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What crackers are good with buffalo chicken dip?

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Just like chicken wings, spicy wing sauce mixed with ranch and blue cheese dressing, buffalo chicken dip is perfect to serve with crackers, tortilla chips, pretzels, and vegetables like celery and carrot sticks. 

This creamy, cheesy, and zesty hot dip is easy to make, and makes a tasty appetizer or on a game night. However, coming up with the right cracker selections to serve alongside is the challenge.

What crackers are good with buffalo chicken dip? Buffalo chicken dip is traditionally served with tortilla chips or crackers.

The dip pairs wonderfully with Ritz crackers, wheat thin, Triscuits, saltines, graham crackers, wheat crackers, rice crackers, and corn chips. These assorted crackers offer salty, sweet, and earthy tastes with a hint of crunch and lightness to every bite.

Buffalo chicken dip is great appetizer to serve with various sides, especially with salty and buttery crackers. After all, they are easy and quick to prepare. Not to mention, they are super-delicious. 

Answered below are frequently asked questions about what crackers go with buffalo chicken dip. Dive in to find out more.

Is buffalo chicken dip and crackers good?

Yes, buffalo chicken dip is great with crackers. In fact, crackers add crunchy texture and buttery flavor that brings the dip to a whole new level.

Furthermore, they can make a bitesized crispy sandwich, which becomes a healthy and easy meal prep option during busy weekdays.

But when it comes to selecting the right crisps, consider thick and sturdy ones that do not get soggy when dipping. Additionally, a little bit of salt is good to help balance out the spicy buffalo chicken dip.

What crackers are best with buffalo chicken dip?

From buttery to airy, there are various cracker options to choose from. The classic buffalo chicken dip recipe does not change very much, so dipping vessels are the only option to vary based on personal preference.

Here are best crackers to serve with buffalo chicken dip:

  • Ritz crackers: The brand name cracker delivers a satisfying crunch that goes well with the thickest dips. The sweet flavor harmonizes with the spiciness of chicken beautifully. And the best part? They are easy to prepare. Just top with salted butter, and voila.
  • Trisctuis: A classic combination and simple dish that hits all the right notes. Triscuits deliver a crispy texture that pairs well with the rich and creamy dip. Even better, the neutral cracker taste brighten the flavors of the dip.
  • Graham crackers: The combination of chewy and crunchy is unique, and the way they hold up together is purely stunning. This is a budget-friendly option to have on hand.
  • Wheat crackers: The texture is delightful. Homemade wheat crackers offer a crispy texture that will stand up to any dip. The combination of nutty and spicy flavors is pure perfection.
  • Rice crackers: These are perfect for grab-and-go evening dinners. The light texture is an ideal wrap for the rich and flavorful buffalo chicken dip. Everyone is going to love the sweet goodness.
  • Saltines crackers: Most favorited crackers that is extremely popular during game nights. The texture of Saltines is not too thin nor too thick, so it holds up well in the dip and its neutral flavors don’t hurt the dip. Together, the two form a dish to which even the pickiest eaters won’t say no.
  • Corn chips: Tortilla chips are scoop friendly and hold the dip nicely without breaking apart. The nutty and savory corn flavored chips complement well with creamy and spicy buffalo chicken dip.

What flavor goes well with buffalo chicken dip?

Want to impress guests with your culinary creativity? Spices and herbs are the best way to go. 

Popular options include chili flakes, celery sticks, green onion, parsley, carrots, tortilla chips, cilantro, salt, pepper, cheese, garlic powder, and jalapeños.

  • buffalo chicken dip + Ritz crackers + BBQ sauce
  • buffalo chicken dip + wheat thin + Greek yogurt
  • buffalo chicken dip + Triscuits + cream cheese + ranch seasoning
  • buffalo chicken dip + Saltines + bell pepper + blue cheese
  • buffalo chicken dip + graham crackers + cinnamon + honey
  • buffalo chicken dip + tortilla chips + salsa + guacamole
  • buffalo chicken dip + rice crackers + mozzarella cheese + Sriracha + scallions + tomatoes
What crackers are good with buffalo chicken dip?

Buffalo Chicken Dip and Crackers: Conclusion

There are many ways to make a delightful buffalo chicken dip by simply mixing hot sauce, sour cream, and chopped chicken. However, crackers and crisps are surely impossible to mess up. 

Crackers give buffalo chicken dip a unique twist. They add crunch and airy texture combined with salty and buttery flavor

Generally, buffalo chicken dip is paired with tortilla chips or Ritz crackers, but other selections include wheat thins, Triscuits, saltines, graham crackers, wheat crackers, and rice crackers.

There are undeniable reasons why this dip and crackers are good pair. The taste significantly improve and adding the carbs to to the protein keeps you feeling full whether served as an appetizer or snack. 

If you have only been eating buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips, use these ideas and food pairings to get you started and expand your comfortability.

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