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What crackers are good with brie cheese?

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Have you tried crackers with brie cheese? Baked in pastry or served on a charcuterie board, brie cheese in an easy going soft cheese that is perfect for an appetizer and snack.

Brie cheese is center of attention on many cheeseboards. Therefore, selecting the right kind of crackers is a deal breaker to accompaniment with fruits, nuts, and spreads.

What crackers are good with brie cheese? Brie cheese goes well with sesame, seeded, whole wheat, nut, rice, sea salt, plain white crackers. This kind of cheese is known for being versatile whether it is baked or served at room temperature. 

Combined with brie, jam, and crackers offers explosion of sweet and savory flavor with a hint of crispness. As a result, opt for milder crackers to emphasize the brie taste or seasoned cracker to enhance the counterbalance.

The soft and buttery interior of the cheese spreads beautifully over crackers. And as it ages, the flavor become more earthier and fruitier. 

Whether the brie is served in room temperature or baked in the oven, this article to assist you to find out the right kind of crackers to eat with brie cheese.

What does brie cheese go well with?

Brie cheese is known for versatile soft cheese to sprain bread, crackers, or even mix with nuts, and top with meats. As a result, it can be consumed as a snack, appetizer, or as meal with the right accompaniments.

What crackers are best with brie cheese?

When adding jam or preserves with cheese and crackers, go with milder crackers. However, if just the two ingredients are in play, go with flavorful or seasoned crackers.

Here are crackers that go well with brie cheese:

  • whole wheat
  • sea salt
  • plain
  • sesame seed
  • multigrain
  • herb
  • nut
  • rice
  • sourdough
  • water crackers

Best brie cheese and crackers combinations

Whether serving seeded, sea salt, or whole wheat crackers with brie cheese, adding a scoop of something sweet makes the combo irresistible. Every bite will be satisfyingly sweet and salty for the perfect matchup.

Try these classic pairing to serve slice of brie cheese and crackers to offer a unique flavor.

  • brie cheese + crackers + chicken breast + apricot jam + rosemary
  • brie cheese + crackers + figs
  • brie cheese + crackers + cranberry preserve + pecans
  • brie cheese + crackers + basil pesto + garlic + red pepper flakes + sun dried tomato + pine nuts
  • brie cheese + crackers + ham + honey
What crackers are good with brie cheese

Brie Cheese with Crackers: Conclusion

Brie cheese and crackers are a match made in haven. In addition, a tablespoon of fruit jam or preserve makes this combination sweet, savory and mouthwateringly delicious.

When it comes to brie cheese and crackers pairing, select mild or plain flavor for enhancing the brie taste. On the other hand, seasoned crackers serve as a good alternative for layering flavor.

To enjoy brie cheese, go with whole wheat, sea salt, plain, sesame seed, multigrain, herb, nut, rice, sourdough, and water crackers.

When in doubt, add a spoonful of fruit jam or preserve to brie cheese and crackers. Furthermore, enhance the pairing with roasted nuts, and condiments to create your own easy, bitesized snacks.

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