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What cheese goes well with pepperoni?

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Salty, spicy, and tangy flavor with chewy texture, pepperoni is must-have ingredient to add on pizza, charcuterie board, sandwich, and even salad.

There is no better way to start a day or enjoy the party than with pepperoni. But selecting the right cheese is a potential headache and leaves room for error. 

What cheese goes well with pepperoni? Pepperoni goes well with mozzarella as the best pairing to work with. It melts beautifully and does not overwhelm the flavor combination.

Other cheese options that pair well with pepperoni is cheddar, fontina, goat, parmesan, swiss, provolone, ricotta, havarti, brie, and white cheddar.

From pizza to sandwich, pepperoni and cheese are a common match to see together. The salt and spice of cured meat accompanied with buttery and cheesy flavor makes a beautiful contrast in every bite. 

This article answers frequently asked questions about what kind of cheese to serve with pepperoni and how to choose selectively. Here are the perfect cheese accompaniments to elevate pepperoni to topnotch.

Do you put cheese on top of pepperoni?

Yes, you can put cheese on top of pepperoni. In fact, there are many pizzerias that vary from the norm of placing the pepperoni on top of the cheese.

Cooking experts recommend that pepperoni is put on top of the cheese to make it absorb plenty of heat. This allows it to slightly crisp to perfection while releasing essential components that make it tasty and flavorful. 

It is hard to beat the crispy edges you can obtain from pepperoni on top of the cheese, especially with pizza. When these two ingredients are combined, and toasted in the oven, the fat and melting cheese harmonizes perfectly to create juicy and crispy taste.

What cheese goes best with pepperoni?

White cheddar cheese is the best option to pair with pepperoni. However, the cheese selection may vary based on the recipe that you are preparing.

From crumbly texture to soft and aged cheese, there are many options to consider. 

  • Provolone: Pair it with pepperoni and let tastebuds sing. We suggest provolone dolce for a complete dining experience. It is milder because it is young, creamy, and light, so it does wonders to the pepperoni. For a homemade sandwich, mix it with some mozzarella for an extra burst of creaminess.
  • Swiss cheese: The combination is another whole ball game. Swiss cheese has nutty and salty flavors that complement well with pepperoni. The dish is soft, delicious, and simply to die for.
  • Ricotta cheese: Milder flavored dishes pair fantastically with strong-tasting food. The cheese delivers a great balance between sharp and rich flavors. It is everything guests want in a pizza, and they will demand more once they taste it.
  • Havarti: This cheese is another perfect option to pair with pepperoni. Havarti is buttery and delivers slightly acidic flavors that blend well with the cured meat.
  • Mozzarella: Known for being easy to melt and cook with. Just roll the mixture in egg roll wrappers and fry until golden. The result is a crunchy and crispy dish that guests can’t resist. 
  • Brie: It will offset the intense favors of pepperoni to make a palatable and enticing party in the mouth. Everyone will love when slicing the dish. Inside reveals the gooey brie and mouthwatering pepperoni ready to be eaten.
  • Parmesan: From crisps to chicken parmesan, this cheese is versatile. It can be baked with pepperoni to create a hearty snack. For an imitation of heavy pizza, these two are perfect combination for the basis of a flavorful meal.
  • Goat: Pepperoni and goat cheese is fancy way to upgrade pizza. Drizzle hot honey and sprinkle baby arugula to give fresh crunch and sweet touch. Fig jam or caramelized onion are an excellent substitute to replace the sweetness of honey.
  • Fontina: Pairs well with chicken breast, rosemary, and brussels sprouts, fontina cheese is great addition to pizza. It has sweet, pungent, and unveiling tones of butter and roasted nut that allows pepperoni to reign supreme.

What flavor goes with pepperoni?

Pepperoni has spicy flavors that pairs well with the sharp tang of olives, sausage, hot pepper, mustard, bell peppers, arugula, garlic, onions, paprika, fennel seed, and cayenne.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes with pepperoni:

  • pepperoni + American cheese + sourdough bread + pizza sauce + mozzarella cheese
  • pepperoni + brie cheese + white cheddar cheese + white bread
  • pepperoni + provolone cheese + tomato + red onion + french baguette
  • pepperoni + greek yogurt + feta + rotini + red wine vinegar
  • pepperoni + pasta + lemon + tomato paste + red pepper
What kind of cheese goes well with pepperoni

Cheese and Pepperoni: Conclusion

Pepperoni is a beloved food because of its unique flavors, but pairing it with the right cheese adds further complexity. 

Mozzarella is the best cheese to pair with pepperoni, but depend on the recipe and preference, it also goes well with cheddar, fontina, goat, parmesan, swiss, provolone, ricotta, havarti, and white cheddar. 

Whether serving pepperoni in a pizza, sandwich, or salad, there are many ways to enjoy the cured meat. Furthermore, pepperoni is good when served cold or hot. 

Putting cheese on top of pepperoni helps to melt easily and blends the fat and spices into the dish to improve the flavor even better. However, it is most common to put the pepperoni on top of the cheese so that the edges of the meat crisp up slightly.

The suggestions in this guide will surely impress your guests with sophisticated cheese and pepperoni culinary experience. Elevate a regular cheese and pepperoni receipt to the new level with new fangled food pairings that you haven’t tried before.

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