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What cheese is best for a turkey sandwich?

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Sandwich slices of turkey, fresh lettuce and tomatoes with soft whole wheat bread, turkey sandwich is loaded with flavor, nutrients and wholesome goodness. It is quick to make and fulfilling meal for anyone on the go. 

Whether it is cold or hot, cheese on a turkey sandwich takes the meal to a whole new level. Oven-roasted turkey gives the sandwich a home-cooked taste, however the selection of cheese improves the end result.

What cheese is best for a turkey sandwich? The best cheeses for turkey sandwiches are provolone, gouda, mozzarella, colby jack, monterey jack, and cheddar. 

When selecting cheese for the sandwich, ensure that the cheese does not overpower the other ingredients. And for hot turkey sandwich, it needs to melt easily.

When it comes to the best pairing cheese with a turkey sandwich, look for something that has a tangy flavor while keeping a smooth texture. This article will answer frequently asked questions and give a clear outline of the best cheeses to pair with a turkey sandwich.

What cheese goes with turkey breast?

If you are not using sliced turkey deli meat, and instead using leftover oven roasted turkey breast as the main ingredient in the sandwich, there are specific cheese that taste good with the turkey breast. 

Because turkey breast may be dry and rich in taste compared to chicken breast, it needs more flavorful cheese to balance the weakness.

  • Havarti cheese: It is best to pair with turkey breast because of the slightly acidic taste, which means that it is a perfect pair to go with the oven-roasted turkey breast. 
  • Asiago cheese: It has a semi-sweet and sharp flavor, which will help perfectly balance out the mild flavor present in the oven-roasted turkey breast. 
  • Cheddar cheese: If you are looking for hot melt sandwich, consider cheddar cheese. It melts beautifully with turkey breast and maintains the cheesy moistness throughout every bite. 
  • Brie: Any leftover turkey from a large family meal can transform into fancy sandwich with turkey meat, cranberry sauce, and slice of brie. It has creamy, sweet, and tart flavors that pair well with any white bread, ciabatta or baguette

Types of cheese that goes with turkey

Whether to add a sauce or slice of cheese on the sandwich, turkey generally goes well with variety of cheese types. 

The most versatile cheese of all is provolone cheese. It has a very mild, smoky flavor, making it an excellent partner for roasted turkey breast and sliced bread. 

Other types of cheese that go well with turkey include:

  • gouda
  • mozzarella 
  • cheddar
  • monterey jack
  • colby jack

These types of cheese can make the turkey taste juicy, delicious, and give extra depth to the dish. 

Best cheese for turkey sandwich

A secondary ingredient of turkey sandwich is cheese, and we think its best when served together. Slice of cheese can offer sweet, mild, milky, buttery, salty, acidic, tangy, nutty, and smoky flavors to complement the already delicious turkey.

Cheese stuffed inside a hot sandwich melts easily, or cold sandwich can provide extra depth of flavor to the meal. 

The cheese selection for turkey sandwiches depend on how the turkey is prepared:

  • Smoky turkey: gouda, edam, colby, monterey jack, havarti, swiss, american, muenster
  • Plain roast turkey: parmesan, pecorino romano, provolone, asiago, blue

When grilling, the cheese needs to melt easily.  A grilled turkey sandwich with cheese can be very comforting for lunch or dinner at any time of year. 

No matter what, the choice of cheese should not overpower the other ingredients present in the turkey sandwich. If turkey is a favorite, give it a shot with these cheese to see the results.

Best cheese for cold turkey sandwich

A cold turkey sandwich preserves the flavor of the individual ingredients such better. Ultimately, the choice of cheese for a cold turkey sandwich should be made based on the preferred taste. 

When it comes to selecting cheese that pairs well with a turkey sandwich that is cold or even room temperature, consider cow’s milk cheeses. They give a mild and milky flavor that blends well with subtle turkey taste.

The best cheeses for cold turkey sandwiches include:

  • provolone
  • cheddar
  • american
  • manchego
Best cheese for turkey sandwich

Turkey Sandwich With Cheese: Conclusion

Turkey is one of the most beloved foods in the world. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is so much that can be done with it. 

A turkey sandwich is the classic turkey leftover that can be prepared with cheese and cranberry sauce, and lots of other goodies. 

The best cheese for turkey sandwiches are soft and mild like edam, gouda, colby, swiss, havarti, or even a bit funky like muenster. 

If the cook desires the cheese to taste more pungent than the other ingredient, use aged, robust cheeses like parmesan, asiago, pecorino romano, or blue cheese. 

Turkey sandwiches can be prepare with a variety of cheeses depending on preference and taste. Nobody wants cheese that overpowers the turkey taste, and that’s why mild cheeses are the ultimate go-to in the matching!

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