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What bread goes with hamburger?

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Juicy and meaty patties, melting cheese and fluffy bread, hamburgers are a tasty and filling meal to enjoy at anytime of the day and season. 

The unique mixture of fat and umami is what makes hamburgers cooked perfectly on the grill extra special. Add cheese, condiments and other ingredients, but most importantly is the type of bread plays a major role in this dish.

What bread goes with hamburger? Most popular bread to serve as hamburger is slightly sweet brioche bread because it compliments the savory burger and all the fixings. Furthermore, they are the best burger bun when slightly toasted before adding the cheese and patty. 

Other than brioche buns, sesame seed, potato, english muffin, pretzel, ciabatta, and kaiser roll are great alternative bread to try with hamburger. 

So why not give it a go this weekend? But what bread goes with burgers? Read below to find out more.

What type of bread is appropriate for making a hamburger sandwich?

Hamburgers are a type of sandwich that require a sturdy bread to hold together the juiciness and all the layers of ingredients and condiments. 

Sometimes brioche buns are too fluffy and absorb the liquid to make a soggy burger.

If you are intend to make a hamburger sandwich with lots of ingredients, here are the best types of bread to serve the patty:

  • Ciabatta roll: It is an ideal for the craft burger craze. Ciabatta offers an excellent slightly sour bread flavor that goes well with cheese and bold meaty tastes. The soft inside absorbs the juicy patties beautifully.
  • Kaiser roll: Another fascinating choice for making a hamburger sandwich. Although it doesn’t deliver the abundance of flavors, it can hold the patty together even better. Its texture is flakier, providing an excellent space for the juices to absorb.
  • Sliced toast bread: A true original for pieces of bread appropriate for making burgers. In fact, sliced bread is the reason we call burgers sandwiches. Denser and thin-textured pieces of bread hold the patties together, while fitting into the mouth with every bite.
  • Sesame seed bun: It is a soft and fragrant bread that has recently seen a rise in popularity. The sesame seeds offers an excellent window dressing, adding a touch of crunch that your hamburger deserves. It also delivers a dash of flavor that blends well with hamburger ingredients.
  • English muffin: When serving a swiss cheeseburger, english muffins are the best option that blends well with tangy flavor of the bread and melting cheese. English muffins are light but dense, and just doughy enough that the bottom half is strong enough to hold together a juicy burger. 

What buns are best for burgers?

Burgers without a great bun are just a pile of food on a plate, that is unless you are opting out of carbs and prefer to make a lettuce wrap instead. 

Here are a few bun options to consider:

  • Brioche buns: The gourmet, soft, fluffy bun complements well with umami flavor of meat, cheese, and condiments. Even though brioche is buttery, toast both sides to crisp up the bun on the grill before serving.
  • Pretzel: Fluffy, salty and sweet. And the best part is they look amazing, making an ideal bun option for preparing burgers. Try using pretzel buns for your minimalist burgers with mustard and cheese. Otherwise, pile it on dude, either way it’s guaranteed to be a classic!
  • English muffins: The pre-sliced, extra-thin bun can deliver the right amount of flavor needed for a tastier burger. Known for being sturdy and low carbs, but it is slightly chewy and harder to eat.
  • Sourdough bun: The sourdough bun offers a tangy flavor that balances well with the savory flavors of cheese and meat.
  • Potato buns: Made out of potato flour, the buns are soft and squishy. These are the perfect burger bun for classic beef burger or blue cheese stuffed burgers. The potato bun offers an excellent bed for condiments and patty, and the sweet rolls make the softest burger with a denser texture and yellow color.

What flavor goes well with hamburger?

A perfect hamburger tastes sweet when seasoned with the right flavors. One of the easiest ways to add a little fancy to a hamburger is by including garnishes such as cheese, coarse salt, freshly ground pepper, pickles, lettuce, tomato sauce, minced garlic, and grilled onions. 

But hamburgers can also pair well with chopped fresh herbs such as rosemary, citrus zest, or oregano. Adding plain yogurt or a dollop of mayonnaises also works pretty well.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with a hamburger:

  • hamburger + Worcestershire sauce + saltine crackers
  • hamburger + cheddar cheese + mayonnaise + garlic salt
  • hamburger + sun dried tomato + dijon mustard
  • hamburger + teriyaki sauce + soy sauce + whole wheat bread + cabbage
  • hamburger + bacon + jalapeno + potato chips
What bread goes with hamburger

Bread with Hamburger: Conclusion

Burgers and buns are a combination that goes hand in hand to make delicious and filling meal.

In general, sweet and fluffy brioche buns are widely used buns to make hamburgers. It holds the juicy patties together with condiments and garnishes like lettuce, tomato, melting cheese, and mayonnaise.

Other burger buns to consider include sesame seed, potato, english muffins, pretzel, ciabatta, and kaiser rolls.

Always toast the bread with butter on both sides to give a crunchy texture on the outside of every bite. 

Whether preparing sweet teriyaki sauce glazed burger or classic cheese burger, try any of the above ideas, and you can be sure to find a new flavor for this delicious classic. Use the tips in this guide and pairing burgers with buns will become much easier.

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