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What bread goes with ham?

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Overall savory and rich, ham has a hint of sweetness no matter how it was cured and prepared. From smoked to salted, ham has notes of sweetness that complement the flavor profile with bread in a satisfying manner.

Slapping ham and cheese between bread turn into quick snack or meal to instantly fulfill the hunger. However, there are specific types of bread that taste better with ham.

What bread goes with ham? Ham pairs wonderfully with biscuits, potato dinner rolls, Irish soda bread, scones, cornbread, egg bread, white bread, and brioche. 

However, the best type of bread to serve with ham is croissants and parmesan cheese bread. These two kinds of bread have buttery flakes that add a crunchy and cheesy flavor to blend well with salty and sweet ham.

Ham and bread is cheap, delicious, and impossible to mess up. Including Easter, Christmas, and anytime in between, ham is inviting on every occasion. 

Figuring out what bread to serve with ham? Here are classic bread types that might become the new favorites.

What bread goes with Easter ham?

Easter ham is so sweet and succulent with the meaty texture. Ham is a tasty pork roast that has been brined, dry rubbed, and then smoked to a fully cooked doneness.

Easter ham complements well with these kinds of bread:

  • Cornbread: Enhance the sweetness of ham with cornbread. Cornbread, especially made of fresh corn kernels, jalapeños, and cheese, will do the trick. Easter ham is savory, while cornbread has a delicious sweetness. Together, they create a meal worth remembering.
  • Egg bread: This is a quick and tasty dinner with balanced richness and flavors, giving you an exceptional harmonious dish. The eggy bread does magic on its own, but top it with homemade tomato ketchup, and you are in for a real fiesta.
  • White bread: The sweetness of white bread is an ideal contrast to the savory ham. Cut the bread into four slices and top each slice with mayonnaise, fresh basil, onions, peppers, and ham. Yummy!
  • Brioche: Throw together lighter brioche rolls and smoky harm, and enjoy this special treat. The combination is stuffed with mustard, ham, cheese, honey, and mayonnaise. What is not to love? The dish is delicious, and everyone will swoon whenever you make it.

Best type of bread for ham

When serving ham, croissants and parmesan rolls are the best type of bread to eat with.

Nothing beats this delicious combination. Croissant bread stuffed with sage, pecans, mushroom, and caramelized onions is a perfect accompaniment to ham.

Parmesan rolls are tasteful, infused with butter ready to blow your mind. The dish is perfect for any occasion-breakfast, lunch, dinner, pool parties, or even Easter.

Bread choice is based on personal preference and depending on the recipe. Don’t only limit yourself to croissant and parmesan rolls, try with sourdough and ciabatta to give a kick of chewiness and hint of sour.

What flavor goes well with ham?

Ham contains rich, savory flavors with a little smokiness. It is seasoned on its own, but adding the following spices will elevate the taste of this dish.

Ham creates a classic dish when prepared with these important spices:

  • Cinnamon: It is one of the popular choices among ham flavors. It is spicy and sweet, offering a subtle and well-balanced flavor to the ham. 
  • Cloves: Another flavor that pairs well with ham. The slight bitterness and sweetness blends perfectly with the saltiness and umami of the dish.
  • Parsley: It is mildly bitter, which delivers a balanced flavor to the savory ham. Whether dried or fresh, it works pretty well together. 
  • Thyme: Also makes a case of flavors that pair well with ham thanks to its aromatic, woody, and earthy flavors.
  • Bay leaves: They have a unique woody flavor that complements well with the savory ham. 
  • Allspice: Its aroma and delightful flavors do an excellent work of enhancing the spiciness of ham. The seasoning cut through the fattiness of ham quite beautifully.

Here are more flavor combinations to try with ham and bread:

What bread goes with ham

Eating Bread with Ham: Conclusion

There are plenty of bread options to consider serving with ham. Including bread, cheese, ham, and condiments, the recipes are super easy to throw together. 

However, not every bread goes well with ham. 

From fluffy to buttery, bread that pairs well with ham includes biscuits, potato dinner rolls, Irish soda bread, scones, cornbread, egg bread, white bread, and brioche.

To advance the ham flavor, try with croissant and parmesan bread. 

To make quick and delicious sandwich, sourdough and ciabatta are great alternatives to make filling ham sandwich with dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato, and many more condiments of your choice.

Adding a pinch of spices to the ham improves the overall flavor. Ingredients such as cinnamon, parsley, and bay leaves to cut through the fat, add umami taste, and aromatic earthy flavors.

It is ham cooking season, so make this delightful dish and let your tastebuds sing. The tips in this guide share the best breads to pair with ham, so follow the food pairing to culinary bliss. 

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