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What bread goes with salmon?

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Whether you are making pasta, simple sandwich or burger with salmon, selecting the perfect bread is key to completing the meal. Salmon is a delicacy that can be paired as an appetizer or even served at breakfast time. 

A variety of breads exist that can go well with salmon. Depending on how salmon is cooked or prepared, the endless bread choices include crispy, rustic, soft and even sweet breads.

Which bread goes best with salmon? Crispy, rustic and thick loaves are an excellent choice for a salmon dish. For breakfast, bagels are the best option as well as english muffins or croissants.

For any appetizer or small bites with salmon, baguette or crostini is an excellent choice. To make a sandwich with salmon, go with sourdough, flatbreads, white bread, pumpernickel, whole wheat, and brioche buns are perfect for a salmon burger. 

Bread provides a fluffy texture and is useful for absorbing delicious liquid or sauce. Therefore, having a slice or two of bread with rich taste of salmon is something that accompanies the dish very well.  

If you are questioning what type of bread actually tastes good with salmon patties, pasta, salad, or as appetizer, in this article will shed more light. Answered below are frequently asked questions about why types of bread to serve with salmon for a more complete and well rounded meal.

What kind of bread goes with salmon?

In general, breads are very mild and do not have overpowering tastes. As a result, it pairs well with any meat or seafood including salmon. 

Typically, darker breads with whole grains are an excellent choice to pair with salmon because their flavor can hold up to the robust richness of the fish. This type of bread is good to make sandwiches, and also pairs well with cheese, fixing and a variety of sauces.

Here are bread options that go well with salmon:

Does garlic bread go with salmon?

Yes, garlic bread goes well with salmon. Robust garlic butter spread over bread is a perfect complement to salmon for a snack or entree meal. 

Garlic bread is a bit crispy, while the salmon is tender and smooth, making the duo a great combination. 

Garlic bread tastes the best with grilled, smoked, roasted or baked salmon. Slightly sprinkle lemon juice and zest with garlicky and buttery bread complements as the multitude of flavors attract. 

What bread goes with grilled salmon?

Grilled salmon makes a fabulous sandwiches to serve with simple side salad or roasted vegetables. Sourdough, rye, ciabatta and baguette are excellent choices to pair with grilled salmon to make a sandwich or serve on the side. 

Here are perfect breads to pair with grilled salmon:

  • sourdough
  • white
  • whole grain
  • ciabatta
  • peasant bread
  • rye
  • baguette

What bread goes with smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon with bread are a perfect ingredient match to serve for breakfast or brunch. Bagel with smoked salmon is one of the most classic food pairings because they complement each other extremely well. 

Depending on the smoked salmon recipe, here are other alternative bread option to choose from:

  • bagel
  • english muffins
  • croissant
  • crostini
  • sourdough
  • white bread
  • flatbread

Best bread to eat with salmon

There is a variety of breads that can pair with salmon, whether the fished is grilled, smoked, baked or panfried. Darker bread is perfect for making sandwiches and the lighter colored bread is excellent option to serve of the side of salmon dishes.

  • Aloha bread: This is a sweet Hawaiian roll that has a sweetness and hint of pineapple flavor.
  • White bread: This bread takes a lot of time to ferment and form, instead of using the kneading process to create the strands that give bread its texture.
  • Sourdough:. This bread is formed by fermentation of yeast and lactobacilli that are naturally occurring. Sourdough bread has a unique sourness that is do to the slow fermentation style.
  • Rye: This bread is made out of rye flour. It has an earthy flavor, but combining it with other flours reduces the overwhelming taste. It is made with additions of cocoa powder and molasses, which add to the flavor and color of the flour. Rye bread has a crunchy crust with a soft and flavorful crumb, making it an excellent choice to pair with salmon.
  • Ciabatta: When it comes to making a sandwich, ciabatta bread is wonderful type of bread that pairs well with grilled or smoked salmon.
Best bread with salmon

Salmon With Bread: Conclusion

Besides offering various preparation methods, salmon is also a delicious meal that can pair with different types of bread. Serve as a snack or complete meal, and is very easy and quick to prepare, spice up, and enjoy. 

From sandwich to salad, salmon and bread is an explorative combination with multiple variations that provide results that are tasty and finger-licking good.

In general, garlic bread is a fan favorite option to serve with salmon. It has herbs and buttery taste that mingles well with salmon, and does not overpower the flavor. 

Depend on the time of day, bagel, croissant, and english muffins are perfect introductory breads for breakfast and brunch. For appetizers and main entrées, baguette, crostini, sourdough, flatbreads, white bread, pumpernickel, ciabatta and whole grain toast are fantastic bread type that you can pair with the fish.

Whether you are serving grilled or smoked salmon, these bread recommendations will enhance the meal so that it tastes great every time. 

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