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What can I serve with salmon fillets?

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Whether baked, grilled, or pan-fried, you can never go wrong with serving salmon fillets. It’s relatively easy and quick to cook for dinner or lunch, in fact deciding what to serve with the fillets is possibly the most challenging part. 

No matter how and what you serve with salmon, there’s nothing as boring as repetitive meals. Change up the salads, sauces, vegetables, pasta or rice side dishes, being creative with variety of ingredients makes things a bit more interesting. 

What can I serve with salmon fillets? Salmon fillets taste wonderful when served with roasted or stir-fried vegetables including brussels sprouts, summer squashes, green beans, potatoes, fennel, and asparagus.

When it comes to dipping sauce, consider red curry, créme fraîche, Dijon or whole grain mustard, Tabasco sauce, and sour cream. In addition, to making a full meal, rice dishes with basmati or sushi rice on the side can make the meal more fulfilling.

Adding a glass of dry white or red wine is highly recommended, and Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir goes extremely well with salmon fillets dishes.

Thankfully, there’re tons of side dishes that pair perfectly with salmon fillets. This article answers frequently asked questions about what to pair with salmon fillets so that you have complete meals every time.

What is a good side dish for a salmon fillet?

Salmon fillets have limitless options for side dishes, from vegetables and rice to salads and sauces. Not only tasty, but it offers wholesome nutrition the fulfills your bodies requirements.

These classic side dishes taste good with salmon, and fillets are no exception. Whether you serve baked, braised, broiled, grilled, marinated, panfried, roasted, sautéed, steamed, salmon fillets are versatile for many different preparations.

Vegetables with salmon fillets

Vegetables are a delicious yet healthy option when it comes to salmon fillets. They also blend well with pinkish salmon color and make the plate colorful and presentable. 

Some vegetables to pair with salmon fillets include:

  • Broccoli: Whether roasted, steamed, or sautéed, salmon fillets will taste heavenly with broccoli no matter the cooking method. The crisp tenderness of broccoli with a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of cheese, and sliced red onions to spice up the meal.
  • Mushroom: Nothing beats the meaty flavor of sautéed mushroom paired with salmon fillets. They are juicy, tender, and give some brightness at the end. Consider to select black trumpets, button, chanterelles, cremini, morels, or oyster mushrooms.
  • Green beans: The easiest-to-prepare vegetable side dish for salmon fillets, try green beans. This meal comes together in minutes. Green beans come out tender and crisp, and they dress up the meal with their deep green color making it eye-catching.
  • Cauliflower: There’s no going back once you have a meal with roasted cauliflower and salmon fillet. The two form a classic duo as their flavors blend perfectly and can go well with any sauce.
  • Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts are quick to prepare. When prepared tender and crisp on the inside and caramelized on the outside, they blend perfectly with the delicate texture of salmon.
  • Asparagus: The bold, robust, and distinct taste of asparagus and its bitter undertones make it the ideal vegetable pairing for salmon fillets.
  • Fennel: Unique texture and fragrance of fennel adds a beautiful touch to any salmon fillet preparation. It can be served crispy, caramelized, or shaved thin in a fresh salad. 
  • Potatoes: The mild and subtle creamy taste of potatoes are classic vegetables to pair with salmon. From mashed to roasted, there are many ways to serve potatoes. When using potato as a side dish, add watercress to give a hint of fresh and herby flavor to the dish. 

Sauces with salmon fillets

Any light or creamy sauce will take salmon fillets to a whole new level. However, sweet and spicy flavored sauces are also a great alternative to dip salmon fillets into.

If you are looking to add finger-licking sauces to your plain simply cooked salmon fillets, try these flavorful sauce combinations:

  • mustard chive sauce
  • herb créme fraîche
  • lime juice
  • mango puree
  • béarnaise
  • beurre blanc
  • brown butter hollandaise

Have salmon with teriyaki sauce, pesto sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, miso sauce, or tandoori. For those without these sauces at home, homemade melted tomatoes do the trick too.

Salads to serve with salmon fillets

Serve salmon fillets with salads such as vegetable salads, green salads, mixed salads, or fruit salads. Salads add a crunch to salmon, and make it even more appealing. 

Any lettuce variety paired with onions, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, walnuts, and seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil for a classic addition to salmon. A mixture of grapefruit, avocado, and oranges would do the trick as well.

In these salads, salmon can be served on the side or chopped into the salad.

  • greek salad
  • asian salad
  • chopped salad
  • southwest salad
  • caesar salad

What flavors go well with salmon fillets?

Pair salmon with subtle or bold flavors. For an acidic twist, add fresh lime or lemon and vinegar. 

Smoky flavors from paprika, cumin, chili, and paprika blend perfectly with salmon, and maple syrup, brown sugar, or orange juice for that sweet kick.

Here are classic flavor combinations that go well with salmon fillets:

  • salmon fillets + apple + horseradish + rosemary
  • salmon fillets + lemon juice + Dijon mustard
  • salmon fillets + miso + pineapple + tomato + white wine
  • salmon fillets + avocado + chili peppers + grapefruit
  • salmon fillets + bacon + lentils + sherry vinegar
Serve with salmon fillets

Eat with Salmon Fillets: Conclusions

Salmon is a star whether served on its own or paired with other dishes, and it’s perfect for breakfast, dinner, or lunch. When pairing salmon fillets with other dishes, ensure the combinations don’t overpower its taste.

From vegetables to sauces and rice side dishes, no matter how salmon fillets are prepared, they are delicious and hard to get wrong. 

Roast brussels sprouts, green beans, potatoes, fennel, summer squash or asparagus to add flavor and color to your salmon dish. Or simply chop fresh veggies to create healthy and nutritious salad for quick fix. 

For a classic salmon plate, garnish with traditional sauces such as béarnaise, beurre blanc, or brown butter hollandaise to enhance the flavor. 

Use these side dish ideas and flavor combination to enjoy the buttery texture, bold and rich flavor of salmon fillet anytime with every bite.

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