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What cheese goes with prosciutto?

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Flavorful, delicately sweet and salty, prosciutto is a popular cured meat to serve on a charcuterie board, sandwich, and pizza. 

Prosciutto is one of the world’s favorite dishes and is extremely versatile to wrap, skewer, sandwich, slice, drizzle and many more ways. But one ingredient that always goes hand in hand with prosciutto is the cheese selection.

What cheese goes with prosciutto? Prosciutto pairs wonderfully with parmesan, asiago, pecorino, provolone, cheddar, mozzarella, brie, goat, and halloumi.

In addition, most sharp and pungent dry cheeses also pair well with prosciutto including gorgonzola, feta, and blue cheese.

Prosciutto has a robust flavor with saltiness that tends to overpower a mild cheese. To balance out this issue, go with sharp, nutty, and deep flavor cheeses. 

While it can stand on its own, pairing it with the perfect cheese makes it lip-smacking delicious. So, what cheese goes well with this beloved Italian meat? Read on to find out more.

What flavor goes well with prosciutto?

Prosciutto is a salty, sweet, and flavorful dish when paired with the right cheeses that are meant to give a unique, elegant taste.

To experience its full flavor, prosciutto is seasoned with herbs, spices and ingredients such as garlic, rosemary, thyme, juniper berries, black pepper, pico de gallo, lemon, salmon, asparagus, olive oil, scallions, sage, parsley, shallots, basil, and white pepper. 

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with prosciutto:

  • prosciutto + parmesan + dried figs + water thin + olive oil
  • prosciutto + asiago + pasta + red bell pepper + garlic + green onion + white wine
  • prosciutto + provolone + sourdough + olive oil + sage + tomatoes
  • prosciutto + blue cheese + pear + balsamic vinegar + honey + dates
  • prosciutto + mozzarella cheese + crostini + basil + lemon + tomato sauce

Is cheddar good with prosciutto?

Yes, cheddar cheese is good with prosciutto. In fact, prosciutto has savory and salty flavors that pair well with the creamy and light taste of cheddar. 

This is especially true with prosciutto as appetizer with crackers. Crunchy crackers with prosciutto and cheddar cheese is an explosion of goodness. 

What’s the best cheese to go with prosciutto?

Pairing cheese and prosciutto is easy as pie. This cured meat is versatile and has subtle salty flavor due to it paper thin thickness that allows it to blend well with many types of cheese. 

Whether you are serving prosciutto on a charcuterie board, pizza, or sandwich, here are the best cheese selections to serve with prosciutto:

  • Parmesan: This is the number one choice for cheeses to pair with prosciutto. Parmesan is salty with sweet natural scent that enhances the taste of prosciutto using the slight contrast of tastes. Perfect for when guests are over and you don’t know what appetizer to serve. 
  • Mozzarella: This combination is honestly the morning dish of champions. Mozzarella delivers a punch of creaminess that goes well with the savory prosciutto. Believe it or not, you will want to add this to the repertoire of regular recipes.
  • Asiago cheese: The medley is pure mind-blowing deliciousness. Season it with crushed red peppers and paprika for an extra bit of kick.
  • Brie cheese: It is soft, creamy and delivers a subtle taste that balances well with prosciutto. Think of prosciutto, pasta, peas, and brie, it is a perfect combo of colors and flavors!
  • Feta cheese: The briny and tangy flavors of feta blends well with the saltiness of the prosciutto. It is like transforming a phenomenal dish into something more epic.
  • Goat cheese: The tangy flavors of goat cheese offer a nice contrast to the natural saltiness or prosciutto. Make sure to include onions and spinach in the dish for an aromatic flavor, it is an ideal dinner idea for busy weeknights.
  • Pecorino: Prosciutto and pecorino are widely used in pasta dishes. In some recipe, it is served as salad with kale, apple, fennel, and arugula to give a touch of crunch and freshness.
  • Provolone: Perfect cheese to make panini sandwich with. Provolone cheese melts beautifully and blends well with pesto, herbs, and olive oil in sourdough or white bread. 
  • Cheddar: Another easily melting cheese is cheddar cheese. The sharp, white, or yellow cheese offers slightly light, medium, or bold flavors depending on the age. It is great for sandwiches, wraps or as an appetizer.
  • Halloumi: Looking for appetizer dish to wow the guests? Halloumi is perfect cheese to wrap with prosciutto. Add a spread of cranberry sauce for sweetness or mixed olives for savory brininess that makes every bite irresistible.
  • Blue cheese: From sandwich to burgers and appetizers, blue cheese is versatile cheese that goes well in many dishes. Be mindful to pair with other ingredients and condiments to balance the flavor of blue cheese. 
  • Gorgonzola: This type of cheese is similar to Stilton or Roquefort cheese, which are specific type of blue cheese. It has unique taste and appearance that is crumbly and salty, which is perfect to pair with prosciutto.
What cheese goes with prosciutto

Prosciutto and Cheese: Conclusion

It may be intimidating to find out what cheese goes with prosciutto no matter what the final dish you are serving with. But this post clears up any misunderstanding so that you know what cheeses go well with prosciutto. 

While parmesan and cheddar are the most common options, prosciutto can also be paired with several types of cheeses including asiago, pecorino, provolone, cheddar, mozzarella, brie, goat, halloumi, gorgonzola, feta, and blue cheese.

Various cheese offers unique texture and flavor to every bite from sweet to salty, crumbly and melting.

When there is other available options, cheddar is the last choice of cheese. It typically goes with every type of dish due to its creamy and light texture. 

Use the cheese pairing and flavor combination in the guide to prepare a charcuterie board, sandwich, pizza or appetizer that is guaranteed to impresses family and friends.

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