
  • pretzel crackers
  • crisps
  • Honey Graham
  • Ritz
  • club crackers

Best cheddar cheese and crackers combinations

From peppery to sharp taste, cheddar cheese comes in variety of options to choose from. Regardless of flavor, serving with crackers to offer crispy, salty or savory flavors is a great addition for sliced or cubed cheddar cheese.

The best pairing combinations with cheddar cheese involve fruits, bread, beer, wine or whiskey to fully enjoy its complex flavor and complete the snack or appetizer.

  • cheddar cheese + crackers + apple + pineapple juice + cream cheese
  • cheddar cheese + crackers + avocado + spinach + brioche bread + red onion
  • cheddar cheese + crackers + baguette + prosciutto + green olives
  • cheddar cheese + crackers + salami + melon + olive oil + red pepper flakes
  • cheddar cheese + crackers + dates + honey
What crackers are good with cheddar cheese

Cheddar Cheese with Crackers: Conclusion

Cheddar cheese and crackers goes well together like bagel and cream cheese. This classic combination has so much to offer that it is often served as a classic snack or appetizer to bring smiles on everyone’s face.

When in doubt, go with buttery crackers to pair with any young or aged cheddar cheese.

The buttery crackers complement well with sharp flavor from cheddar cheese. Other than Ritz or club crackers, try sweet crisps with raisins or Honey Grahams to give a sweet palette.

If you are serving peppery or spicy cheddar cheese, stay with plain crackers and add fruits such as sliced apples or dates. Garnish with honey, olive oil, or cream cheese to complete the full packaged snack to enjoy.

Use the tips in this guide to fulfill your cheddar and crackers craving. With the right matchup, you will bring joy to everyone at the table.

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