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What bread goes with turkey burgers?

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Mild flavor with more juiciness that chicken, ground turkey is a blank canvas with a lot more versatility. Improve the flavor profile of turkey burgers by serving the right bread, ingredients, condiments, and seasoning without overwhelming the palate in one way or the other.

Unlike beef, turkey burgers have lean protein with less fat, which makes them a perfect alternative to keep calories lower. Although burger buns and cheese are important, they are not the only way to make turkey burgers delicious.

What bread goes with turkey burger? Turkey burgers are typically served on brioche buns, making a super rich, very soft, and flavorful bread selection. 

Furthermore, turkey patty pairs wonderfully with pumpernickel, rye, whole grain, flatbread, multigrain, and sourdough.

Due to its less meaty flavor, the bread choice plays an important role to add sweetness, and fluffy or crunchy texture to every bite. 

Delicious, tender burgers are ideal for a summer cookout or a weeknight meal. Turkey burgers are flavorful, pleasant, and easy to make. 

In fact, a well-cooked turkey burger doesn’t dry out quickly and is packed with insane goodness. Wondering what bread goes with a turkey burger? Keep reading to find out the best options.

What buns are best for turkey burger?

Instead of toast slices, buns are a classic way to serve a turkey burger. The round browned top with fluffy, airy, and soft inside allows this bread type to absorb the sauce and meat juice that harmonizes the burger flavor. 

Some buns have delicious richness and consistency from milk and butter added into the dough.

If you are looking for buns to prepare turkey burger, here are some options to consider:

  • Potato buns: Plain potato buns are a classic when it comes to turkey burgers. We bet you will love the simplicity. No frills required, but with all honesty, plain buns get the job done.
  • English muffin: They are a perfect bread choice for making turkey burgers. English muffins are a type of sandwich on their own. They deliver a crunchier texture to your turkey burger when toasted.
  • Brioche: One of the best buns for turkey burgers. Brioche buns deliver a dynamic texture, thanks to its rich butter and egg content that also offers plenty of flavors to pair well without overpowering other flavors. The savory burger, along with the soft richness of this bun, pairs together decently.

What type of bread goes well with turkey burger?

Other than traditional buns for turkey burgers, think outside of the box and try turkey burgers with fresh baked bread slices. It offers light and crunchy profile that holds the ingredients together without becoming soggy.

Here are types of bread that goes well with turkey burgers:

  • Rye bread: Turkey burger and rye bread are a classic combo. This is a super easy combination that the entire family will enjoy. A turkey burger on rye bread with onion, dill pickle, and thousand island dressing is a classic dish for a good reason.
  • Sourdough bread: The combination is a real hit. The tang of sourdough blends well with the meaty and cheesy turkey burger. Settle for sliced bread as it toasts more evenly than rounded rolls.
  • Pumpernickel bread: The right ingredients make a delightful burger, but pumpernickel bread will make it great. The dish is fantastic-even a fussy fellah who doesn’t eat turkey will have seconds.
  • Whole wheat: Healthy option to reduce intake of carb with multigrain bread. Go light on condiments and add fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion to make wholesome and satisfying turkey burger.
  • Flatbread: Convert turkey burger into sandwich with flatbread. Place a ground turkey patty in-between the flatbread with some hummus, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, they all fit together in this category.
  • Multigrain: Another healthy option to complement with lean meat. Add the right cheese and caramelize onions to keep the sandwich moist and juicy.

What flavor goes well with turkey burgers?

The good news is that making the sweetest turkey burger is very simple. From tomato to onion and condiments, there are many ingredients to complete a delicious turkey burger. 

  • Vegetables: Grilled tomato slices are always a winner. Tomatoes are juicy and deliver decent freshness to the outdoor grill. Looking for something spicy? Grilled jalapeños also work pretty well. The roasted sweetness will cut the heat, resulting in a pleasant dish that your buddies won’t resist.
  • Sauces: Especially with cranberry sauce because it is loved for its nostalgic charm. From ranch to bbq, tzatziki and sweet chili, there are many sauce combinations guarantee to elevate your turkey burger more than you can imagine.
  • Herbs and spices: Onions are another secret weapon to a delicious turkey burger, and garlic is what we call a flavor enhancer. Together they add a savory pop of flavor to turkey burgers.

Other ingredients that go well with turkey burgers include egg whites, parsley, ground pepper, salt, bread crumbs, mustard, shallot, paprika, and chili powder.

Here are common flavor profiles to include when serving turkey burgers:

  • turkey burger + Worcestershire sauce + lettuce + olive oil + pickle
  • turkey burger + bbq sauce + avocado + dijon mustard 
  • turkey burger + greek yogurt + tzatziki sauce + feta + romaine lettuce
  • turkey burger + bacon + red onion + olive oil + sage
  • turkey burger + sweet chili sauce + gruyere cheese + lemon + salsa + guacamole
What bread goes with turkey burger

Turkey Burgers and Bread: Conclusion

Turkey burgers are a nice change up from eating beef burgers all the time. It is delicious and can make an ideal comfort food on a casual weeknight. 

Classic turkey burgers are served in fluffy and soft brioche buns, but this can be replaced with potato buns and English muffins.

Alternatively, turkey patties can be served on rye, sourdough, pumpernickel, whole grain, flatbread, and multigrain bread. These options are healthy and offer less carbs to enjoy a filling turkey burger.

If you are looking for new ways to enjoy turkey burger with different bread choices, try the ideas shared in this guide. Rest assured, your taste buds will gobble them up and thank you later.

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