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What bread goes with turkey?

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Richer and darker tasting than chicken, it makes a wonderful protein option to use from sandwich to turkey slices and cheese. Turkey is an impromptu solution that will surely satisfy cravings.

Because of mild and subtle tastes, it can be served with various sides such as rice, fruit, vegetables, and even a glass of wine to make a complete filling and nutritious meal. Regardless of what you make with turkey, a side of fresh baked bread is definitely not out of the question.

What bread goes with turkey? Turkey pairs wonderfully with a dense crusty bread or hearty, toasted whole grain bread. However, these breads need to be served sliced thin to accommodate the turkey without overly drying the mouthfeel.

Other bread options to serve with turkey are potato bread, white, croissant, and brioche bread.

When making leftover turkey into a sandwich, consider rye or pumpernickel bread to complement the crispy texture and dense flavor to hold the meat, cheese, garnishes and condiments.

Whether turkey breast or deli meat, the meat is loaded with fiber, nutrients, and wholesome goodness. Therefore, serving between slices of bread or on the side makes a fulfilling snack or main entree.

Turkey brings all the taste to the plate, so it is worth adding to the recipe file. But what bread goes with turkey? Unlock the ideas below in this article to answer frequently asked questions about the best bread options to serve with different types of turkey.

What type of bread goes with turkey?

Whether turkey is served with rolls on the side or transformed into a sandwich, there are many kinds of bread that goes well with turkey.

Depend on the recipe, each bread offers savory, sweet, crunchy or fluffy textures.

  • Potato bread: The flavor and texture of the potato bread pairs well with turkey. This bread is a bit softer and offers an excellent thick slice. The combination is delicious and satisfying, guests will definitely enjoy it.
  • White bread: Makes a brilliant accompaniment to turkey. It is crustier and offers robust flavors that contrast well with the flavors of turkey. To make it extra special, add a pad of butter to the bread and toast it in a pan or use a panini press. The buttery bread will add another level of deliciousness.
  • Multigrain bread: It is a perfect combination made in heaven. This is especially true if your turkey has spice to its seasoning. This bread has a nice sweet taste that goes well with turkey. Additionally, this bread balances the flavors if you love arugula or spinach in a turkey sandwich.
  • Croissant: With smoked turkey breast or deli turkey, croissant is an excellent buttery and fluffy choice to make a sandwich instead of plain old white bread. Include a slice of swiss cheese for the ultimate pairing.
  • Brioche bread: Brioche buns are fluffy and soft, which is why it goes so well with turkey mixed with cranberry sauce and brie cheese. 

What is the best bread for leftover turkey sandwiches?

Turkey sandwiches calls for bread that is dense and capable of accommodating fillings without being squishy or floppy when cutting. 

Whole grain bread work wells. Artisanal, crusty bread is also a perfect choice, but it should be cut into thin slices.

Rye and pumpernickel are also yummy. Their dense texture surely pairs well with turkey. 

Toasted croissant or slices of brioche cut into quarters or halves also works perfectly.

What flavor goes well with turkey?

Turkey is delicious when seasoned with a lot of flavors. Because turkey has mild flavors, it works well with several different flavor combinations.

Turkey goes well with thyme, oregano, rosemary, garlic, and sage. These herbs and spices can be used to cook with turkey, used as a topping or mixed into a sauce.

  • Thyme: It has a woody and delicate flavor that goes well with turkey. Lemon thyme offers a citrus note that works great with turkey. 
  • Rosemary: It has piney and sharp notes that harmonize turkey flavors beautifully. They holiday aroma gets everyone in a festive mood.
  • Oregano: The sweet and aromatic flavor is a great match with turkey to harmonize with other flavors perfectly. 
  • Garlic: Whether crushed, powder or just roasting the whole bulb, garlic offers a subtle aroma that makes the dish mouthwatering.
  • Sage: The peppery taste of sage delivers a slight lemon flavor that blends well with turkey.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with turkey and herbs: 

  • turkey + apple + lemon + garlic + sage
  • turkey + whole wheat bread + tomatoes + provolone cheese
  • turkey + white bread + cranberry sauce + bacon + cheddar cheese + avocado
  • turkey +  sun dried tomatoes + roasted red bell pepper + pesto + focaccia bread
  • turkey + ciabatta roll + butter + arugula + brie cheese + cranberry sauce
What bread goes with turkey

Bread and Turkey: Conclusion

Turkey is a perfect meat to serve in a variety of ways. Furthermore, turkey deli transforms into sandwich or salad topping at anytime of the day. 

Dense and crusty bread is optimal choice to pair with turkey meat. However, serve thinly sliced to eliminate the overpowering flavor of bread.

Pair with whole grain bread and if not, consider potato bread, white,  croissant, and brioche bread. These breads offer interesting flavor and texture to every bite.

For any deli turkey meat or leftover turkey breast that you re going to make into a sandwich, use rye bread or pumpernickel bread for a flavorful dish.

Serve turkey on its own, or serve with the bread suggestions in this guide. Make sure to use the quality bread when pairing with turkey, and you are in for a real treat.

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