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What bread goes with steak?

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Meaty, juicy, and nice crispy roasted browning on the crust, steak has a unique flavor mixture of fat and umami. Therefore, from dinner to special occasion, steak amp up the meal and dining experience.

Steak is easy to make, unfussy, and incredibly tasty. Also, served with side of rice, vegetables, cheese and a glass of wine to make the full package of beautiful color and flavors on a single plate.

A steak without delicious bread on the table is questionable. Other than dinner rolls, are there more kinds of bread that go well with steak?

What bread goes with steak? Steak pairs wonderfully with garlic bread, sourdough, ciabatta, cornbread, hoagies, and cheddar beer bread.

In addition, crusty Italian bread, crunchy French baguette, soft rolls with butter or toasted bread are great additions to enhance the overall flavor.

Other than potato and A1 sauce, steak can be accompanied with various sides. Bread is a perfect appetizer to serve with butter and jam to start the palette in the right direction. 

So why not throw steak and bread into the dining rotation? It is a total dinner winner. Figuring out what type of bread to serve with this delicious meat? This post has all the answers.

Does bread go with steak?

Yes, bread goes with steak. After all, who doesn’t love bread, and steak goes well with just about any type of bread. 

Dinner rolls offer a chewy and fluffy combination that is perfect to scoop sauce and also tastes good with simple butter.

French bread, sourdough, and biscuits are perfect options too. They taste even better when served with warm garlic butter and lightly toasted to give soft inside and crunchy outside.

What type of bread is good with steak?

Pairing homemade bread is always pleasure to serve with a steak dish. Freshly baked or toasted helps to melt the butter and opens up the palette to enjoy the steak even more.

There are certain types of bread that specifically goes well with steak, from fluffy to infused with cheese and herbs, here are bread options to serve with your next steak dinner.

  • Garlic bread: It is one of the best accompaniments to steak. A loaf of delicious garlic bread is easy to make and oh-so-perfect with a hearty steak. With a delightful crisp, this type of bread is a perfect way to soak up the steak. Try easy fryer garlic bread that is purely crispy and insanely delicious. Just mix garlic butter and pop the slices into the air fryer. Voila! You got yourself the best garlic bread ever.
  • Sourdough bread: A crusty loaf of sourdough served with steak and seasoned with bell peppers and onions is a pure explosion of taste. The combination is satisfying and filling enough to feed hungry guests at any event.
  • Ciabatta: This classic snack is ideal for a Sunday night or anytime during BBQ season. Ciabatta drizzled with olive oil and toasted in the pan until golden is a great match with steak. To make the dish extra special, serve with tomatoes and it is going to be delightful.
  • Hoagies: The combination is irresistible. You can’t go wrong whether toasted to perfection or soaked in butter. Make them gourmet by topping garlic butter for an extra punch of perfection.
  • Cornbread: The homemade classic sweet and savory cornbread is another perfect addition to serve alongside steak. Just top the bread with maple butter and you’re ready to roll. It is the perfect combo that will change the minds of the choosiest eaters.
  • Cheddar beer bread: No yeast needed-just top the bread with honey butter, and you are in for a real feast. The cheesy and tangy flavor will add a touch of elegance to the steak and cool off guests in every bite.

What flavor goes well with steak?             

Cooking steak is an absolute creative experience because it calls for spices and herbs that are strong and savory. 

Common herbs to try include basil, green onions, fennel, rosemary, oregano, parsley, shallots, garlic cloves, tarragon, and chives. Keep these herbs whole or chop them herb oil, paste or sauce.

What even makes the steak delicious is completing the flavor profile with salt, sweet honey, or black pepper.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with steak:

  • steak + ciabatta + mustard + butter
  • steak + french bread + parsley + roasted garlic
  • steak + hoagies roll + peppers + lemon + olive oil
  • steak + cornbread + sour cream + lime + red pepper
  • steak + cheddar beer bread + asparagus + mushrooms + butter + garlic
What bread goes with steak

Steak and Bread: Conclusion

What bread goes with steak solved! The tips in this guide are sure to please every meal. Based on the side dishes and personal preferences, there are various type of bread that go well with steak. 

Try garlic bread, sourdough, ciabatta, cornbread, hoagies, and cheddar beer bread for a fantastic experience every time. Each bread adds hint of buttery, sour, creamy flavor with crunchy and fluffy texture. 

Whether serving bread on the side or making a steak sandwich with leftovers, there are many ways to enjoy a slice of bread with specific cuts of beef.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply serving a delightful steak dinner, these bread recommendations won’t disappoint. So, gather friends and family together and enjoy a feast.

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