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What cheese goes with salmon salad?

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Some consider cheese to be a must-have ingredient in a salad, and cheese on salmon burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and sauce is no exception as well. Salmon salads are appreciated as one of the healthiest and most delicious meals to make for either lunch or dinner. 

Mixture of fresh lettuce greens, chopped veggies, nuts, condiments, a salmon salad is tasty, versatile, and widely available. With the right combinations, salmon and salad can be paired with soft cheese for a fantastic complementary taste. 

What cheese goes with salmon salad? Depending on what type of salmon salad you are preparing, there are variety of cheese options to consider. In general, soft, mild and briny cheese pairs well with salmon such as feta, parmesan, goat, blue, and mozzarella. 

The type of salmon, how it is prepared, and selection of lettuce, veggies, and dressing will all have in impact of the final cheese option. The main focus being that the cheese flavor doesn’t disrupt the salmon or salad taste. 

Whether salmon is panfried, grilled or baked, there are specific cheese types that work well together in salads. However, not all kinds go well in a salmon salad. 

This article will give an in-depth discussion on the best cheese to pair with salmon salads. Answered below are frequently asked questions about serving cheese with salmon salads so that you know what combines thrive together, and which simply don’t work.

Should you put cheese on salmon salad?

Yes, you should put cheese on the salmon salad. Selecting the right cheese can blend ingredients within a salad mix without overpowering the fish or greens. 

Note that salmon has stronger tastes, and eating it with the cheese does not have to interfere with its flavor. Cheese can stand up to the crunchy vegetable counterparts and acid-tinged dressings, but balancing with the strong flavor of salmon is important. 

Types of cheese that goes with salmon

Salmon is prepared in so many ways including grilled, poached, smoked, broiled, panfried, steamed and many more. The type of salmon and cooking technique will determine what cheese goes with salmon.

Furthermore, the kind of dish will further influence the cheese selection to serve with salmon. 

  • Baked: mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan cheese
  • Broil: blue cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Grill: Swiss cheese, gruyere cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Marinate: goat cheese, caciocavallo cheese, cream cheese
  • Panfry: cream cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Poach: mozzarella cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese
  • Sear: goat cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Steam: parmesan cheese

Best cheese to pair with salmon salad

Cheese is an added ingredient, in addition to dressing, that every salad benefits from. It offers nutty, buttery, and savory flavors to a plain salad.

These type of cheese are significantly milder and have a softer texture that blends beautifully with salmon, lettuces, vegetables, garnishes and dressing. Follow the salmon salad recipe you are using, and if you need alternative cheese option, this list will help to save you time.

Here are best cheeses that chefs pair with salmon salads:

Best cheese with salmon salad

Salmon Salad With Cheese: Conclusion

Are you looking for a dish that will wow your guests during a brunch or dinner? Try classic food pairings incorporating cheese and salmon in a salad. 

Adding some seasoning to a salmon salad gives it a fresh look, and the best taste for a memorable meal. 

Salmon is a versatile and readily available fish, that can be prepared and served in multiple ways. Most of the kinds of seafood are not meant to be served with cheese, however salmon offers a few options for the combination to exist in harmony. 

Seafood is exceptionally delicate, and cheese has a robust taste, thus can overpower the flavors. However, the unique flavor profile of the fish allows for combinations that may appear conflicting at first.

When making salmon salad, choose soft and mild cheese like feta, parmesan, goat, blue, and mozzarella cheese. It may vary based on the dressing or salad components, however these types of cheese is perfect combo with salmon.

Also, consider how the salmon is prepared because fresh grilled salmon will have a different palate than canned salmon. This will help you determine what kind of salad, dressing and cheese to add-on so the flavors do not distracted.

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